By Nihan Ashraf 2402/2023

Welcome to Dubai's Old Town

The gold souk is the best place for you if you like gold and jewellery. Tourists from all over the world visit here to see jewellery made from metals like gold, diamond, silver, and others.

Gold Souk

World-renowned spices, herbs, and seasonings from all over the globe can be found in the Spice Souks. All are intensely fragrant from freshly ground, and premium spices .

Spice Souk

You can enjoy the morning breeze amplified on a boat ride across Dubai Creek from the heritage village. Within the city, you can find some solace in the scenic Persian gulfs.

 Dubai Creek

In Dubai's Perfume Souk, your senses will be assaulted by an array of aromatic and enticing scents. There are thousands of authentic Arabian fragrances available here.

Perfume Souk

The Dubai museum is a popular place for tourists to visit. Walking through the museum's halls, you can see old models of the city & Dubai's long-standing cultures.

Dubai Museum

Bur Dubai is an old neighbourhood on the western bank of Dubai Creek. It alludes to the historical division between Bur Dubai and Deira, which is on opposite sides of Dubai Creek.

Bur Dubai

One of the oldest parts of Old Dubai town is the Al Bastakiya Quarter. The streets are filled with well-built buildings that look like they were created in an Arabic style.

Old Al Bastakiya 

Many different kinds of items are here to take home as Souvenirs for sale in these traditional markets, from high-end Emirati textiles to camel milk soaps made by hand.

Souvenir Shops

The Arabian tea house is a cosy place to eat which serves traditional Emarati food and tea recipes. You can choose from 150 hot drinks to share with your friends and family.

Arabian Tea House