By Nihan Ashraf 31/01/2023

Dubai Scuba Diving: Best Places To Explore Underwater World In 2023

Jumeirah Beach, one of Dubai's greatest scuba diving areas, has tiny sites for beginners to see the gulf's abundant aquatic life and shipwrecks for advanced divers.


Jumeirah Beach

Sharm Rock, one of the two most spectacular natural aquariums off the coast of Dubai, is a vision of pink and purple.


Sharm Rock

Martini Rock is another natural aquarium. It has the most vibrant aquatic species in Dubai, making it one of the most successful diving destinations.


 Martini Rock

Dubai World Islands, one of the west coast's new scuba diving spots, are artificial islands full of marine vegetation and fauna.


Dubai World Islands

Zainab is well-known for being one of the greatest oil spills in this region, which was exacerbated by the ship's inability to navigate the strong seas.



Mariam Express sailed from UAE to Iraq and back. The strong currents and overloaded vessel caused this disaster. Scuba divers in Dubai can explore its cargoes.


Mariam Express

MV Ludwig is a well-preserved wreck off Dubai. It now shelters damselfish, sea squirts, pennant fish, and others.


MV Ludwig

MV Dara, a 1961 passenger ship, sank 5–17 metres underwater. Without this, the Dubai dive locations list is incomplete.


MV Dara

Often referred to as the best diving experience in Dubai, the MV Victoria Star is also one of the top diving destinations in the UAE.  It sank in the year 2013


MV Victoria Star

DB1/Sheikh Mohammad's Barge is a site made by sinking ships and barges. It takes at least two dives to explore the gulf, which is 18 to 23 metres deep.


Sheikh Mohammad’s Barge

The Cement Barge is one of Dubai's most well-known diving spots. The depth ranges from 5 to 20 metres, making it ideal for first-time scuba divers.


Cement Barge