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Google Honours Emirati Poet Ousha Al Suwaidi On Doodle



Google Honours Emirati Poet Ousha Al Suwaidi On Doodle

Ousha bint Khalifa Al Suwaidi known as Fatah Al Arab (The Girl of the gulf) an Emirati poet honoured by google doodle for her work in the name Ousha Al Suwaidi (Ousha the poet) on 28 November 2022. Her illustration is like a woman-covered face like a traditional dress. A Guest artist Reem Al Mazrouei from Abu Dhabi illustrated the doodle of the Emirati poet.  

She is one of the famous Nabati poets of the 20th century. Her writings have had a great influence on the growth of vernacular Arabic poetry (Nabati). In 2011 an event conducted in the emirates recognized her works and the poetry community established an award in her name.

She Is An Inspiration To All

Her works are influenced by poets like Mohsin Hazzani, Abu Tammam, Saleem bin Abdul Hai, Al Majidi bin Thahir, Al Mutannabi, Al Ma’ari, etc.

Ousha Al Suwaidi

She won many awards for her recitals including, Abu Dhabi Award introduced by Sheikh Al Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan and the award for classical poetry in 2010 at the Sharjah Festival. 

Google doodles are known as the changes in google logos when anniversaries, holidays, and lives of famous people like pioneers, artists, and scientists occur. There are many benefits when winning google doodle. Artwork will be displayed on google and get scholarships to the artist.    

Her poems were memorialized by the current popular singers from Emiratis and Arabia. As a pioneer in female literature in the 20th century, the women’s museum in Dubai dedicated one section to memorizing her works. President of Arabian gulf university Dr Rafia Ghubash wrote and published the official biography of Ousha. 

About Ousha Bint Khalifa Al Suwaidi

Born on 1920 January 1 in Al Ain. Moved to Dubai in the late 80s. she got nationally named at the age of 15  in the field of literature a completely male-dominated area at that time. Her national recognition for literature helped to lay the foundation for the next generation of female poets. She was born to a family that was enormously linked to literature. In a short time period, she wrote many poems. Her style of writing and vocabulary is greatly influenced by the atmosphere that she lived. Her experiences in the United Arab Emirates were continuously her topic to write about. Most of her works were a kind of praise of the prophet Mohammed. In 1990 her first book was published by the famous poet Hamad Bin Khalifa Bou Shehab and its second edition was released in 2000.

Her works were written in Nabati and are dealing with the themes like patriotism, love, nostalgia, praise,  wisdom, etc. she continued to enrich her writings with the country’s rich culture and its past.

Ousha bint Khalifa Al Suwadi passed away in 2018 at 98 years of age. After her death, in 2019 she was awarded the Abu Dhabi Festival Award. For her exceptional contribution to the field of Arabian literature by the Abu Dhabi Music And Art Foundation (ADMAF) 

The Crown prince of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum gave her the nickname Fatah Al Arab (girl of the gulf) 

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahayan, Abu Dhabi Crown Prince and Deputy Supreme Commander of the United Arab Emirates Armed Force commended as UAE has lost a prominent artist and pioneer in Nabati poetry. Her works are highly reflective of the Emirati memory and enriched with creativity and knowledge. 

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