PICTURES: Inside IMG Worlds of Adventure Dubai

We had the extremely tough job of heading down to the newly finished IMG Worlds of Adventure in Dubai to see the park and try out some rides (click through the pictures above). It officially launches on August 31, so there’s isn’t much longer to wait. As the world’s biggest indoor theme park (it’s 1.5 million square feet) there’s a lot to see, so here’s 5 things you need to know.

1. It’s massive (and fully air-conditioned)
Being 1.5 million square feet – roughly the size of 28 football pitches – it can take up to 30,000 people through the doors each day. Once inside you’ll find Marvel, Cartoon Network, Lost Valley Dinosaur Adventure and IMG Boulevard themed areas. It’s fully air-conditioned… some parts are even a bit chilly so bring a jumper.

2. The rides are impressive
The Powerpuff Girls aren’t known for appearing in children’s nightmares, but their ride at IMG Worlds is quite frightening. We’re not wimps, it goes upsidedown while spinning and everything. Look at the photo below if you don’t believe us – holding our lunch down wasn’t easy. There’s also ‘Predator’, which is for the real thrill-seekers. The ride is 400 metres with a sheer drop so prepare to scream.

3. The Haunted Hotel is really scary
Honestly, it really is. It’s dark, it’s full of zombies who jump out of nowhere and there’s a room full of quite realistic looking body parts. Don’t enter if you’re easily spooked.

4. There’s a 5D cinema
We know what you’re thinking – 5D isn’t a thing. At IMG Worlds, it is. The cinema screens a fun cartoon about defeating robots and the audience are ‘recruits’. With 3D glasses, seats that move and shake, as well as smoke that puffs into your face at random intervals, it’s definitely a good attraction to visit if you have kids with you.

5. The food is pretty great
Theme parks are usually full of rubbish fast food, but this place has 28 food and beverage outlets that are higher quality than the norm. Expect the li9kes of Indian street food and classic American snacks. There’s even a fine-dining spot.

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