By Nihan Ashraf 25/02/2023

Things To Know Before Moving To Dubai

Meet individuals from around the world.85% of the population of this international city are expatriates

While English is the predominant language in Dubai, learning Arabic won't be necessary if you only want to go around the city.

Dubai attracts wealthy and opulent lives because to its 100% higher cost of living than the UAE average.

At hundreds of city locations, "ladies night" offers free beverages, reduced food, and shisha.

Dubai has been dubbed the finest place for women in the Middle East. Not only is it a very safe city, but there are also some women-only facilities scattered around Dubai.

If you are moving to Dubai for work or finding work there, it is important to discuss medical insurance with your new company as they will be able to cover it.

Dubai's zero-tolerance policy and tough punishments keep crime low. Before entering the UAE, study the laws.

Expect heat. Dubai's weather differs greatly from the other country's. Summers average 40°C and humidity often exceeds 90%.

Dubai celebrates Islamic holidays. In every Islamic nation, Ramadan reduces working hours to six.

This local and tourist favourite has turned brunch from an avo toast get-together to a drunken feast.