By Nihan Ashraf 16/02/2023

Free Things To Do At Expo City Dubai

Expo City Dubai is back and better than ever. The destination opens to the public on October 1, six months after the Dubai Expo 2022.

Splish and Splash at the Outlandish Water Feature The floating waterfall is Expo City's most spectacular attraction. This was the highlight of the Dubai Expo, and it's back.

Relax in the Kids' Playgrounds The children's playgrounds are now open and can be visited between the hours of 2 p.m. and 10 p.m.

Ride on the Expo Explorer Train Expo City Dubai is a massive attraction that spans acres. The Explorer Train can transport you to and from various attractions within the area.

Explore on Taxi Buggies Aside from the train, you may also take Expo City Taxis and Buggies to go around the region and visit various pavilions, play areas, restaurants, and attractions.

Watch the Al Wasl Projection Shows Expo City's biggest draw is Al Wasl Dome. Its action-packed shows at the Dubai Expo 20202 drew big crowds and will now draw tourists to Expo City

Explore the Winter City Expo City Dubai has turned the Al Wasl Dome, Water Feature, and mobility sector into a winter city with festive decorations and themed activities for kids and adults.

Free Water Refills Refill your water bottles as many times as you wish from water dispensers placed from nook to nook inside the arena.

Free Rental Bikes and E-Scooters You can rent bikes and electric scooters for a smooth and seamless ride throughout the destination.