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A hoverbike has been added to the Dubai Police fleet



It goes without saying that the Dubai Police has a pretty cool fleet, with everything from Ferraris to the fastest car in the world, the Bugatti Veyron. And now, a hoverbike.

The impressive piece of equipment was introduced yesterday at Gitex Technology Week – the city’s leading tech exhibition.

According to officials, the battery-powered flying bike, which has been co-developed by Russian drone manufacturer Hoversurf, will be used to respond to emergency situations.

When piloted, the hoverbike can fly for up to 25 minutes, reach a maximum speed of 70 kmph, carry up to 300kg and reach a height of five metres.

The hoverbike can also operate without a pilot, provided that the distance is no more than 6km.

According to Hoversurf’s official website, the hoverbike or Scorpion can seat one person and combines a motorcycle seat with quadcopter drone technology, allowing for agility and stability of flight.

The futuristic device is the latest piece of high-tech equipment adopted by the Dubai Police.

Just last month, it introduced drones to its fleet.

The drones have since been used to capture live broadcast recordings of traffic as well as document major events taking place within the emirate. They run using 4G technology and are controlled by highly skilled officers in the command room, where all the footage is sent.

Speaking on the initiative at the time, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police Major-General Abdullah Khalifa Al Merri said: “The new technology will help record events, emergencies, disasters and accidents in Dubai and live broadcast to the command room so the officer can take proper decisions on time. It will also archive the recordings to use them for training purposes.”

. أطلقت القيادة العامة لشرطة دبي جهاز “المراقب الذكي” (Smart Controller )الخاص بضبط أمن الطريق، وذلك في نادي الضباط بمنطقة القرهود، بحضور سعادة اللواء عبدالله خليفة المري القائد العام لشرطة دبي والعميد سيف مهير المزروعي، مدير الإدارة العامة للمرور، والعميد الدكتور عبدالله عبدالرحمن بن سلطان مدير مركز استشراف المستقبل، إلى جانب خبراء من إحدى الشركات الصينية المتخصصة في أنظمة السلامة المرورية. أكد اللواء المري أن جهاز “المراقب الذكي يتميز بـ 9 خصائص عن سابقاته من أجهزة الضبط التقنية (الرادار) ويحتوي على منظومة متكاملة من الخصائص التقنية تساعد رجال المرور في ضبط أمن الطريق وتشديد الرقابة الالكترونية على الطرق والتركيز على ضبط المخالفات الخطرة التي يرتكبها السائقون بما يعزز استراتيجية #شرطة_دبي في جعل مدينة #دبي أمنة. #أخبار #شرطة_دبي #أمنكم_سعادتنا

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Aside from the police force, the city’s Civil Defence team has also added a number of neat gizmos and gadgets to its taskforce.

In fact, just yesterday, it launched its very own fleet of firefighting drones. According to officials, the drones that can fly for up to six hours and carry up to 600kgs, will be used to monitor and tackle fires. They will also be able to detect improperly stored chemicals using thermal technology which, as a result, will reduce the chances of warehouse and factory fires.

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