Dubai launches Police without Policeman initiative

Looks like we’ll no longer see the men in brown patrolling the streets of Dubai as senior officials have stated they are looking to replace patrol officers with artificial intelligence.

The “no policemen policing” concept will see initiatives such as an air blimp patrol neighborhoods, construction sites and mass crowds.

According to officials the blimp will be equipped with cameras that will alert authorities of any misconduct or cases of concern.

Houses, buildings and fences will be equipped with cameras to monitor crowds and report any wrong doing in real time to the city’s police force.

Speaking on the news that forms part of the city’s Dubai 10X initiative– a project that aims to make the city 10 years ahead of the rest – the commander-in chief of Dubai Police General Abdullah Al Marri said “[the concept will] strengthen our partnership with the members of the community to strengthen safety and security standards, and respond promptly to any challenges, and ensure the happiness of our citizens and residents.”

He added: “Sometimes in traditional policing measures, valuable time is lost in identifying and arresting criminals. However, with the disruptive innovation that we propose through our new projects that deploy the latest technologies, we aim to scale up operational efficiency.”

The city’s police force have a number of AI projects currently in place.

Amongst them include robot cop.

Standing at a height of 170cm, ‘Robocop’ has the ability to detect emotions, hand gestures and navigate its path automatically. You can find him patrolling the city’s massive malls.


Dubai’s Civil Defense department are currently using drones to monitor the streets of the city. The drones capture live broadcast recordings of traffic as well as major events happening within the emirate. The high-tech flyers run using 4G technology and are controlled by highly skilled officers in the command room, where all the footage is sent.

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