By Nihan Ashraf 16/02/2023

Most Important Facts About Jebel Hafeet

Jebel Hafeet (Al Ain) is a mountain on the boundary between the UAE and Oman. It is in the Tawam area.

The mountain is a part of the Al Hajar Mountains, but it is on the edge. It is next to the UAE city of Al Ain in the north and the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in the east.

The only mountain range in Abu Dhabi is called Jebel Hafeet. It is also the highest point in the country, at more than 4,000 feet.

Only a small number of people know that this mountain is made of limestone that is more than a million years old. The mountain range looks out over Al Ain like a guard.

Archaeologists have found something important at the site. During the Stone Ages and the Bronze Ages that came after, this area was home to a thriving culture.

Between October and April is the optimum time to view this natural wonder. There is no precipitation and the weather is fair to cold.

A good road winds its way up the mountain to the top. Even though the road is well-kept, there are several places where it goes up very steeply.

This is the most green place in the whole UAE. It's kind of a mix of opposites, with lush green plants and dry mountains with no grass in them.

Green Mubazzarah

It is one of the oldest zoos in the United States. Sheikh Zayed, who used to be the ruler of Abu Dhabi, opened the zoo in 1968.

Al-Ain Zoo

Since it was built more than 120 years ago, the Al Nahyan family, which runs Abu Dhabi, has lived in this fort.

 Al Jahili Fort