By Nihan Ashraf 19/01/2023

Specialist Ice Cream Parlours In Dubai

In a city where it can get so hot that it feels like you're playing a one-sided game of rugby, cold is definitely gold.

Residents of this city in heaven are spoiled because there are so many places to get sweets, especially ice cream.

Most of these ice cream shops have more than one location in Dubai. So, if you ever want a scoop of something rich and tasty, you should go to any of these places.

The Ice Factory has a small space in JBR where it sells ice cream, milkshakes, gelatos, and coffee. There are enough people walking by that there is always a queue.

The Ice Factory


The restaurant's signature dish is the Bacio, a chocolate, hazelnut, and vanilla truffle wrapped in magnum chocolate and drizzled with chocolate & hazelnut sauce.



Here, you can get frozen yoghurt in a huge variety of flavours, from peach to gingerbread to red velvet cake.



You'll probably agree on the food after you try their lemon gelato or the chocolate with biscuit pieces, which is what the Italian owner recommends.


Bacio Gelato

Many people say that Giolitti is "the most famous ice cream shop in all of Rome." It is known for having a lot of different flavours.



The pistachio kulfi was the choice, and other diners says it was very authentic. It was rich and creamy.