By Nihan Ashraf 13/02/2023

Do's And Don'ts In Dubai

Residents and visitors should dress modestly, especially in areas and public places that are known for being conservative.


Getting drunk and acting crazy in public is not okay and could get you a fine or worse. In the UAE, there is no tolerance for drunk driving.


Care should be taken when taking photos, and you should always ask permission before taking a picture of a UAE citizen or resident, especially if the person is a woman.


Public displays of love should be kept to a minimum. Holding hands in public is fine, but kissing and hugging are not.


You can get in trouble with the law if you make too much noise, use bad language, make obscene gestures, or show disrespect for Dubai's religion or leaders in any way.


It is proper etiquette to accept your host's offer of food and drink before getting down to the serious task at hand during a shared dinner.


People should stand for new guests, older or higher-ranking people, and when a woman enters the room, men should stand.


When greeting a Muslim of the other gender, it's important not to offer to shake hands unless they do so first.


People usually give food and drinks to you with their right hand, which is also the hand you should use to eat with.