By Nihan Ashraf 02/03/2023

What To Pack For Dubai: Packing List

Even though you'll find a neck wallet useful all over Dubai, it will be a must when you go into crowded bazaars and touristy areas.


Neck Wallet

Dubai can feel a long way from home. With these homoeopathic jet lag relief pills, you can avoid exhaustion after a long flight.


Jet Lag Relief Pills

Although the UAE is a conservative country, foreigners will feel at ease wearing western-style swimwear on the beach.


Swimsuit Cover Up

A travel-sized handheld fan is a must-pack item for any trip to Dubai. Dubai's weather is expected to be hot all year.


Mini Travel Fan

When travelling abroad, packing cubes are a must-have accessory that can completely transform your experience.


Packing Cubes

A portable charger the size of a lipstick is another excellent travel item, regardless of your destination. 


Lipstick-Sized Portable Charger

We never go on a trip without a microfiber towel that dries quickly. This towel is small and light, and it can be used in many situations.


Quick-Dry Travel Towel

A VPN is a frequently overlooked but incomparably useful tool to have when travelling.


Virtual Private Network

If you're going to Dubai, bring at least one long skirt or maxi dress. A long skirt, loose and breezy, will keep you cool in hot weather.


Long Skirt

A lightweight shawl or scarf is an incredibly versatile item that you will undoubtedly use every day of your Dubai trip.


Shawl or Scarf