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Complete Guide to Dubai Marina Mall | Shop List, Opening Time, And More



Dubai Marina Mall Guide

Spread across 390,000 square feet, Dubai Marina Mall is one of the most extensive shopping facilities in Dubai. It consists of 140 stores of all the biggest brands in the world, 21 dining centers, and a children’s fun gaming area. The mall is located near Dubai Marina beach, which got its name. Additionally, it has four levels with a proper escalator facility. 

Dubai Marina Mall is ideal for family and entertainment. Since it is located near Marina beach, the mall receives thousands of tourists each day. The Alfresco Terrace is the specialty of this mall. 

So, let’s learn more about the Dubai Marina Mall and why you must visit this extravaganza mall. 

A Brief About Dubai Marina Mall

Dubai is known for many things, especially the rich infrastructure in its mall’s construction. All the malls here look luxurious and futuristic because of state-of-the-art technology. Additionally, people worldwide visit Dubai for shopping due to the availability of international brands in its malls. 

A Brief About Dubai Marina Mall

One such mall in Dubai is Dubai Marina Mall. It contains a rich collection of clothing, shoes, skincare, electronics, souvenirs, and much more that attracts thousands of visitors. The mall has comfortable community centers and vast spaces to gather and enjoy. Additionally, Dubai Marina Mall organizes events, concerts, and other fun activities for people to relish. 

The mall is the center of attraction for the people living in the vicinity of Marina beach. Every shopper especially sees this mall to find all their favorite brands in one place. Also, it is perfect for luxurious shopping and fulfills budget-friendly requirements. The visitors can take a relaxing stroll on the Marina Walk as well and make it a wholesome outing. 

The mall connects to Dubai Marina Hotel, allowing the hotel guests to shop anytime they want at their convenience. So, every guest must visit the mall in order to leave the hotel. You can discover aspirational couture and street clothing brands in one place, i.e., in Dubai Marina Mall. 

Things To Explore In Dubai Marina Mall

Dubai Marina Mall, a prominent retail hub in Dubai, has luxurious eateries, clothing brands, electronic items, and entertainment facilities. Therefore, it gives hundreds of reasons to dwell in this mall. So, let’s explore the things you can explore in Dubai Marina Mall to enjoy yourself.

👉Enjoy watching movies at Reel cinemas: The multi-screen theatre in Dubai Marina Mall offers a bunch of films for people to watch and enjoy. All the international movies are released here. So, remember to hit the theatre and catch a movie along with a burger from the Big Smoke Burger. They are located at Parking level 5. 

👉Zip-line across the Dubai Marina: Are you an adventurous freak looking for a thrilling adventure everywhere you go? Well, Dubai Marina Mall won’t disappoint you then. With Xline at the mall, you can go on a zip-lining adventure and visit the mall’s surrounding from the top. It is an 80km ride that takes at least 90 minutes. So you can take a detailed view of Dubai’s top buildings. 

👉A quick bite at the mall’s dining facility: Want belly-filling, yummy food? Well, Dubai Marina Mall got you covered. Visit the mall and find yourself surrounded by numerous dining centers offering irresistible food. 

👉Coffee like never before at Cafe Bethel: Indulge in the tempting Mediterranean cafe-inspired dishes at the Cafe Bethel outlet in Dubai Marina Mall. It is located at E4, Level P.

👉Doner and Gyros: Have you ever tried Falafels, Doners, or Gyros? If you still need to, then you are missing quite a fun. Instead, try finger-bitting falafel dishes at Doner and Gyros, especially if you are a sweet tooth. Located at D5, 5th Floor. 

👉Caffe Nero: Take advantage of the tastiest beverage selections at Caffe Nero. Its ambiance and menu options are splendid that keep food enthusiasts in awe. Here you will find Italian-inspired meals and espresso coffee. Also, you can expect various delectable culinary alternatives at this cafe. Located at G9, Ground Floor. 

👉Burger lover’s treat at Hardee’s: Catch finger-licking mouthwatering burgers and add-ons at Hardee’s. Located on the 2nd Floor, Food Court.

👉Pampering you deserve at beauty lounges: Are you traveling to Dubai for a few days and want to relax? If yes, try the Beauty Lounges service at Dubai Marina Mall. From rejuvenating massages to facials, all the beauty-related facilities are available here. 

👉Entertainment facilities for children: Allow your children to experience a train ride at Dubai Marina Mall. 

👉Enjoyable family events: Dubai Marina Mall organizes events for families. So, stay tuned to the mall’s official social media pages or website to learn more about the upcoming events. Then, turn your boring weekend or trip into an exciting one at these events. 

👉Urban Male Lounge only for men: Grooming services and calm massages are provided here at Urban Male lounge in Dubai Marina Mall. Additionally, the services here are only offered to men. 

Things To Explore In Dubai Marina Mall

Other popular dining outlets at the Dubai Marina Mall are Mcdonalds, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Salt, Baskin Robbins, The Coffee Club, and Cinnabon. So, next time you visit this mall, remember this list of stuff to explore in Dubai Marina Mall. 

Now, look at famous brands you can explore at Dubai Marina Mall.

Popular Brands To Explore In Dubai Marina Mall

Dubai Marina Mall is equipped with 140 outlets, including international clothing brands. Visitors who shop here most frequently possess a taste for luxury items. So, let’s look at the popular brands available at Dubai Marina Mall.

Accessorize:The global brand allows you to shop for handbags, hats, glasses, hair accessories, and sunglasses. So, it is your chance to glam up your collections with Accessorize. It is located on Ground Floor.
Aldo:Shop for the trendiest shoes, handbags, accessories, and much more at Aldo. It is located on Ground Floor.
H&M:Grab fashionable and newest collections from the brand at Dubai Marina Mall H&M brand. The H&M outlet at Marina Mall is well-stocked with all the latest supplies from the brand. So, it is the only chance to update your wardrobe with H&M. Located on Ground Floor.
Brands for Less:Do you want to decorate your home with all the most incredible stuff? Then, Brands for Less is your answer. Shop funky, elegant, decent home decor items and sports accessories at this outlet. Additionally, the articles here are always available at discounts and deals. It is located on the Second Floor.
Damas:The international plus local flock visit Damas for jewelry shopping. The store offers a flawless collection of watches and jewelry at affordable rates. In addition, it is the most popular and sought-after jewelry brand in Dubai Marina Mall. It is located on the First Floor.
Waitrose Supermarket:The best place to shop for groceries, vegetables, and cereals for locals is Waitrose Supermarket in Dubai Marina Mall. You can find fresh fruits, gourmets, and vegetables here. It is located at P4. 
Shakespeare & Co:Enjoy European delicacies and dishes in the victorian styled decor at Shakespeare & Co. Here, you will find exotic freshly made chocolates, macarons, and Europe-inspired patisseries. It is located on Ground Floor.
Wagamama:Have you ever tried Japanese Cuisine? Well, try Wagamama. From ramen noodles to pad thai, you can enjoy all the Japanese dishes with original tastes at Wagamama. It is located at AED 225.
Giordano:Shop contemporary styles and luxurious clothes at Giordano to create a signature look.
River Island:River Island offers top-notch quality clothes which are affordable at the same time. So, create a street-style look in no time with budget-friendly rates.
Scotch & Soda:Stock your accessories and apparel with Scotch and Soda. Here you are shopping for your entire family.
Guess:The exclusive American Brand Guess provides clothing and accessories for kids, men, and women. 
Maje:Visit the Maje store at Dubai Marina Mall for authentic ready-to-wear pieces and upgrade your wardrobe.
Mango:Shop seasonal-appropriate clothes at Mango, the world’s most popular and renowned brand. 
Tommy Hilfiger:Dubai Marina Mall’s Tommy Hilfiger chain features the trendiest sportswear and childrenswear.
Nike Store:Talking about brands, but how can we miss Nike? Find athletic clothes and footwear for adults and kids at the Dubai Marina Mall in Dubai Marina Mall.

Footwear Brands In Dubai Marina Mall

As we are now familiar with the top clothing brands Dubai Marina Mall offers, let’s have a look at some footwear brands:

Footwear Brands In Dubai Marina Mall
  • Baldi: Shop for footwear and handbags at the Baldi store in Dubai Marina Mall. Footwear for men, women, and children is available here at reasonable prices.
  • Sketchers: One of the premium footwear brands of all time, Sketchers has a fantastic collection of athletic and casual shoes.
  • Cole Haan: Stock up your entire wardrobe with Cole Haan’s footwear, accessories, and bag collection. Visit the outlet at Dubai Marina Mall.
  • Dune Marina Mall: The brand offers the trendiest, most stylish, and most affordable footwear collections. Additionally, women can shop for clutches, handbags, and purses.
  • Adidas: Speaking of shoe brands and not discussing Adidas is unfair. Shop for the latest athletic and casual shoes only at the Adidas outlet in Dubai Marina Mall. 

So, this was the list of top brands with the most visitors at Dubai Marina Mall. Explore more brands to shop by visiting yourself. Let’s move further and learn more about Marina mall. 

What Is The Best Time To Visit Dubai Marina Mall?

Dubai Marina Mall welcomes enormous international and local crowds on Weekends. The mall is extra packed with visitors for various activities such as entertainment, shopping, dining, and more. Additionally, it is a great tourist attraction due to its magnificent infrastructure. The reason for the crowd in the mall is. First, it is located near Marina beach, and second, it is connected to Dubai Marina Hotel.

So, here are the timings for Dubai Marina Mall in case you are planning to visit: 

  • On Sunday to Thursday: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm
  • On Friday to Saturday: 10:00 am to 11:00 pm.

In case you are looking for a peaceful and leisurely walk around the walk to shop, then mornings are the best time to visit.

Remember to include this mall as a part of your bucket list while traveling to Dubai. 

Best Time To Visit Dubai Marina Mall

Where Is Dubai Marina Mall Located?

Dubai Marina Mall is near the most common tourist points, i.e., Dubai Marina and Dubai Marina Hotel. Therefore, visitors can locate this Mall with ease. So, here’s the address of the mall.

Dubai Marina Mall is located on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai Marina.

Next time you plan your trip to Dubai, remember this address to make it a part of your itinerary. 

How To Reach Dubai Marina Mall?

If everything seems exciting to you and you are already planning to visit this mall, you should also know how to get there. Thus, we are discussing ways to help you quickly locate and reach Dubai Marina Mall.

Ways to reach Dubai Marina Mall:

  • First, take a Dubai Metro and get down at Jumeirah Lake Towers Metro Station. From there, you have to take a few steps, and you will arrive at Dubai Marina Mall. 
  • You can take a bus to Dubai Marina Mall.
  • Take bus number 8 from Downtown Jabel Ali, which takes 41 minutes to reach.
  • Take bus number 84 from Noodle House taking 46 minutes to reach.
  • Take bus number F55A from Al Marhabani Mandi, which takes 26 minutes to reach Dubai Marina Mall.

Take the tram from Jumeirah Beach Residence, just 375 meters away from the Jumeirah Beach Residence, to Dubai Marina Mall. 

These were some ways to reach Dubai Marina Mall. Also, you can ask any local to help you with the address if you get confused. So take the way that suits you to visit the mall. 

Is There Any Entry Fee For Dubai Marina Mall?

To get one of the most delightful experiences, i.e., visiting the Dubai Marina Mall, you don’t have to pay a single penny. The entry fee is completely free for adults and children. However, you will have to pay for shopping and other activities at the mall. 

Is The parking Free In Dubai Marina Mall?

Dubai Marina Mall allows 100% free parking on public holidays and weekends. So, kids having vacations from school can come here with their parents for funfilled activities. Also, tourists traveling to Dubai on the weekends and holidays can avoid paying extra money for parking tickets. 

You will only be charged parking fees if you visit the mall for more than 3 hours. Otherwise, on weekdays the parking ticket ranges from AED 20 per hour if your timings exceed 3 hours. However, another exciting perk this mall offers customers is that people shopping above AED 250 don’t have to pay parking fees. Thus, shop for over AED 250 and spend as much time as possible because parking is free.

Mall Services

Dubai Marina Mall is a go-to mall for locals and international tourists. This mall has everything you can wish for, from footwear, clothing, electronics, eyewear, and accessories to entertainment, movies, recreational activities, and food. The Dubai Marina Mall also provides exclusive shopping for gold, silver, platinum, and diamond jewelry. Internationally many tourists plan to shop for remarkable jewelry pieces from Dubai Marina Mall only. 

Here is the list of all the services that Dubai Marina Mall provides to customers:

  • Free parking on all holidays and weekends
  • Supercare Pharmacy
  • Taxi Services & Public Transportation
  • Spas and salon
  • Recreational activities
  • Entertainment for kids
  • Boots Pharmacy
  • World-class clothing brands
  • Optical services
  • Grocery shopping
  • Emirates driving institute
  • Car wash service
  • ATM Machines
  • Dining Restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Escalator service
  • Gifting outlets
  • Funfilled events
  • Power Bank Services
  • Baby Pushchair
  • Mall maps for convenience
  • Valet Parking
  • Emaar Gift Cards
  • Wheelchair Service
  • Limousine Service
  • Shoe Repair
  • The Marina Mini Express
  • Baby Changing Rooms
  • Prayer Rooms
  • Post Box

All these listed services are found in the Dubai Marina Mall. 

In addition, if you want to provide feedback to the Dubai Marina Mall, you can reach out to them on their official feedback page.

Dubai Marina is the sought-after neighborhood in Dubai and is famous for its luxurious lifestyle, entertainment options, shopping malls, and luxury skyscrapers. Another famous mall in Dubai is Ibn Battuta Mall. It is the largest themed shopping mall in the world. If you want to learn more about it, check out these guides on this website.

Things You Should Consider While Visiting Dubai Marina Mall (Rules And regulations)

The first thing visitors must remember before visiting the Dubai Marina Mall is the timings. We have mentioned the mall’s timings earlier. 

Now, we’ll have a look at specific rules and regulations that all visitors must take into consideration if they are visiting Dubai Marina Mall:

  • If you want to avoid crowds, try to visit the mall in the mornings. Dubai Marina Mall is renowned and welcomes thousands of international tourists. 
  • Everyone must follow a particular dress code, i.e., don’t wear shorts and see-through clothes. 
  • It is mandated for everyone, especially foreigners, to be vaccinated and wear a mask. The rule became effective after the pandemic and is necessary for security purposes. 

Contact Details Of Dubai Marina Mall

Dubai Marina Mall values the feedback customer leaves on its official website. If you want to leave feedback or contact the mall official directly, here are the steps:

  • Go to the Dubai Marina Mall’s website: “”.
  • You can get a customer service helpline at + 971 4 436 1020.
  • Telephone them at 8006623.
  • If you want to fax your queries: (+9712)6818668.
  • To ask management-related queries, call: (+9712)6818300.
  • Email your marketing-related offers or questions to: [email protected].
  • For general inquiries, email: [email protected]
  • For service-related queries or information, leave a message via email at: [email protected].

Dubai Marina Mall is situated at the heart of the Marina. Therefore, a significant amount of people visit the mall regularly. It has 140 outlets, four levels, and 21 dine-in facilities and is spread across 390,000 acres. 

A feeling of ecstasy rushes towards you when you enter the mall because of the posh and vibrant waterfront. Click pictures here with your family and friends and flaunt them on social media. Its infrastructure is thoughtfully designed to give a modern, rich, and futuristic look. Additionally, its interior is breathtaking that turns your imagination into reality. 

The rich and modern grandeur is heaven for tourists visiting Dubai Marina Mall for shopping, entertainment, food, and lifestyle. Therefore, it is the renowned and finest mall in the city. 

You can discover international lifestyle brands, engaging entertainment facilities and events at Dubai Marina Mall, power-packed movie experience at Reels Cinema, Asporiational Couture, Extravaganza dining facility, and supermarket. 

The mall is connected to Dubai Marina Hotel, allowing guests to stroll around the mall whenever they prefer. At Dubai Marina Mall, the visitors always feel welcomed and at peace because of its delicate architectural setting. So, once you visit this place, you will always want to come again. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is Dubai Marina Mall so famous?

Dubai Marina Mall is the heart of the Dubai Marina, situated at the center of the two metro stations, Marina Beach and Dubai Marina Hotel. Also, its finesse architecture and futuristic approach to the infrastructure attract visitors worldwide. Therefore, Dubai Marina Mall is famous and an ideal place in Dubai. 

2. Is there a specific dress code I should follow in Dubai Marina Mall?

It is humble and necessary for the visitors of Dubai Marina Mall to wear simplistic and modest clothes. Also, see-through dresses, shorts, and strap-less topwear can be avoided. 

3. Is Dubai Marina Mall good for luxury shopping?

Dubai Marina Mall is an ideal place for luxury shopping. It comprises most international luxurious brands such as Zara, H&M, Tommy Hilfiger, Bvlgari, Crocs, etc. Also, these brands regularly stock up on their new collections on the shelf. 

4. Are there any good tourist points to visit near Dubai Marina Mall?

Visitors can stroll around Dubai Marina
Visit JBR beach
Enjoy with children at AquaFun Water Park
Experience zero gravity at Zero Gravity Dubai
Speedboat tour at Dubai Marina

5. Is Dubai Marina Mall located in a hygienic place?

Dubai Marina Mall is the poshest and most hygienic place in Dubai. Therefore, it is also known as an ideal place in Dubai. 

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