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ShortList Dubai is an established online news magazine that delivers up-to-date information on different topics like business, technology, travel, lifestyle, and all other happenings in and around Dubai, UAE. We began our journey in 2022 and consist of a crew of experienced journalists, editors, and writers who uphold the principles of ethical journalism. We strive to provide all the latest news coverages and guides faster than any other online website or portal. We bring you news and other information from Dubai and across the globe by covering them from different angles to offer different perspectives.

Our team is determined to cover stories on every happening in Dubai UAE and present a reader-focused approach. On ShortList Dubai, there is something for every reader, and inclusivity drives us to do more and employ the latest technologies to deliver the highest quality and bias-free information.

Stay updated with us and make wise decisions to bring positive changes in the world. 

Our Mission 

At ShortList Dubai, we are determined in presenting the reality of Dubai to its people and globally. We aim to highlight the rich culture and heritage and at the same time, the stark realities that Dubai as a city encounters. 

Our Vision 

The ultimate vision of ShortList Dubai is to become the voice of the people and deliver honest information to people from all walks of life. We aim to present Dubai as it is without any filters.