By Nihan Ashraf 13/02/2023

Facts About Dubai For first Time Travellers

From April until mid-September, Dubai and other Middle Eastern cities are quite hot. Dubai is best in November–February.


Best Time To Visit Dubai

Depends on the season. Summer trips require T-shirts and light slacks or shorts for males. Winter nights in the desert are cold, so bring thick clothes, a hat, & gloves.


What To Dress In Dubai?

Dubai has a lot of hotels because it is a popular tourist spot. Hotels range from those that are cheap to those that are very expensive and fancy.


Best Places To Stay

Dubai's weekend holidays are on Friday and Saturday instead of Sunday, which makes traffic a little lighter on the weekends.


How To Get Around Dubai

There are many famous places to visit, such as the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Dubai mountain, Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah beach and resorts, & many more.


Places To Visit

Tourists from all over the world can find food to eat in Dubai. You can eat Thai, Chinese, Indian, American, Italian, traditional UAE, and a lot of other kinds of food.


Where To Eat

Dubai is the centre of many cool festivals that happen all over the world. Most of them, like Halloween, Christmas, and New Year's Eve, happen in the winter.


Dubai Festivals & Seasonal Attractions

Your visa is one of the most important things you need to get into Dubai because it has all the information about your trip.


Visa & Travel Essentials

"Public display of affection" is against the law in Dubai, and if you do it, you could get arrested.


Is PDA Allowed