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VIDEO: This Du advert was pulled from UAE cinemas



Du pulled the plug on their latest cinema ad after it left viewers feeling a tad uncomfortable.

The ad was entitled “The Man Sitting Next To You” aimed to promote du Tuesday – the brand’s buy one get one free offer that’s exclusively available to cinema goers in UAE who are on or use the du telecom network.

It aimed to promote the offer by depicting various “inconveniences” that come with sitting next to someone you don’t know. Among them included loud chewing and slurping as well as bad smells and flying popcorn.


However, it seems that some viewers weren’t keen on these bad habits.

The ad produced by Leo Burnett Dubai also left some feeling uncomfortable with others claiming that it depicted the nation in a bad light.

One viewer said that the ad discouraged people from going to the cinema. He tweeted: “@dutweets who made the new #duTuesday ad? Seems like u convincing ppl to not go to the cinemas @voxcinemas”.

In a response to viewer’s complaints, du released a statement on Twitter: “We are aware that our ‘Man sitting next to you’ ad was loved by some but criticised by others.

The purpose of the ad was to highlight some of the bad habits that are practiced by some moviegoers in hopes that it helps enhance the movie experience to all movie lovers in the UAE.”

It added: “However, we’ve heard your comments and decided to remove the ad from theatres out of respect to you.”

Du has since been praised for removing the ad yesterday, and publicly apologising and for respecting its viewers.

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