By Nihan Ashraf 25/02/2023

Tips About Enrolling Your Child In A Dubai School

Check the school's licences and accreditations. Check their reputation and global recognition. Check internet reviews or feedback.

If you're transferring your child mid-year, choose a school and talk to them first. If you choose a different curriculum for your child, you may need to submit more paperwork.

School Admissions. Dubai schools have distinct admission criteria. Visit the campus and ask employees or read their webpage.

Parents can register their children online at many Dubai primary and secondary institutions. You can fill out the enrolment form on their website to simplify the procedure.

You will receive an admission letter if your child passes the test and interview (if necessary).You can then reserve your child’s spot by paying the deposit.

If your child is on a waiting list for your first-choice school, don't worry—UAE schools are continually changing.

To avoid being placed on a waiting list, apply as early as possible and do your research well in advance.

Expect heat. Dubai's weather differs greatly from the other country's. Summers average 40°C and humidity often exceeds 90%.

Most schools offer taster or settling-in sessions for young children to get comfortable with school and teachers.

Several colleges offer reductions if you pay the entire tuition before the term starts or use a certain bank's credit card.