By Nihan Ashraf 30/01/2023

Unknown Facts About Mohammed Bin Rashid Library In Dubai!

On June 16, 2022, Mohammed bin Rashid Library, a world of creativity and knowledge, opened its beautiful doors to the public.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, who is Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, kicked off this big project. Al Jaddaf is on the banks of the Dubai Creek.

It has a garden, an amphitheatre, a literary museum, a conference centre, and a cafe with two floors.

The Mohammed bin Rashid Library cost AED 1 billion to build and has 1.1 million books in 30 languages. It joins Sharjah's House of Wisdom in paving the way for future libraries in Dubai.

The Obermeyer Group in Munich and the ACG Architecture Consulting Group worked together to design this building with its unusual shape.

The building was made to look like a traditional wooden book rest called a Rehal. This is used to hold the Holy Quran while it is being read.

The library is environmentally friendly, with solar panels put on the building's roof providing 10% of its electricity.

Its unique design keeps the building's insides from getting too hot and helps keep the temperature stable.

Also, the ceiling windows let in natural light, which cuts down on the amount of electricity used and reduces the amount of water used by half.