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12 emotional stages of summer in Dubai



Stage 1: Happiness
Lasts for: 1 week
The rain has finally stopped, the sun is out and it’s now perfect beach weather. You’ve just been cured of your change of season cold.

Stage 2: Confusion
Lasts for: 1-2 weeks
The sun is still out but now it’s getting a bit too hot and for some reason there have been three sand storms in one day…

Stage 3: Indignation
Lasts for: 1-2 weeks
It’s now too humid to go outside, so you’ve spent all of your going out money on anti-frizz hair products and a new wardrobe that’s warm enough to wear in the cinema.

Stage 4: Rage
Lasts for: 1-3 weeks
All of your new hair products haven’t worked and you now have to treat your hair for chemical damage. Also, your new jumpers for the cinema are completely impractical for wearing absolutely anywhere else in the city.

Stage 5: Pity
Lasts for: 2 weeks
You’re tired of applying your makeup four times a day and changing your shirt every time you’ve been outside. You turn up the A/C to ridiculous levels and lay under the covers to overcompensate.

Stage 6: Acceptance
Lasts for: 1 week
You’re finally done venting about everything wrong with summer in Dubai and now trust that much like everything in life, it too will pass.

Stage 7: Fear
Lasts for: 1-2 weeks
You thought that you were done ranting about the heat but then you had to wait for your Uber to arrive and nearly passed out due to heat exhaustion. You now fear going outside ever again, this quickly changes when you realise that the Dubai Summer Surprises sale has officially started…

Stage 8: Envy
Lasts for: 2 weeks
You bought everything you ever wanted and more for less than AED500 and have now spent the last three weekends closely monitoring your friends on Instagram. “Uhh, Margret is in Canada, would you look at that, it’s snowing there… Oh, and Mark is in Thailand, must be nice to be able to go outside….”

Stage 9: Anticipation
Lasts for: 2 weeks
It’s still pretty hot outside but you’ve decided to bare the heat because you know that there are just a few weeks of summer left. You’re actually starting to enjoy all the cheap staycation deals on hotels.

Stage 10: Sadness
Lasts for: 1-2 weeks
“Winter” is now just one week away and you’ve just realised that you need to rehash your wardrobe slightly. You saw a cloud in the sky yesterday and it’s given you a deep setted fear that your pool days are numbered.

Stage 11: Regret
Lasts for: 1 week
You spent the last weekend of summer at brunch and have just realised that you haven’t gotten a tan yet. You are now three shades lighter than you were before summer started.

Stage 12: Acceptance
Lasts for: 1-2 weeks
You’ve just gotten a cold, all the hotels are too expensive for an impromtu staycation and you no longer have to wipe condensation off your phone when you take it out of your pocket. Winter is coming.

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