By Nihan Ashraf 20/01/2023

Top 9 Desert Safaris In Dubai 2023

Enjoy the amazing experience of a desert safari in the Lahab desert and get a rush of adrenaline as you drive through Dubai's sand dunes.

Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner


Your vacation will be much more exciting if you go dune bashing in the golden sands of the Arabian Desert.


4x4 Desert Safari

Start this exciting desert safari in Dubai with the sun going down and end it with a beautiful sunrise.


Overnight Desert Safari

Ride a 4x4 Hummer and sail through some of the Arabian Desert's most dramatic and beautiful sand dunes.


Hummer Desert Safari

When you ride in a hot air balloon over the Arabian Desert, you can see it from a very high point of view.


Hot Air Balloon Desert Safari

Spend an evening walking through Dubai's huge sand dunes and getting close to the desert. Watch the beautiful sun go down behind the Hajar Mountains.


Evening Desert Safari

Take a morning desert safari in Dubai to see how beautiful the Arabian desert is in the morning.


Morning Desert Safari

Ride a camel, which is a traditional Arabian vehicle, and go through a huge area of rolling sand dunes.


Camel Safari in Dubai

Explore the huge desert around Dubai at night and sleep in cozy tents. Set up camp under a blanket of stars and look far away to see the constellations shining.


Private Night Safari and Star Gazing