By Nihan Ashraf 28/01/2023

Interesting Facts About Museum Of Future Dubai!

Museum of the Future is an amazing place that gives visitors an experience that has never been done before and is sure to blow their minds.

National Geographic magazine called it one of the "14 Most Beautiful Museums in the World," which is a high compliment.

On top of a green hill, the building is 77 metres tall. Its outside is covered in Arabic calligraphy, which makes it a beautiful sight.

MOTF Exhibits A Feng Shui Inspired Design


The museum's innovative design solved complicated design issues using BIM and parametric design.


The MOTF Structure Has Set Innovative Architectural Benchmarks

The Arabic calligraphy was written by artist Mattar Bin Lahej. It has 3 beautiful quotes by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.


The Building Has Illuminated Arabic Calligraphy Design

Sustainability has been at the centre of every step of planning and building the building.


MOTF Showcases Sustainability Solutions In Its Design Elements

The fact that the Museum of the Future is shaped like an ellipse made it a unique challenge to build.


The Building Structure Has Zero Support Columns

The museum is a busy place where experts get together to talk about how to solve the world's biggest problems.


The Museum of the Future Is A Living Museum

The elite group will take part in exciting science conferences and thought-provoking workshops.


MOTF Is The Headquarters of the ‘Great Arab Minds’