Felicity Stokes01 Oct 2015 AT 03:34 PM

4 art exhibitions to see in Dubai

The bold, the modern and the traditional
Felicity Stokes01 Oct 2015 AT 03:34 PM
Art, ShortListers, Exhibitions, Al Serkal Avenue, Al Quoz, Dubai, Artists
© Mohannad Orabi
Art, ShortListers, Exhibitions, Al Serkal Avenue, Al Quoz, Dubai, Artists
© Issa Saleh Al Kindy
Art, ShortListers, Exhibitions, Al Serkal Avenue, Al Quoz, Dubai, Artists
© Jamal Bin Thaneya
Art, ShortListers, Exhibitions, Al Serkal Avenue, Al Quoz, Dubai, Artists
© Lawrie Shabibi

With the new art season in full swing, those looking to explore the culture of our region have plenty to see. DIFC and Al Quoz are the main hubs for all things arty, with exhibitions ranging from fine art to video instillations and everything in between. Here's the ShortList of exhibits that are on our radar.

Family Portrait by Mohannad Orabi
Ayyam Gallery DIFC presents this fantastic solo exhibition from Syrian artist, Mohannad Orabi. Family Portraits explores the psychology of memory and how the mental process shapes our perception of formative experiences. Orabi comments on social interaction and the idea of how children negotiate a sense of the self while understanding the world around them. In his latest body of works, Orabi manipulates the format of the formal black and white portraiture, with subtle additions of colour.
Orabi toys with the construct of the posed family portrait and invites the viewer to question this universal behavior, as we relate to the formation of our own family portraits, our huddled bodies and mirrored expressions.
When: From September 15
Where: Ayyam Gallery DIFC, +971 4 439 2395, www.ayyamgallery.com

Middle Eastern Talks at The Empty Quarter
Take a journey through Middle Eastern Culture. This September The Empty Quarter will be revealing its latest collection of unseen photographs, unknown places and traditional stories originating from the Middle East. Amongst the mixed artists, Al Moutasim Al Maskery portrays the story of Omani tribes migrating from the desert towards the coastline during July and August every year, whilst Issa Salah Al Kindy captures the magical process by which Omani Rose water is made from petals, following an ancient tradition. Now that we’re in the new season, this is the perfect time to immerse ourselves back into the culture of our residing region and be captivated in its beauty.
When: September 15 to November 5
Where: The Empty Quarter, DIFC, www.theemptyquarter.com

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Portraits of the Middle-Way at Showcase Gallery
Olivia Pendergast’s exhibition gives a stunning insight into her experiences in Mawali and Kenya. Through Portraits of the Middle-Way, we come face to face with the beautiful people that Pendergast met along her journey; and here we become immersed in the powerful connection between the artist and her muse. Pendergast illuminates this unique connection, which is set apart from any superficial relationship that would be formed in the artist’s familiar environment and celebrates the bond built when situations are radically different. Pendergast’s portraits magnify this connection, whilst her curiosity about humanity is bewitching.
When: Until October 14
Where: Showcase Gallery, Alserkal Avenue, www.showcaseuae.com

Immortals by Adel Abidin at Lawrie Shabibi
Lawrie Shabibi presents Adel Abidin’s second solo exhibition at the gallery, Immortals. This exhibition presents a dramatic shift in Abidin’s art practice, as we see him revert back to painting for the first time since 2003. Abidin is renowned for his arresting video installations, but this September at Lawrie Shabibi, he presents four large-scale oil paintings and a hand-printed site-specific installation, titled Breaking News.
This exhibition takes a playful approach to Arab Media, whilst raising significant questions on the role of social media’s power in shifting geographic boundaries and allegiances. Abidin builds on the ironic humour in his recognised video artworks by building them into his painting, presenting imagery from Arabia media channels. With humour and tongue in cheek commentary, Abidin invites his audiences to reflect on methods of social messaging and broadcasts.
When: September 14 to November 5
Where: Lawrie Shabibi, Al Quoz, +971 4 346 9906, www.lawrieshabibi.com