14 tips to winning Instagram

When it comes to Instagram, there are those with thousands of flattering hearts and those with well, none.

That said, we’ve asked some of our friends who are #winning at Instagram to talk us through their best Instagram shots.

Read carefully and don’t forget us when you’re an influencer.

1. Minimum effort, maximum result
“I don’t know why, but for some reason this shot of me in a t-shirt and ripped jeans standing on a street in London went viral really quickly. It was a quick snap, that’s it.”
What it says about you: That you could wear a garbage bag and still look great? Well, that or dressing down still requires some thought.
Hashtag to use: #keepitcasual
Zeynab Insta 2

2. The OTT ice cream
“Colourful and enticing with increasingly creative options available, these cool treats make for a drool worthy snap – especially in the summer.”
What it says about you: You’re enjoying summer somewhere where your ice cream doesn’t melt before you’ve managed to even swipe to the camera function on your phone.
Hashtag to use: #moresprinklesplease

3. Pop of colour
“The key to a good Instagram post is a great pop of strong colour. Royal blue, bumblebee yellow or emerald green, all the bright summery colours will add life and happiness to your (and your followers) days.”
What it says about you: Even in a hectic work day, you still find time to pay attention and enjoy these small things in life.
Hashtag to use: #50shadesofsummer
IMG 2908

4. The political reference
“I like to make clay sculptures and post them to Instagram. In this case, it was timely. A decent caption is never a bad idea, too.”
What it says about you: Sure, you’re a fun-loving guy. But people know you’re also on top of current events. You don’t need to state your views explicitly when you’ve got wry visual commentary like this.
Hashtag to use: #pliable

5. The art gallery
“Lots of people in the same industry that you’re in probably go to similar places as you at the weekends. Feeds are usually full of identical-looking posts. Look the other way where you can, find inspiration where someone else may not think to look.”
What it says about you: If it wasn’t for the pull of database management systems, you could have been an artist.
Hashtag to use: #artrighthere
c23549c 9

6. The aftermath of something fun
“Since the advent of iPhones everyone captures and posts more or less the same things. To me, the more interesting shot will typically be the less obvious shot.”
What it says about you: You might have gone to a wild party. No big deal. You go to wild parties all the time.
Hashtag to use: #tidyup
c23549c 4

7. The sushi squeeze
“In the age of foodie shots like freakshakes and oversized greasy burgers, you’d be surprised just how much people love to swoon over a well made sushi roll.”
What it says about you: You’ve totally got that beach bod in check with your healthy eating choices… no one will know you ordered a double portion!
Hashtag to use: #feedfeed

8. A hotel that looks like a UFO
“W Hotels are known to have the quirkiest, most unique interiors with a stunning view. I love a clean, dominantly white and vibrantly themed profile. Any picture has to do it justice.”
What it says about you: You don’t settle for any old staycation; what the hotel is can be just as important as where it is.
Hashtag to use: #staycation
Naomi pic Insta

9. The architectural chin-stroke
“I like how you can see the individuality in the windows. The perspective of this is straight on, something which I’m drawn to. Sometimes I use apps such as Skrwt to straighten things up.”
What it says about you: Where others see “buildings”, you see socio-political constructs. Psychogeography, if you will.
Hashtag to use: #realhighrise

10. Great Eggs
“Eggs are naturally beautiful things, both in and out of their shells. A nearby window, soft morning light, the prick of a fork and the run of yolk is all that’s needed to seduce people.”
What it says about you: Breakfast. You like it. You consume it on a regular basis. You know 15 to 20 places in Business Bay and The Palm that do “the best eggs Benny”.
Hashtag to use: #seleniumking
c23549c 1

11. Allowing nature to dwarf you
“It can be hard to get a good shot of rock-climbing as the person taking it should be a climber at the same level! But I always make sure to have a wide
shot with me somewhere in the middle.’’
What it says about you: Daring enough to get out there, humble enough to understand your place in the grand scheme of things.
Hashtag to use: #lifehappensoutdoors

12. The weird Simpsons visual
“A day doesn’t go by without me automatically relating something I see to a Simpsons gag. There are so many incredible deep cuts too, so it’s satisfying when others appreciate an obscure reference. This one’s a favourite of mine.”
What it says about you: Memes and internet trends are very much “your jam”
Hashtag to use: #cromulent
c23549c 12

13. The perfect cup of coffee
“If there’s one skilled worker that Instagram has promoted more than any other it’s the barista. Warm natural wood tones set off the beverage.” What it says about you: You somehow found time to check out from your hectic schedule. Just you, a cup of Joe and some deep thoughts about life.
Hashtag to use: #latteofdreams

c23549c 13

14. The hint of social commentary

“I always try to find an interesting take on the mundane. I love the large shadows on the wall and the offbeat nature of the two cameras sitting side by side. I try to take photos as close to the subject as possible, that way you have minimal cropping to do – and the image quality will be better.”
What it says about you: You know you’re being played by The Man, running through His rat-maze on a daily basis. But you know what? You’ve got your eye on Him, too.
Hashtag to use: #highbroworwellreference
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