By Nihan Ashraf 2/03/2023

Importance Of Falcons In Emirati Culture

Importance Of Falcons In Emirati Culture

Over 2000 years, generations of Emiratis have passed their knowledge of this ancient sport. Both falconer & bird need to be patient & work together in order to succeed .

Falconry -Traditional Sport 

Falcon is UAE's national bird and symbol. Considering that falconry is so central to Emirati culture, it is only right that this  bird serves as country's national symbols. 

National Bird & Icon Of UAE

Since falcons could be trained with relatively little effort, Arabs favoured them for hunting. 

Falcons Were used As Hunting Birds

A falconer's training requires patience and an awareness of the bird's psychology. . The Burqa, a leather hood, is designed for just such an occasion.

Training The Falcons

As falconry has increased in popularity in the UAE two specialised clinics were opened to care for these majestic birds.

2 Specialist Hospitals For Falcons

The peregrine falcon is the fastest bird and one of the quickest animals overall.When hunting they may reach speeds of more than 185 miles per hour in its flying dives.

Fastest Bird In the World

Falcon passports are available from the Ministry of Environment and Water. Costing roughly $130 USD,  for 3 years. 

Passports For Falcon

Falconry equipment is crucial to the practise. Falconers have a wide range of tools at their disposal for training and hunting with their birds.

The Traditional Falconry Gear

The falcon is an important part of Emirati culture since it stands for bravery, valour, and independence. It is a common theme in Emirati visual art and others.

Falcon as a Symbol of Emirati Identity

The UAE cares a lot about keeping falcons alive. As falconry has become more popular, the number of falcons in the wild has gone down.  

Falcon Conservation, A Priority in the UAE