By Nihan Ashraf 01/02/2023

Dubai Will Host The 22nd Airport Show In May 2023

In May, Dubai will host the Airport Show, which will have three exhibitions and two conferences over the course of three days.

At the event, there will be more than 200 aviation brands, 100 buyers, and aviation officials from over twenty countries.

One of the main goals that will be set at the event is for the world to be able to handle 200,000 flights per day by the middle of 2030.

The 22nd Airport Show will be one of the biggest events in Dubai this year. It will be held with the support of Sheikh Ahmed, who is a very important person.

Experts expect domestic and international passenger numbers to reach 2019 levels by 2023 and 2024, respectively.

Based on these numbers, the total amount of money made from passengers would be about $522 billion. 

This would make the aviation industry even more profitable and generate fewer issues than it would otherwise.

The Airport Show will host the Air Traffic Control Forum, Airport Security Middle East, Women in Aviation Anniversary, and Global Airport Leaders' Forum.

Women in Aviation Middle East turns 10 in 2023. The Airport exhibition will have a two-day party and a one-day conference, workshop, and roundtable talks to celebrate.