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Dubai Camel Racing Club Guide 2023 – Ticket Price, Events, And More



Dubai is the city of contrast – on the one hand, it embraces modernity with open hands, while on the other, it takes exceptional pride in its culture. Take camel racing – it’s a testament to Dubai’s rich cultural ties to its past. The Dubai Camel Racing Club is one of the most famous camel racing clubs in the world. Camel racing is not just a sport but an integral part of Emirati society.

The thunderous sounds of galloping camels, the enthusiastic cheers of the happy crowd, and the adrenaline rush that the racing camels bring all combine to create an unforgettable experience. You can have it all at the Dubai Camel Racing Club. And, if you need to know how to attend a Camel race in Dubai, here’s a quick Dubai Camel Racing Club guide to help you out. Stay with us to learn about ticket prices, location, and all the thrill it has to offer. Let’s go!

History & Evolution of Camel Racing in Dubai

As with all desert cultures, camels have been integral to Emirati society. For centuries, tribes across the UAE have used animals for milk, food, and transportation.

Dubai Camel Racing Club - DCRC

And so has been the camel racing that can be traced as far back as the seventh century. Traditionally, camel racing was usually held during festivals or other social gatherings like weddings, but it was always a fascinating event, as often depicted in folklore and poetries around Dubai.

The practice of camel racing bloomed into a professional sport during the early 70s. And soon, its popularity engulfed the whole region as it became a favorite pastime for the people. Initially, the races were informal and held in the desert, with local tribesmen competing.

As the popularity of the sport soared, it caught the attention of Dubai’s government, which invested heavily in developing the racing infrastructure, including training facilities and race tracks.

Soon, technology took over camel racing, and in 2001, robot jockeys were introduced. Traditionally, children were used as jockeys, but due to safety concerns, robot jockeys were introduced to eliminate safety hazards. And now camel racing in Dubai is a mega event involving participants not just from UAE but neighboring countries like Saudi and Oman too. And their popularity is such that hundreds of thousands flock to Dubai to attend camel racing.

Development of the Dubai Camel Racing Club

The Dubai Camel Racing Club came into existence in 1992 with the aim of promoting and preserving the tradition of camel racing in Dubai. Since then, the club has become a testament to Dubai’s unwavering love for its culture.

Development of the Dubai Camel Racing Club

The club now houses thousands of trained camels and hosts several races attracting participants and spectators from across the world. Dubai Camel Racing Club, with its state-of-the-art facilities, emphasis on the well-being of the animals, and commitment to preserving the Emirati culture, has become a symbol of the rich cultural and traditional history of camel racing in Dubai.

Overview of Dubai Camel Racing Club

In this segment, we delve deeper into Dubai Camel Racing Club;

Location and Facilities

The Dubai Camel Racing club is just a 30 to 40 minutes ride from the main city and is located at Al Marmoom near the Al Lisaili area.

The club spans several hectares and has state-of-the-art facilities for grooming and training camels. Besides, it also boasts the largest race track called the Al Marmoum camel racing track.

In terms of facilities, the club includes Camel hospital, a stable that can house as many as 4000 camels, and a grandstand that can accommodate thousands of spectators.

Events held at Dubai Camel Racing club

There’s enough excitement and thrill each year as camels participate in multiple mega-racing events held at Dubai Camel Racing Club.

Camel breeds used in The races

The races are not open to any types of camel breeds. In fact, there’s a strict policy of using high-endurance camel breeds known for their speed. Only a handful of native breeds from Dubai and that of neighboring regions like Oman and Sudan are used.

Types of races held at Dubai Camel Racing club

Popular breeds often used in Dubai camel racing club are Mahaliyat, Muhajanat, Sudaniyat, and Omaniyat. Besides, the club also imposes strict restrictions to ensure that camels are well cared for and treated humanely during the race as well as in the training phase.

Rules and Regulations Governing the Races

Stringent racing protocols have been placed to ensure that the racing events are fair and offer a level playing field for every participant;

Rules and Regulations Governing the Camel  Racing club dubai
  • Doping is strictly prohibited and may attract severe penalties. Each camel is tested for performance-enhancing substances before the race.
  • Camels below two years of age can not participate in the race. Their bones and teeth are not fully developed and they might have caught an injury during the event.
  • Races are closely monitored to ensure that they are fair and that all participants adhere to the rules and regulations.

Besides, Dubai Camel Racing club is committed to animal welfare and has implemented several measures to ensure their safety and well-being. The club boasts a specialized hospital primary for camels with highly trained veterinary doctors to look after the animals.

Are you ready to experience all the excitement and thrill that awaits you at Camel Racing events in Dubai? Then Let’s check out the prices and the timing to attend the camel races in Dubai;

Ticket prices Of Dubai Camel Racing Club and How to Purchase Them?

The good news is that no ticket is required to attend camel racing. Companies selling tickets online are mainly for the guide to the event or the transportation.

Attending Camel Races at Dubai Camel Racing Clu

You are welcome to attend the racing events free of cost as long as you can reach the venue.

Best Time to Attend Camel Races Dubai, UAE

Dubai’s heat can be scorching; therefore, camel races are usually held early in the morning, between 6 am to 9 am on weekends.

Likewise, the camel racing season in Dubai spans between the winter months of October and April. The weather is much more relaxed during that time, allowing the spectators to enjoy the race thoroughly.

While occasional races are held throughout the years, you can enjoy the major event during the time mentioned above.

Dress Code for Attending Races

Unlike horse racing, where people are all formal, camel racing events are more for enjoyment and fun. Therefore casual clothing appropriate for the weather is more suited for camel racing.

However, ensure that the clothes are modest, respectful, and, above all, comfortable. It will be best to wear neutral colors like white, beige, or Khaki, as these colors align more with traditional clothing worn by locals.

Restaurants Near Dubai Camel racing Club

There are several food and beverage options to enjoy during the camel race. You can have a camel meat burger or camel milk iced tea. Likewise, there are several fine dining options around the race track;

Restaurants Near Dubai Camel racing Club
  • Al Marmoom Bedouin Experience

A traditional Emirati restaurant reflecting the true spirit of camel racing, offering authentic Emirati cuisines like grilled meat, Arabic coffee, and more.

  • Tim Hortons

Located just 4 km away from Dubai Camel Racing Club, Tim Hortons has casual dining options fabulous for its fast food varieties and beverages.

  • Zest Restaurant

You have to travel a little further from the Dubai Camel Racing Club for a totally mesmerizing dining experience. Located at Meydan Hotel, Zest Restaurant attracts tons of visitors looking to enjoy local and international cuisines.

Camel Racing Events and Festivals

The Dubai Camel Racing Club hosts several racing events throughout the year, but during the winter months, the excitement is at its peak. Here are some of the most notable racing events;

Dubai Camel Racing Club Schedule and events

Annual Dubai Camel Racing Festival

The Annual Dubai Camel Racing Club Festival is one of the most significant events held at the club, attracting visitors from across the globe.

The festival is usually held in the month of February and features a range of activities like a camel race and cultural performance. The festival celebrates the Emirati spirit and is a must-see event for anyone who enjoys camel racing.

Other camel racing events hosted by the club

Apart from the Annual Dubai Camel Racing Festival, there’s another mega camel racing event called the Al Marmoom Heritage Festival;

Al Marmoom Heritage Festival

This festival is a celebration of Emirati heritage and Culture. It is organized to preserve and promote Arab traditions. And camel racing is unarguably its main attraction – races are held each day for about a week giving ample opportunities to enjoy the excitement and thrill of camel racing.

Thrills and excitement of watching camel races as a Spectator Sport

Camel racing in Dubai is more than a sport; it’s food for thrill-seeking enthusiasts who yearn for the adrenaline rush through their veins.

contestants in the camel racing club dubai

Watching these magnificent beasts racing across the desert is a sight to behold and sure to keep you at the edge the whole time. Here are some of the reasons why, if you are in Dubai, experiencing a camel race is a must-do thing;

  • Incredible Speed and Agility

Camels might seem lousy and slow, but they aren’t called the ship of the desert for nothing. They can run incredibly fast. Watching these creatures galloping through the race track is an awe-inspiring sight; add the thrill of sports and the emotions of winning and losing, and it becomes an event that is truly enthralling.

  • Close and Personal Experience

Watching a camel race is a unique experience, but it has something else to offer: getting up close to these creatures and witnessing how they are trained to sprint across the race track.

You can witness the grooming and preparation of the camels before the race and get a peek into the training techniques used to prepare them for the race.

  • Cultural Significance

Before camel racing became a sport, it was a deep-rooted tradition in Emirati culture. And when attending these races, you are actually getting immersed into the centuries-old practice.

  • Family Friendly Sport

Camel racing is not just for adults; it’s a family-friendly sport you can enjoy with your loved ones. Besides, races are usually held on weekends or public holidays, making them an opportunity for a fun-filled family outing.

emirati culture camel riding

In conclusion, Dubai Camel Racing club isn’t just about an exciting sport but also showcases the deep-rooted traditional ties steeped into the rich heritage of UAE. The sight of camels thundering down the track at breakneck speed is genuinely mesmerizing.

From the pageantries of opening ceremonies to the road of the crowds, Dubai Camel Racing Club is a celebration of both the past and the present and a living example of the enduring spirit of the Emirati people. So come and witness this fascinating and unique event that has captivated spectators for centuries.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can visitors ride the camels or participate in the races?

No visitors are not allowed to ride or participate in races.

2. What types of camels are used in the races?

The Dubai Camel Racing club uses breeds that are heavy runners. The local breed called Mahaliyat, Sudaniyat from Sudan, Omaniyat from Oman, and mixed breed Muhajanat are usually used in camel races in Dubai.

3. What are the timings of the camel races?

The timing of camel racing in Dubai varies depending on the weather condition. However, races are usually organized early in the morning and continue until midday.

4. Is photography allowed during camel races in Dubai?

There are no restrictions on photography per se, however, it’s always better to clarify it with the authorities.

5. What things to bring for a camel race in Dubai?

Binoculars are a must because camel races are fast-paced, and you won’t want to miss the action. Similarly, sunglasses, water bottles, and hats can also be handy for sun protection.

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