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An Insight Into Al Qasimi Palace In Rak – A Complete Travel Guide



An Insight Into Al Qasimi Palace In Rak - A Complete Travel Guide

Are you interested in visiting Al Qasimi Palace? A visit to Alqassimi Palace in RAK can give you the same goosebumps and chills. It was built in 1985 by the late sheik Abdulaziz bin Humaid AL Qasimi.

Al Qasimi Palace is a fantastic palace, but after being unoccupied for many years, there are many rumors that make the palace haunted. Now, the residents and tourists in UAE can find the beautiful and mysterious palace for themselves after it opened to the public in December 2019.

If you want to get some adventurous experiences, you should know everything about visiting Al Qasimi Palace, including location, timings, entrance fees, and tips before visiting.

An overview of Al qasimi palace

Al Qasimi Palace is a four-floored palace that consists of 35 rooms topped by a glass dome pyramid roof, through which natural sunlight illuminates the floors. The best designs of this palace are influenced by Moroccan, Islamic, Indian, and Persian styles, including several glass chandeliers that are imported specially from France and Belgium.

An overview of Al Qasimi palace

The haunted stories made this palace unique, with magnificent views that attract visitors to the world. Visitors are often confused with exploring a mystery palace decorated with the assorted spread of animal murals, marble statues, paintings, and antique artifacts around the fiction stories.

The engravings and unique drawings of the astronomical twelve towers also amazed the visitors. The official opening of Al Qasimi Palace came after the wall renovation that was affected by erosion and the wall in the project’s first stage. On the other hand, in the project’s second phase, plans were made to open the cafeteria, play area, and restaurant at this palace.

History of Al qasimi palace

The Al Qasimi Palace was built by the late sheik Abdulaziz bin Humaid AL Qasimi in 1985 and was reportedly worth AED 500M. This palace is a four-story structure that indicates the same beauty and magnificence of Arab culture.

History of Al Qasimi palace

Hence, after the Al Qasimi Palace fell into despair, the rumors spread that inhabitants left the palace after arising from mysterious occurrences. However, the Al Qasimi Palace grandeur in Ras AL Khaimah and its surrounding mystery lead to new attractions that visitors cannot wait to explore.

In December 2019, it was declared that the Al Qasimi Palace would be open to the public for some time before the closing time for renovation of this palace.

Interesting facts about Al Qasimi palace

Al Qasimi palace is one of the most expensive palaces in Dubai. It was built over 25 years ago at the cost of Dh500 million. There are a lot of rumors regarding the place and strange things that happened in this palace from the first day when the person moved to this palace and eventually drove away.

  • It has been abandoned for 20 years now. Furniture of the palaces has also gone missing after people leave it.
  • Locals have also said that one can see the children peeping through the window. They sometimes even cry out to people.
  •  Al Qasimi palace is categorized as the haunted palace, situated in AI death, and this palace completes the list of best-visited destinations in Dubai.
  • A half-hour drive from Dubai makes this palace the most haunted spot for visitors.
  •  This colossal palace once became part of royalty in Dubai and is now known because of many strange stories associated with it.
  • There are many broad rumors that kids are peeping out of windows of the palace at night, which is an otherwise eerie and empty palace.
  • Al Qasimi palace is a notorious palace in RAK built by the late sheik Abdulaziz bin Humaid Al Qasimi for a cost of AED 500 million but was soon abandoned because of the mysterious occurrences that take place throughout the palaces.
  • The palace gained haunted status among the UAE locals because the royal family occupied the palaces at the time and vacated the million-dollar mansion only one night after experiencing the strange paranormal happenings.
  • The best thing about the Al Qasimi palace is that you are greeted with beautiful interiors, amazing artwork, various household items, and costly furnishings for beginners leading to the wall.

Where is Al qasimi palace located?

Al Qasimi Palace is located along the Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed AL Maktoum Road, Ai dhait North, one hour and seven minutes only from the mountain’s tallest Jebel Jais in RAs AL Khaimah.

 Al Qasimi Location

How to reach Al qasimi palace?

Regardless of where you stay in Dubai, you can, without a lot of stretches, arrive at  Al Qasimi Palace. Investigation of the bearing will give the beneath and arrive on schedule to your objective. Here are the different ways to reach the AI Qasimi palace.

  • From RAK

On the off chance you visit AI Qasimi palace, take the AI Manama, RAS AI Khaimah Road. The street here will interface with Sheikh Bin Saeed AL Maktoum Road, where the royal residence is found.

  • From Dubai

The occupants of Dubai can visit this creepy site in Ras AL Khaimah. On the off chance that you come from Dubai, you get on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road and move to Ai Riffa.

Currently, it takes the Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum Rd and moves to your objective.

  • From Abu Dhabi

The occupants of Abu Dhabi can get on Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan and follow AI Riffa. When arriving at AI Riffa, you can take the Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed AL Maktoum road to the objective.

Best time to visit Alqassimi palace

As we tell you, the Al Qasimi Palace features 35 rooms, each boasting spectacular paintings, and antique artifacts. The central area of the palace has a glass pyramid made up of Moroccan, Islamic, Persian, and Indian designs.

Best time to visit Alqassimi palace

It permits the sunlight to pass through, which adds beauty to the Al Qasimi Palace. The glass chandeliers inside the palace are imported from France and Belgium. Guests are allowed to visit this palace from 9 Am to 7 Pm. It is not good to visit this palace in the summertime because it is too hot. 

Tickets for Al Qasimi palace

Do you want to visit the new attraction in RAS AL Khaimah? If yes, you should look at the ticket information given below. You should buy the tickets for Al Qasimi Palace at the entrance gate.

  • Individual tickets to make an entry in Alqassimi Palace- AED 75 for one person
  • Group tickets to make an entry in Alqassimi Palace- AED 50 for one person

What you can see at Al qasimi palace

While taking the step inside the Al Qasimi Palace, you will be awed by the spectacular paintings and artifacts that make the availability of 35 rooms for a visit to you. The Alqassimi Palace has a four-story structure designed with marble floors and glass chandeliers, combining Persian, Moroccan, and Islamic influences.

You should watch out for a room with a large pyramid structure at the mansion’s top that will captivate your attention.

Things to know before you visit the Al qasimi Palace

  • Before the visit to Al Qasimi Palace in RAK ( ras AL Khaimah), bear in mind that photography is not allowed and will land you a fine of AED 200
  • Ensure that you do not make contact with any canvases, props, or antiquities when you are in the royal presence, Alqassimi Palace
  • While visiting Al Qasimi Palace, you should make the excursion to AL Jazirah AL Hamra, a pearling town that provides a detailed look into historical information on Ras AL Khaimah

Nearby Hotels

There are several luxurious and well-equipped hotels near or in the province of Al Qasimi palace. Visitors also give high star ratings to the best hotels near Al Qasimi palace. If you want to visit Al Qasimi palace or book accommodation early, you should look at the following hotels.

  • Sukna Almosafer
  • Yara suites
  • Golden tulip buraidah Al Qassim
  • Raoum Inn Buraydah
  • Movenpick Hotel Qassim
  • And many more
Golden tulip buraidah Al Qassim

Nearby attractions

Here are the famous attractions nearby Al Qasimi palace. If you plan to visit Al Qasimi palace, you should also visit the attractions.

1. Emirates club stadium

The popular Emirates club stadium is situated in Ras AL Khaimah. This stadium is mainly used to hold football matches. It is one of the largest stadiums in UAE, where several matches are held already.

Emirates club stadium

2. Khuzam family park is only for ladies

The area of this park has allocated excellent facilities and services for kids and women in Dubai. It is considered the best destination to spend your weekends during the Dubai tour.

3. Grove Village

The shopping center, Grove village, is inspired by the best shopping center in New Zealand. This shopping center includes a car park that accommodates nearly 200 cars and a number of stores that sell a great variety of local and international products.

4. RAK Mall

RAK mall is the most famous mall near Al Qasimi palace. The best thing is that the main shopping centers are in it. The mall gives you a wide range of different stores that have a great variety of products to sell, like bags, clothes, accessories, shoes, food products, etc., under one roof.

The best thing is that a children’s playroom is also here where you can leave your kids safe and make your relaxed shopping tour.

5. India palace restaurant

The India palace restaurant is known for its luxurious décor that also highlights the decoration of Al Qasimi palace in aspects of wall decorations, luxurious furniture, and crystal chandeliers.

The dishes at this restaurant are made in addition to famous Indian naan bread, which is inoculated with garlic, butter, and hot pepper, with the addition of some sweets also.

Contact details of Alqassimi palace

While planning the visit to Al Qasimi Palace, if you want to get the information earlier, anything related to tickets, palace timings, events, attractions, etc., you can place the call at +971 52 828 2222.

Simply contact this number and get all the details from the team of Alqassimi Palace online.

There are a number of different activities in RAS AL Khaimah that make the great aim for the end of the week to escape for your guests while considering all things. The different kid’s exercises in Ras AL Khaimah will guarantee some incredible undertakings for children. You can visit this haunted palace with a strange story. It is also counted as the top horror place in Dubai.

It used to become an essential part of the AI Qasimi Arab dynasty and was abandoned over 20 years ago by occupants. They claim to be disturbed by suspicious occurrences of window faces and violent furniture movement around the Al Qasimi palace.

The events at Al Qasimi palace still remain a mystery even to this date. The inhabitants near it complain of hearing children’s voices during the night. Hearing the children’s rumors peeping out of windows from locals will chilly run down the spine. You can easily reach this palace in a half-hour by taking the drive from Dubai to witness an eerie part of the royal history of Dubai. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is the owner of Al Qasimi palace?

Al Qasimi palace was built by the late sheik Abdulaziz bin Humaid Al Qasimi in 1985, a member of the Sharjah family ruling AI Qasimi. They do stunning architectural works, giving Al Qasimi palace widespread popularity.

2. How much does the Al Qasimi palace cost?

Al Qasimi palace costs more than $136 million or nearly 500 million dirhams.

3. What the visitors found at Al Qasimi palace?

When the visitors visit the Al Qasimi palace, they find the abandoned 35 rooms with great statues, crystal chandeliers, marble pathways, murals, artworks, and lux furniture coated in dust.

4. When Does The Al Qasimi Palace Open For Visitors?

The Al Qasimi palace is open for a week, from Sunday to Thursday only. The opening time of Al Qasimi palace is from 9 am to 7 pm.

5. What Are The Tickets Price To Visit The Al Qasimi Palace?

 The price of the ticket is AED 75 for individuals. If you are going in a group, then the price of a ticket to Al Qasimi palace is AED 50 per person. 

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