Sumati Menda05 Aug 2015 AT 01:58 PM

7 tried and tested Dubai juice cleanses

Our veggie expert gives us the squeeze
Sumati Menda05 Aug 2015 AT 01:58 PM
7 tried and tested Dubai juice cleanses

With the popularity of juice cleanses and detox programmes worldwide, it’s no surprise that Dubai is in on the trend. Now I’m no nutritionist, and I certainly don’t believe in quick fixes when it comes to health, but I decided to give a juice cleansing a shot to see what all the fuss was about. For a dedicated foodie like myself it wasn’t easy, but it served as a little break from all the eating that I’ve been doing for my veggie blog lately.

With such a variety of choice, I figured I’d help you all narrow things down by trying out seven cleanses over the course of a few weeks.  Sound a bit extreme?  Don’t worry, I stuck with a one day cleanse for each company.

Detox & Diet    
These juices were my personal favorite in terms of packaging and flavor. The use of grapefruit, guava and coconut water gives them a very unique taste, and they’ve got a lovely beetroot juice that tastes like a savory soup. They also give you an antioxidant snack so you can cheat a little. I got a packet of macadamias and dried fruit, and I couldn’t resist them! 
Price: AED 299 (including delivery)
+971 5 623 02491,

Detox Delight    
The most expensive cleanses on the list, as a nutritionist tailors every one of the organic programmes to the individual. They also have packages that offer a mix of juices and solid foods, so if you’re not too keen on an all-liquid diet, they’ve got you covered! They’ve also got some great detox snacks.
Price: AED 370 for a 1 day cleanse (+ AED 80 for delivery)
+971 4 338 3565,

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What I like about Essentially is that they’re very thorough with their instructions. They send an email with pre-cleanse directions, suggested recipes, a cheat sheet and last minute tips for the evening before the cleanse. All nutritional information is vetted by a nutritionist in Norway and their packaging looks great.  The juices are 100% organic and delicious, but I found a couple of them to be a little too sweet.
Price: AED 299 for a 1 day cleanse (+AED 45 for delivery)
+971 4 889 5753 ,

Flavor Shack
Flavor Shack offers smaller 330ml bottles at a lower price of AED 199 for the cleanse if you don’t want to get too bloated on liquid. Even if you go with the typical 500ml bottles, they are still the cheapest pre-bottled cleanse at the moment. They’ll be launching a customisable cleanse soon with fun options like a Chia Licious Juice with chewy chia seeds. Most cleanses tell you to ‘chew’ your juice, but in this case you actually can! And if you’re worried about suffering from caffeine withdrawal, don’t. They’ve got a Desert Dream juice with a little bit of coffee in it!
Price: AED 249 for 1 day cleanse with 500ml bottles (incl. delivery)
+971 5 665 41466,

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This cleanse has the simplest packaging of the lot. The juices are served in plastic cups with lids and straws. It’s not quite as convenient as the others, but your wallet will be thrilled! The cleanse package includes a salad that you can have as a single meal or as a snack to see you through the day. Their delivery area is limited, but a juice pickup is a good excuse to add a little more activity to your day.
Price: AED 100 for a 1 day cleanse with a vegetarian salad (+AED 5 for delivery)
DIFC: +971 4 327 8083 Health Care City: +971 4 421 3370,

Go Organic
These juices are mostly made from vegetables (apple is the one exception) so they’re naturally lower in sugar and 100% organic. They don’t have the prettiest packaging, but the great taste and the lack of a sugar rush makes up for it.
Price: AED 275 for a 1 day cleanse (+AED 25 for delivery)
+971 4 887 7025,

Organic Press
Juices are pressed daily at Organic Press, which is great because you can receive your cleanse package on the same day if you order before 11 am. You can do a minimum of 4 bottles if you don’t want to go for the whole cleanse, which gives you some more options. All nutritional information is vetted by a Dubai-based nutritionist and the 100% organic juices taste great!
Price: AED 264 for a 1 day cleanse with free home delivery every day (except Friday)
+971 4 553 0923 (or 800-JUICE),

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