5 camel dishes in Dubai

What to eat and where to eat it
5 camel dishes in Dubai
Sarah Garden26 May 2015 AT 04:49 PM
Sarah Garden26 May 2015 AT 04:49 PM

If you haven’t heard the benefits of camel meat yet, which sand dune have you been hiding under? The desert mammal is renowned as a healthy alternative for carnivores, being rich in vitamin C and light on calories. With that in mind, here’s how you can eat the coveted dish in Dubai.

Camel stir fry
Where: The Farm, Al Barari Villas, Emirates Road
For a limited time, The Farm is utilising camel meat in many of their favourite dishes. The sticky Thai stir fry is the best of the bunch, and you’d never know you were eating camel.
Price: AED85
Details: 04 392 5660, www.thefarmdubai.com

Camel chocolate
Where: Majlis, Dubai Mall
Although a slightly more controversial option, being as the milk has a strong flavour, camel milk is packed full of vitamins and can reduce your risk of colon cancer. Great news for those who want a guilt-free chocolate fix.
Price: Varies
Details: 056 287 1522, www.the-majlis.com

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Hot dog
Where: Cafe2Go, multiple locations including Business Village and Kite Beach
Cafe2Go are big on all things camel. They’re keen to point out how it squares up to cow products, with double the iron and half the cholesterol. The range of options includes the camel hot dog.
Price: AED17
Details: 04 431 7362, www.cafe2go.ae

Camel pizza
Where: Ducati Café, Dubai Mall
We’ve come across a lot of creative pizza toppings in our time, but this has to take the prize. Ducati café’s camel range includes a margarita pizza garnished with camel meat and tomatoes.
Price: AED48
Details: 04 325 3321, www.ducaticaffeuae.com

Camel burger
Where: Switch, Dubai Mall
For fast food without the hefty calorie points, swap your standard burger for camel meat. It tastes surprisingly similar to lamb, and Switch offer multiple toppings to make it extra tasty.
Price: AED59
Details: 04 3399131