LOCAL TALENT: Kings Ambition

Worldwide, shoppers are embracing all things street, and edgy urbanwear has seen a huge spike in sales. Dubai, however, has been a little slower of the mark. In the past few years things have been picking up pace with the likes of Dubai Design District, and the growth of both Al Serkal and Sole DXB, benefiting the creative scene.

Ross Mackay launched one of Dubai’s home-grown streetwear brands, Kings Ambition, in 2013. He’s come a long way since he moved here from a small town in Scotland three years ago, and though his feet may be clad in rare sneakers, as we found out, they’re firmly on the ground.

Why Kings Ambition?
The name Kings Ambition is all about Dubai coming from being a desert to the city we see today. A king and his ambition to grow this, to me and my ambition to work hard. I’m definitely going to push “born in Dubai” a lot more. In places like Colette in Paris, if you saw a Dubai brand it’s definitely unique so we need to push that.

Do you have to balance the Dubai trends with those in the likes of Paris and London? 
For sure, I also think people have negative connotations associated with Dubai, the gold Lamborghinis, the oil, the ‘ballers’. You have to balance that so you don’t present yourself as a materialistic brand.

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