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Gold Rate In Dubai – Today Gold Rate In Dubai UAE

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Gold Rate In Dubai – Gold Rate Today

Dubai is known as the ‘City of Gold’ as the gold trade in this region is quite popular. The city supplies the purest gold and the gold rate in Dubai is very cheap when compared with other places in the world. The gold rate depends on various factors like seasons, global movement, interest rate, inflation, and so forth. Now, let us look at the current gold rate in Dubai which is sure to be of great interest to you! Keeping track of the most recent price of gold in Dubai will help you make wise choices while purchasing or trading gold. 

The gold rate in dubai today for 1 gram(24 K) is 238.0 AED.

Gold rates in Dubai today are listed in the below table.


24k 238.0
22k 220.25
21k 213.25
18k 182.75

Valuation Calculator

Use the calculator to get the retail value of any weight of gold.

Valuation Calculator

  • 1 gram of 24k gold is worth 238.0 AED
  • 1 gram of 22k gold is worth 220.25 AED
  • 1 gram of 21k gold is worth 213.25 AED
  • 1 gram of 18k gold is worth 182.75 AED

Overview of the gold market in Dubai UAE

Dubai, the city of gold and other valuable items, is a place that many travelers and traders visit to collect them. According to data shared by Dubai customs, in the year 2020, the value of gold trade in the country reached 41 billion Euros. Gold trade is one of the most lucrative exports in Dubai after oil. By setting up jewelry-making facilities, gold vaults, and refineries, the city has capitalized on its geographical position. 

the gold market

One of the most important tourist attractions of Dubai is its famous gold markets, especially the Dubai Souk or Gold Souk. Gold Souk is the most visited souk in Dubai. This gold market is like a maze with numerous pathways that are home to many gold retailers selling a vast collection and selection of jewelry made from gold, silver, diamonds, and other precious stones and metals. 

Dubai Gold Souk in Deira is a place which has a saying on gold rate in Dubai, and sure to be on the itinerary of every traveler and trader visiting the city. One interesting thing about the city and the relevance of gold in this place is that the market price of gold is displayed on signs around the souk and also in individual markets. 

Factors that influence today gold rate in Dubai 

There are numerous factors that affect the rate of gold in Dubai and across the globe. Understanding these factors will help you make wise decisions about investment in gold and protect your assets. Here, let us look at these factors that influence the gold rate in Dubai UAE today, directly or indirectly. 

1. Inflation

From a financial perspective, gold is quite steady and is not subject to inflation. Another reason for this is that gold is a physical commodity with limited supply. This is why its value remains unaffected by inflation. During inflation, what happens is that the value of gold increases. This is the sole reason why investors prefer gold for investment rather than currency. These factors increase the demand for gold, especially during inflation. The price of gold goes high when the cost of living elevates. This is the case both in Dubai and around the globe.

2. Global Movement

The global movement of the price of gold also affects the gold rate in Dubai. This price movement is due to the fact that the UAE is among the largest sellers of gold globally. As a result, any fluctuation in the global price of gold will affect the domestic market as well. 

3. Wedding Season and Festive Season (Jewelry Market)

In Dubai, there is always a rise in the demand for gold and its products during the wedding seasons and festive seasons. As a result, the Dubai gold rate goes up during these seasons. 

4. Government Gold Reserves

Gold reserves as well as currency are held by central banks of almost all countries. When the central banks of large countries start holding gold reserves, their price goes high. The reason for this is that the cash flow in the market increases leading to a drop in the supply of gold.

5. Interest Rate Trends

The demand for metals is the main factor that decides the interest rate of financial products like gold. The UAE gold rate in Dubai at present is a good pointer to the trends of interest rates in the market. As the interest rate of gold increases, people start selling gold they have accumulated over time to acquire cash. An increase in the trading of gold results in an increase in the supply of gold. This causes the gold rate in Dubai to decrease.

6. Value of International Currency

Normally, the rate of gold and the value of international currencies have an inverse relationship. The rate of gold in the international market is very much dependent on the U S dollar. Hence, any change in the value of the US dollar will affect the rate of gold in Dubai.

Karats/ Carats Explained

The purity of gold is calculated in karats (K). The purest gold measure 24 K and it is malleable and ductile. Here, the different measures of karats are explained.

  • 24 K- Pure gold
  • 22 K- 22 parts pure gold + 2 parts other metals (91.7% gold)
  • 21 K- 21 parts pure gold + 3 parts other metals (87.5% gold)
  • 18 K- 18 parts pure gold + 6 parts other metals (75% gold)
  • 14 K- 14 parts pure gold + 10 parts other metals (58.3% gold)
  • 9 K- 9 parts pure gold + 15 parts other metals (37.5% gold)

Gold Rate in Dubai- Euros, Dollars, Pounds, Indian Rupees, and Saudi Riyals

The table below shows the current gold rate in Dubai in various popular currencies across the world:

24K 238.00 64.81 59.98 52.14 5371.59 243.03
22K 220.25 59.98 55.51 48.26 4970.98 224.91
21K 213.25 58.07 53.75 46.72 4812.99 217.76
18K 182.75 49.77 46.06 40.04 4124.62 186.61

The exchange rates (latest updates) are as follows:

  • 1 Euro= 3.942 AED/1 AED= 0.254 euros 
  • 1 US Dollar= 3.673 AED/1 AED= 0.272 US dollars
  • 1 Indian Rupee= 0.045 AED/1 AED= 22.241 Indian rupees
  • 1 British Pound= 4.463 AED/ 1 AED= 0.224 British pounds
  • 1 Saudi Riyal= 0.978 AED/1 AED= 1.022 Saudi riyals

Historic Retail Gold Rate in Dubai (1g in AED)

The historic retail gold rate in Dubai is mentioned here. Monday 22nd, the retail gold rate of 1g of 24 K gold was 238.0 AED. On Saturday 22nd, April 2023, the rate of 1g gold was 240.25 AED. Check the list below for details of the historic gold rate in Dubai for 1g of gold in different carats:

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Saturday 22nd, April 2023 240.25 222.50 215.50 184.75
Sunday 23rd, April 2023 240.25 222.50 215.50 184.75
Monday 24th, April 2023 239.75 222.00 214.75 184.25
Tuesday 25th, April 2023 241.25 223.25 216.25 185.25
Wednesday 26th, April 2023 241.75 223.75 216.50 185.75
Thursday 27th, April 2023 242.25 224.25 217.25 186.00
Friday 28th, April 2023 240.75 222.75 215.75 185.00
Saturday 29th, April 2023 241.25 223.25 216.25 185.25
Sunday 30th, April 2023 241.25 223.25 216.25 185.25
Monday 1st, May 2023 240.25 222.50 215.50 184.75
Tuesday 2nd, May 2023 240.00 222.25 215.25 184.50
Wednesday 3rd, May 2023 244.25 226.00 218.75 187.50
Thursday 4th, May 2023 247.75 229.25 222.00 190.25
Friday 5th, May 2023 248.25 229.75 222.50 190.75
Saturday 6th, May 2023 244.50 226.25 219.00 187.75
Sunday 7th, May 2023 244.50 226.25 219.00 187.75
Monday 8th, May 2023 245.25 227.00 219.75 188.25
Tuesday 9th, May 2023 245.50 227.25 220.00 188.50
Wednesday 10th, May 2023 246.00 227.75 220.50 189.00
Thursday 11th, May 2023 246.00 227.75 220.50 189.00
Friday 12th, May 2023 243.75 225.75 218.50 187.25
Saturday 13th, May 2023 243.50 225.50 218.25 187.25
Sunday 14th, May 2023 243.50 225.50 218.25 187.25
Monday 15th, May 2023 244.00 226.00 218.75 187.50
Tuesday 16th, May 2023 244.25 226.00 218.75 187.50
Wednesday 17th, May 2023 241.25 223.25 216.25 185.25
Thursday 18th, May 2023 239.75 222.00 214.75 184.25
Friday 19th, May 2023 237.75 220.00 213.00 182.50
Saturday 20th, May 2023 239.50 221.75 214.75 184.00
Sunday 21st, May 2023 239.50 221.75 214.75 184.00
Monday 22nd, May 2023 239.25 221.50 214.50 184.00

Historical performance of gold as an investment  

Gold and similar precious metals and stones are considered safe investments. The price of gold doesn’t get affected even if the markets are in decline. History confirms the same and this is why investors turn to gold when the markets are soaring. Gold is an item with a durable store of value and a hedge against inflation in the market. Over the long run, often gold comes out ahead of stocks and bonds. During the covid pandemic, gold reached an all-time high of $2,075 and increased even more to $200 per ounce during the Russia-Ukraine conflict. 

From 1990 to 2020, the gold rate in Dubai went up by around 360% and during 2021 and 2022, it outperformed stocks due to inflation and geopolitical uncertainty. The average return on gold investments between January 1971 and December 2019 was 10.6%. In 2020, the average return was 24.6%. So, gold investment and the returns go high in circumstances like geopolitical uncertainties and inflation. 

International Gold Price- LBMA Gold Rate- Troy Ounce

A benchmark price of gold is set in London known as London Gold Fixing. The LBMA gold rate over the last trading week is listed in the table below: This also affects today gold rate in Dubai UAE.

Friday 19th May 2023 1965.55 1961.60 7217.89 7203.39
Thursday 18th May 2023 1976.95 1960.30 7259.76 7198.61
Wednesday 17th May 2023 1985.75 1974.40 7292.07 7250.39
Tuesday 16th May 2023 2009.90 2007.45 7380.75 7371.76
Monday 15th May 2023 2015.30 2019.90 7400.58 7417.48
Friday 12th May 2023 2006.65 2019.90 7368.82 7417.48
Thursday 11th May 2023 2025.75 2015.95 7438.96 7402.97
Wednesday 10th May 2023 2029.60 2037.15 7453.10 7480.82

International Gold Price- LBMA Gold Rate- Gram

Here, you can go through the LBMA gold rate of 1 g of gold in Dubai over the last 7 trading days:  

Friday 19th May 2023 63.19 63.07 232.06 231.59
Thursday 18th May 2023 63.56 63.03 233.41 231.44
Wednesday 17th May 2023 63.84 63.48 234.45 233.11
Tuesday 16th May 2023 64.62 64.54 237.30 237.01
Monday 15th May 2023 64.79 64.94 237.93 238.48
Friday 12th May 2023 64.52 64.94 236.91 238.48
Thursday 11th May 2023 65.13 64.81 239.17 238.01
Wednesday 10th May 2023 65.25 65.50 239.62 240.51

Tips for buying and selling gold in Dubai

Here are some tips that you can follow while planning to purchase and sell gold in Dubai:

  • Be aware of the market price

Gold is similar to stock as its price keeps changing every day. So, it is important to know how much its price is in the open market. By having an idea about the market price, you can haggle with the vendors and get gold jewelry at the best price.

  • Know the types of gold and choose the karat
Jewellary at the dubai mall

The next thing to note is that gold is sold by karat and weight. The purity of gold depends upon the value of karat.  24-karat gold is the purest gold available which is soft. Gold is also sold in different colors based on the type of alloy and the percentage of alloys combined in it.

  • Choose the jewelry

Once you fix the jewelry you want, inquire about its karat and weight. You can choose minimal jewelry as well as extravagant pieces from the souks in Dubai. You will get the best gold rate in Dubai if you choose the best jewellery.

  • Learn to haggle

Once you start visiting different gold shops, you will get to learn to haggle. Always try bartering 25% off the quoted price. 

  • Visit different shops

Before buying a piece from the first shop you visit, make sure to go around different shops and then compare the prices. Based on your bargaining skills, you can get the jewelry at the best price. Shops in corners have better price rates as very less foot traffic crosses through these areas. 

The gold souk and the best jewelry shops in Dubai to buy gold

The gold souk is the best gold market in Dubai which is also a major tourist attraction. It is located in Deira which is an area of Old Dubai. The Gold souk opens every 7 days and the timing varies per store. The best gold rate in Dubai can be from gold souk itself.

This is a labyrinth of different gold shops and there are many pathways. A new development is on its way in the gold souk, Dubai. This extension aims to revitalize the Deira area and elevate the reputation of Dubai as a global market for gold and other valuable items. This extension includes renowned jewelry and gold shops like Malabar Gold and Diamonds, Zayan Gold, Samra, Jawhara, and Al Romaizan. 

Some of the best jewelry and gold shops in Dubai include Joyalukkas Jewelry, Malabar Gold and Diamonds, Damas Jewelry, Pure Gold Jewelers, Damiani, Kanz Jewels, Rossella, Kyra, Jawhara Jewelers, Taiba Jewelry, Khushi Jewelers, and Popley.

Gold shops in dubai

How much gold can you take to your country – country wise data 

Emigrants always take advantage of the Dubai gold rate as it is lower than their countries. Here is the country-wise data on how much gold can be taken from Dubai to different countries:

1. India

In 2016, the Indian government set the rule that men coming back to India from Dubai can bring gold jewelry up to 20 gms but not cost more than 50,000 Indian rupees as duty-free. Female passengers, on the other hand, can bring 40 gms of gold and the cost should not cross 1,00,000 rupees.

2. US

As such, there are no legal limitations on the amount of gold that you can bring to the US. But, while passing through customs in Dubai, there is a limitation of 10 kgs per person.

3. UK

The limit of gold that you can carry to the UK is similar to that in the US. But, Dubai sets a limit of 10 kg of gold that people from the UK can carry to their country. 

4. Pakistan 

As per rules, the amount of gold that you can  carry from Dubai to Pakistan is 1 kg. If you exceed this limit you will have to pay additional duty charges. Though the gold rate in Dubai UAE always stayed lower than the rate in Pakistan, country always had issues of people bringing large chunk of gold.

5. Bangladesh

Each passenger is entitled to carry around 100 g of gold from Dubai to Bangladesh and to carry beyond this limit, duty charges will apply.

Frequently asked questions

1. How much does 24 karats per gram of gold cost in Dubai?
Currently, the 24-karat gold price per gram in Dubai is AED 209.25. However, there may be price fluctuations every day and hence, it is better to check the price on the day or week you plan to make the purchase. 
2. Is gold available at a much cheaper rate in Dubai than in India?
Yes. The price of gold is much cheaper in Dubai than in India and gold investment in Dubai is more lucrative than in India. This is because, in India, it is charged with taxes. And the gold rate in Dubai is much lower than in India.
3. Can people bring gold beyond the set limit from Dubai to India?
Yes, people can carry gold from Dubai to India beyond the set limit by paying the government’s set import duty of 36%.  
4. Are gold loans provided in Dubai?
UAE gold rates always affects the gold loans but one can obtain it from authorized banks and financial institutions by submitting certain documents.
5. Why do people prefer buying gold from Dubai?
People prefer buying gold from Dubai because the price is low (gold rate in Dubai is much lower than many countries world wide)compared to that of other countries, it is tax-free, and also Dubai produces the purest (24 karats) gold.