Interview: Amine Bendriouich

Interview Amine Bendriouich

Amine Bendriouich, a rising Moroccan fashion designer, doesn’t conform. For a start, if he could dress any celebrity, he’d choose David Bowie. Then there’s his motto, which comes courtesy of Yoda from Star Wars… More on that later. Even his label “Couture and bull***”, which is described as androgynous and timeless, doesn’t follow the seasonal … Read more

Best 5 Action Cameras: All You Need To Know

Best 5 Action Cameras All You Need To Know

If you’re the type who couldn’t think of anything worse than lying prone, looking skywards and sizzling in the sun for a few weeks, and would prefer to dive, climb and cave your way around the world – and importantly record your daredevil antics for posterity – ShortList has five durable cameras that can handle … Read more

Best 5 E-Readers: All You Need To Know

Best 5 E-Readers All You Need To Know

Earlier this year, the head of a global book chain stated interest in e-readers was waning. This came soon after Amazon announced 30 million of the class-leading Kindle devices had been sold since the first hitting the market in 2007. Whatever the truth, e-Readers appear here to stay. So with the holiday season upon us, … Read more

How The Middle East Can Save Fashion? Lets Gets Know

How The Middle East Can Save Fashion Lets Gets Know

“It’s the end of fashion as we know it,” sirened Li Edelkoort, a globally renowned trend forecaster, in her annual presentation at Design Indaba in Cape Town. Many other industry experts agree. Driven by consumerism and fast fashion retail giants, there’s a growing need to churn out endless trends to fill the racks with disposable novelties, and … Read more

Best 5 Fitness Bands To Monitor Your Health

Best 5 Fitness Bands To Monitor Your Health

The fitness band market has grown exponentially in recent years. There are now a dizzying array of models for consumers to choose from, with Samsung, Nike and Garmin all joining niche brands Jawbone and Fitbit in trying to gain traction in this rapidly evolving sector. We take a look at five of the best… 1. Samsung … Read more

The Best 5 4K TVs Of 2015

The Best 5 4K TVs Of 2015

For all the hype about new gadgets, the trusty TV has remained a steadfast and long-lasting friend in our tech stable yet manufacturers are constantly dreaming up ways of making us part with our hard-earned cash. While 3D can be filed alongside tech flops Betamax, Mini-Disc, and recently Google Glass, the market has been reinvigorated … Read more

What Did We Learn At London Fashion Week?

What Did We Learn At London Fashion Week

For most of March, we were glued to our Instagram feeds, lusting over the latest collections at the various Fashion Weeks from New York, London, Milan to most recently Paris. This season we’ve learned a whole lot from the stressful organizing, the constant hailing of taxis, and dealing with the freezing cold weather. We took … Read more