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Uber to launch ‘affordable’ service in Dubai



Uber is one of the most convenient apps going. If you can’t find a taxi, you can hail one at the touch of a button and pay via your credit card. But it’s definitely more expensive than using a regular Dubai cab.

That could be about to change. Co-founder and chief executive of Uber, Travis Kalanick, told Arabian Business that the company will roll out UberX in the coming months.

UberX will be an economy service that offers people an affordable way to get around the city via the ridesharing service.

“We are looking out at rolling out an economy ridesharing service here in Dubai. It’s a cosmopolitan city and has travellers from countries all around the world. We are making sure that they have an ‘affordable’ way to get around in the city,” Kalanick told Arabian Business.

“And the residents here also need a very efficient mobility service to get around the city. In the meantime, you create tens and thousands of jobs for the residents here, and that is a benefit that Uber brings when we are able to expand,” he added.

“When you serve the many as a ride sharing service it actually gets better. The lower cost of service actually becomes more luxurious because when you have more people who can afford it, more people use it, and [when] more people use it, you have more cars on the system.”

This comes after the ride-hailing app signed an agreement with the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) to study new products that they could offer to support Dubai Vision 2021.

One thing’s for sure – a service that offers people a cheap way to get from A to B is always going to prove popular in Dubai.

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