By Nihan Ashraf 07/02/2023

Top Tourist Attractions In Karama Dubai

There are many fun places to hang out in and around Karama. The neighbourhood shows a different, more authentic side of Dubai.

Karama Market is the region's most popular market. It's a public market known for selling a wide range of clothing and accessories, such as scarves, bags, shoes, & much more.


Karama Market

The store has the best prices on everything, including clothes, shoes, accessories, beauty products, tools, kitchenware, home decor, & electronics.


Day to Day Dubai

It's a great place to meet up with friends, have a picnic with family, or let your kids play outside, among other things.


Karama Park

It's where a group of artists decorated the street with large-scale graffiti by using the buildings and storefronts as their canvases.


Street Art

Dubai Frame, also called Golden Frame Dubai, is a well-known building with a 360-degree view of both the old and the new parts of the city.


Dubai Frame

The park is one of Dubai's biggest public parks, covering 117 acres. There are a lot of fun things to do in the park, like Garden Glow, Dinosaur Park, & the Flea Market.


Zabeel Park

One of the cultural wonders is the Museum of the Future, which shows the ideas of the future by putting modern technology to use in traditional art forms.


Museum Of The Future

It's a lovely spot to shop, eat, stay, and play. The street's traditional handicrafts and sophisticated fashion labels honour Dubai's heritage & future.


Al Seef