By Nihan Ashraf 25/01/2023

Dubai Tourist Visa: How To Apply And More!

More than 12 million people visit the beautiful city of Dubai every year. The city is home to a huge number of people, whether they are there for work or for fun.

Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months to get a Dubai visa. Before granting a visa, the government will examine your reasons for visiting the city.

People who are travelling for tourism purposes and activities are given a tourist permit or a tourist visa.

The UAE embassy doesn't give visas to people with regular passports. If you want to go to Dubai, you need a sponsor to get a visa.

It could be an airline based in Dubai, your travel agency, your hotel, or a family member who lives there.

1) You can choose the way you want to apply, and if you want a travel agency to sponsor your visa, make sure they are real.

The procedure is as follows

2) Make sure and double-check the type of visa you need. 3) Check to see what paperwork is needed for the process.

4) You can get the application form from the airline's website or from a travel agency. 5) Upload the documents you need. 6) Pay the application fee online & send in your form.

Some real places to get a visa are Emirates or Fly Dubai, which are both based in Dubai, and Dubai Visa Service Centers.