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Ultimate Guide To Dubai Butterfly Garden: Location, Ticket Price, And More



Ultimate Guide To Dubai Butterfly Garden

When the hectic burden of city life is weighing you down, you know it’s time to step aside and spend time with the untouched remnants of nature. In a world turning hazardous every day with each step towards so-called advancement, there must be a few preserved bits left to remind us of home nature.

Butterfly gardens are one such human-crafted habitats that preserve and support a myriad of butterflies to thrive through their stages of life to become the charming beings that captivate our eyes.

These gardens are filled with a variety of nectar plants to attract butterflies and enable pollination. A dreamland with beautiful species of butterflies fluttering all around you is a sight you dare not miss. 

where is Dubai Butterfly Garden located?

Since 2015, Dubai has been calling people from all over the world to its largest covered butterfly park. Over 15,000 exotic butterflies of 50 different kinds live there and feed and grow.

where is Dubai Butterfly Garden located

The butterfly garden is part of the Dubai wonder gardens and is in the Al Barsha South 3 area of Dubailand. It is spread out over 2600 sqm.

Dubai miracle gardens are spread across 72,000 sqm and preserve 20 million plants and over 50 million flowers.

It has entered the Guinness World Record thrice in 2013. If you are someone who has been dreaming of visiting the Dubai butterfly gardens, this article will light up your way. 

Attractions of Dubai Butterfly Garden

The Dubai butterfly garden exhibits several unique assets that attract millions of tourists who come to learn more about environmental issues or simply to set their minds free and indulge in the enchanting beauty of butterflies. 

Attractions of Dubai Butterfly Garden

Habitat to millions of endangered species:

The Dubai Garden gives life to over 15,000 vibrant butterflies who have lost their natural habitat at the hands of humans. The garden maintains a climate-controlled environment throughout the year. It has specially designed habitats to support growth at each stage of its life cycle from eggs to winged creatures. 


The garden has nine custom-made domes that house different species of butterflies, plants, and flowers. It features a climate-controlled environment similar to natural habitats that extend the life of butterflies and make them operational throughout the year. These domes also serve as architectural treats to the eye. 


Butterfly Museum:

The butterfly museum is a collection of handcrafted designs of thousands of butterflies and is a chance to explore the butterfly variants and the aesthetic creativity of artists who gave life to it. 

Educational area:

The Dubai Butterfly Gardens serve as conservation and educational centers for those visitors who wish to learn about different environmental issues and the significance of butterfly gardens. Tourists can learn about sustainability, biodiversity conservation, and the life cycle of butterflies through educational movies and the cinema area of the garden. 

Enriched with plants:

Apart from butterflies, the garden displays an array of assorted plant and flower varieties that feed the butterflies which in turn support pollination. 

Click pictures:

The Garden provides a unique opportunity to click beautiful pictures of exotic species of butterflies from all around the world in a single place. 

Experienced faculties:

The garden is operated by a crew of skilled members who have in-depth knowledge about butterflies and are ready to impart them to visitors seeking information. 

Koi pond:

The garden also features a serene spot with a koi pond enclosing a variety of koi fishes. It is a relaxing spot enriched with the natural melody of birds and water. 

Exotic butterfly species in Dubai Butterfly Garden:

The garden has about 50 species of butterflies, including endangered species. Some of the commonly seen butterfly species include:

  • Anteos Clorinde 
  • Athyma Perius
  • Archaeoprepona Demophon
  • Monarch
  • Red Rim
  • African Queen
  • Tailed Jay
  • Golden Birdwing
  • Great Eggfly
  • Doris
  • Orange Oakleaf
  • Owl Butterfly
  • Clipper
Exotic butterfly species in Dubai Butterfly Garden

Impact of Dubai Garden on the Preservation of Butterflies

Man-made developments taking over the environment are causing high impacts on the climate and habitats of millions of helpless species. The Dubai Garden is a contributive venture towards conserving butterflies and their existence.

The garden has nine domes designed for different butterfly species to resemble the natural habitats they lost. The domes maintain a 24° temperature that is compliant with their growth and survival. The garden is packed with nectar-filled flowers and plants to feed the butterflies and promote pollination.

The garden has witnessed tremendous growth in the population of butterflies through careful administration and producing rich nectar to feed. Frequent workshops and events are organized here to teach kids and adults about the life of butterflies, how they are endangered, and how we can conserve biodiversity.

There are even educational movies displayed to raise awareness among visitors about sustainability and protecting nature and its inhabitants. 

How can visitors support butterfly conservation through their visits? 

This eco-friendly garden educates its visitors about the importance of butterfly conservation, and the selection of host plants and raises awareness about ways to do it.

The ticket fares paid by the visitors assist in nurturing the butterfly population and also the numerous food and beverage vendors employed there in coffee shops, candy shops, and fruit juice stores. 


The Dubai International Airport is located at a distance of 34.6 km from the Dubai butterfly garden. You can hire a taxi, bus or train from the airport which will take you there in half an hour. 

Best time to visit Dubai Butterfly Garden:

The Dubai Butterfly Garden is open to its visitors throughout the year from 9 am to 6 pm. However, to save yourself from the heat of the summer, it is best to plan your visit somewhere between November to March. 

Best time to visit Dubai Butterfly Garden

Dubai Butterfly Garden tickets:

Tickets can be purchased at the venue or online. The easiest way is to get them online. They cannot be canceled, rescheduled, or refunded. 


The ticket pricing to Dubai Butterfly Garden starts from AED 55. It is free for disabled customers and kids below 3.


The garden frequently hosts events like birthdays, weddings, and team-building activities. There are also academic tours and services for travel agencies. 

Dubai Butterfly Garden Offers:

Online ticket purchasing can get you discounts. Moreover, children aged between 4 to 12 have reduced ticket pricing. Discounted prices are available for group bookings.

Food and Amenities available in Dubai Butterfly Garden:

An extensive tour around the garden can indeed leave you hungry. It is restricted to bringing food to the garden but it provides a food kiosk to get you anything you need from coffee, candies, fresh fruits, juices, and icecreams. 

In addition, there are a number of exciting dining options that offer a variety of cuisines. A Few of them is Food Park restaurant, Thai Samai, Hidemasa, Zest, Drip Burgers, The Hills Pool Deck, Quiero Restaurant, Gazebo Restaurant, Village Bistro, and many more. 


It is advised to dress in comfortable and loose-fitted clothing for comfort. 

Interacting with butterflies:

You can have a playful interaction with the most exotic butterflies by having them sit on your hands or letting them flutter around. It is a worthy experience. 

The garden offers additional amenities like a prayer area, souvenir shops, parking area, toilets, first aid rooms, wheelchair facilities, and even a car hire service. 

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As the world has become a dangerous place for millions of insects on the verge of extinction, butterfly gardens came as a miracle to create artificial habitats with a suitable environment that supports each stage of their growth.

Dubai butterfly garden is one of the most relaxing tourist destinations that can soothe your mind and educate you on the importance of biodiversity and the ways to do it.

Apart from a number of other places worth visiting in Dubai, the butterfly garden is one you should never miss out on.

Frequent Asked Questions

1. Where is Dubai Butterfly Garden located?

Dubai Butterfly Garden is located at Al Barsha South 3, Dubailand area in the city of Dubai.

2. Which is the closest metro station to Dubai Butterfly Garden?

The mall of Emirates Metro Station is the closest to Dubai Butterfly Garden. 

3. How much is the ticket fare to Dubai Butterfly Garden?

Ticket fares start from AED 55 for adults and kids above 3 years. It is free for kids below 3 and handicapped people.

4. Which time of the year is best to visit Dubai Butterfly Garden?

The garden is open to its visitors every day from 9 am to 6 pm. To save yourself from the summer heat, it is best to plan your visit from November to March.

5. Which is the fastest way to reach Dubai Butterfly Garden?

The fastest way to reach Dubai Butterfly Garden is by taking a taxi or driving down the road. But you can take a bus or a metro train depending on where you are starting your journey from.

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