By Nihan Ashraf 16/01/2023

How To Renew Your Emirates ID And Visa In The UAE

You can also automatically renew your Emirates ID through the online service. These two services have been combined in the UAE.

The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security (ICP),  informed citizens how to renew their visa and Emirates ID simultaneously.

On November 28, ICP announced on social media that renewal applications can be submitted via or the smartphone app "UAEICP."

Step 1: Log into smart services or your UAE PASS to register as a user. 2. Select "Renew Residence Permit and Emirates ID."

ICP recommends these steps:

Step 3: Review and edit your data. Pay the fee. Step 4: Submit an ID card renewal form.

Step 5: Get your Emirates ID. ICP reiterated that the ID replaces the residence visa inscribed on residents' passports.

Make sure that the right number and date are entered into the application for the renewal or replacement of your ID.

Make sure that the information you put into the digital application form is correct before you pay the fees. If you don't, your application may take longer to be processed.

The processing of your application will be sped up and completed on time if you provide information that is accurate and verifiable.

Make sure that your information (like your phone number, email address, and method of delivery) is entered correctly in the digital application platform.

Please keep in mind that the information you give will be reviewed by ICP after it has been submitted.