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First Time Guide To Sahara Centre – Shops, Restaurants & Timings



Guide To Sahara Centre - Shops, Restaurants & Timings

Do you want to visit the Sahara centre in Dubai? Do you want to get the shopping and entertainment experience here? If yes, then this guide is perfect for you. This article will tell you about the Sahara mall in Sharjah. The emirate of Sharjah is described by a wide variety of services and recreational facilities.

Which things meet most of the requirements of the population? There are many best things about the Sahara mall. It provides the best services and facilities and meets the requirements of all types of populations.

This also inspires the residents of other countries to shift to live in the emirates of Sharjah. In between these facilities are shopping centres and malls, like ancient Emirates, that consist of a selection of wonderful and famous malls in Sharjah, UAE.

One of the best malls in Sharjah is the Sahara mall which provides many entertainment and service centres within the premises. In simple words, the Sahara mall is considered the best prominent mall in Sharjah.

👉A Brief About Sahara Centre

Sahara mall in Sharjah, UAE, was established in 2002; that is particularly one of the best mall in Sharjah. This best place flourished into a unique shopping destination and provides an amazing leisure experience, dining, shopping, and community spirit.

It is conveniently situated on the Sharjah highway of Dubai and allows families to provide the retail outlet’s experience, entertainment facilities, and dining options. This is the best mall that provides a new level of experience, whether they are going in groups with their friends or families or even going alone. There are many stores and shops open at Sahara mall that provide the best shopping experiences to visitors.

 Sahara Centre

Due to the number of stores and shops that offer the various requirements and also give satisfaction for the Sharjah residents. The best thing is that the mall includes the largest indoor entertainment centre, named the Adventureland in Sharjah.

The aim of Sahara centre is to set the level of benchmarks for the leisure, ultimate shopping, and dining experiences across the golf and in UAE. Another best thing is that this Sahara mall covers a total area of 1 million square meters and also includes a variety of stores and restaurants that meet the various requirements of residents. It also has the famous branch of the wonderful Nova cinema and the additional things that we discussed in further facts of this article.

Suppose you visit the Sahara mall and explore more highlights. In that case, you should read the complete guide and properly understand everything about it, including timings, ticket prices, things to explore, shops or stores, contact details, transportation, parking, or other facilities and services. 

👉Timings Of The Opening Of Sahara Centre

Once you plan your visit to Sahara centre mall in Dubai after reading all the facts, you have to get the complete information on the opening time of various stores at Sahara mall. Here we would like to tell you the different timings of all stores, adventure land, food outlets, and restaurants.

Timings Of The Opening Of Sahara Centre
  • For all stores

You can visit any shopping stores at Sahara centre from Monday to Thursday from 10 am to 11 pm. And from Friday to Saturday from 10 am to 12 am.

  • For food outlets and restaurants

The opening time of food outlets and restaurants of Sahara mall are from Monday to Thursday (10 am to 12 am)  or Friday to Saturday ( 10 am to 1 am )

  • For adventure land

If you want to visit the Adventureland of Sahara centre, the opening time is Monday to Thursday from 10 am to 11 pm, Friday to Saturday from 10 am to 12 am, or Sunday from 10 am to 11 pm.

👉Things To Explore In The Sahara Centre

The new extension of Sahara centre mall offers 120 places to shop, including Emax, Zara, baby shop, Matalan, and fitness first. As same as there are many brands available here at the mall , including steve madden, mango, Tommy Hilfiger, etc

  • The best thing to explore at Sahara centre in Sharjah is that it features the largest indoor entertainment park in Dubai.
  • Adventureland theme dynamic park offers 21 attractions and rides, including the first roller indoor coaster, 2 level Go-kart facility, the elevated train for kids, 4 level biggest soft play kids area, and the first moto coaster.
  • Part of the leading improvements of Sahara mall is the NOVO cinemas that host many new facilities for visitors and make their night with exciting movie full experiences.
  • Hungry families and shoppers also get a huge variety of beverage and food outlets situated at the food court at Sahara mall, where they can explore the international cuisines alongside the 9 cafes and 10 restaurants.
  • Also, there are 51 outlets that consist of Chinese, Italian, Arabic, and Iranian to Italian, and all of them are guaranteed to fulfill the taste of all nationalities and groups.

👉Shopping At The Sahara Centre

Sahara centre is considered the prime destination in Sharjah, famous among visitors and locals for its vast range of international brands.

Shopping At The Sahara Centre

The various stores at the mall are ideally situated for a family who is living in rental apartments in AL Nahda Sharjah.

The shops open at the Sahara mall include home improvement stores, high-street fashion brands, retail brands, pharmacies, and boutique stores. Here are the different stores at the Sahara mall that are provided to visitors.

1. Famous high-street fashion stores

There are many famous high-street fashion stores located at Sahara mall where shoppers can experience trendy accessories and outfits. Here is the list of several high-street fashion stores at Sahara centre in Sharjah.

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is one international fashion brand that provides a wide range of trendy outfits for any event. From formal to casual, Tommy Hilfiger is best known for having good apparel for everyone with various designs and styles.

  • Contact – +971 6 537 7754
  • Location- East atrium

R & B

R&B is another high-street fashion brand providing quality apparel at the best prices. Shoppers can easily find clothing shops for their kids, women, and men, including different types of accessories and footwear of the best quality.

  • Location: On the 1st floor
  • Contact: +971-56-526-8747


Giordano is known as the leading international brand that is well known because of the good selection of comfortable essentials and basics. They provide bundle offers to shoppers, so they can easily pick up great bargain clothes.

  • Location: On the ground floor
  • Contact: +971-6-531-6914


Zara is a worldwide popular brand best for accessories and chic outfits. It is considered the most famous high-street fashion brand at this mall in Sharjah. Men and women have a great variety of shoes, apparel, and accessories at this brand shop of Sahara centre. 

  • Location: East Atrium of Sahara center
  • Contact: +971-6-552-5640


Lacoste is a popular French-based brand that provides you with a great variety of casual wear, polo shirts, and semi-formal apparel. The branch of this shop in Sahara Centre provides you with a variety of different types of leather goods, accessories, sportswear, and bags.

  • Contact: +971-6-552-5220
  • Location: East Atrium


It is one of the famous stores at Sahara Centre. This shop provides a wide variety of outfits and gorgeous gowns for women. This store is listed among the good stores in Sahara Centre, especially if you want to buy party wear for women. 

  • Location: First floor

👉List Of Other Famous Fashion Store Outlets

Here are some other famous shop outlets available on the ground floor of Sahara centre.

  • Beverly Hills Polo Club
  • Gant
  • Levi’s
  • Next
  • Louis Philippe
  • Splash in Sahara Centre
  • Vero Moda located
  • World Wella Paris
Famous Fashion Store Outlets

2. Kids Stores At Sahara Centre

Here are the shops for the different kids stores of different stores are given below.


It is one of the best kids’ stores that are highly popular among young shoppers at the mall. If you want to buy different types of toys, kids’ accessories, and other kids’ items, then this is one of the best kids’ stores open at Sahara Centre, Sharjah. These shops of kids’ items are open on the first floor of mall.


Smart baby is another popular kids’ store open at Sahara centre in Sharjah. It provides a wide range of products for babies, preteens, and toddlers. Here you can get soft toys, essentials, school kits, footwear, and accessories for children. This shop for kids is also located on the first floor of Sahara centre mall.


The baby shop is a kid and baby specialty store that provides a variety of fashionable clothing for newborns and kids. The chain also has a range of international shop brands that consists of Barbie, lee cooper, Maui sons, Disney, fisher and Ferrari, Graco, and many popular brands. This brand shop is located on the first floor of Sahara centre.


It is another well-known brand for kids and baby products that includes educational toys, bassinets, toddlers, and clothing. You can easily visit this brand shop on the ground floor of Sahara centre in Sharjah.

3. Electronics Shops At Sahara Centre, Sharjah

Your visit to Sahara centre is incomplete if you missed visiting the electronics shop here. Here are some of the best electronics stores open at Sahara centre. Most electronics stores are situated in the east atrium.

  • Samsung

Samsung is considered the Korean electronics giant that provides a wide range of products that best fits tech-savvy shoppers. The Samsung brand store at Sahara Centre has a wide variety of headphones, LEDs, mobile phones, music systems, and many home appliances.

  • JUMBO electronics

Jumbo electronics is a famous electronics store in Sahara centre where shoppers can only buy a variety of electronics from popular international brands.

  • JBL

If you love to experience JBL speakers, then the Sahara centre offers you premium speakers and headphones for professional and personal use at this best electronics shop at Sahara centre.

  • BOSE

Bose is considered a popular international brand for electronics products. Shoppers are easily headed to Sahara Centre to buy different types of premium video and audio products like home theatre systems. The best thing is their trained and professional staff that helps you provide live demonstrations of the specific products you want to purchase.

4. Home Improvement Shops

There are different categories of home improvement shops at Sahara centre where you can buy home décor and furnishing products. Here are some of the well-known shops for home improvement products.

Marina home

One of the best shops for home improvement products is Marina Home. The name of this shop is the brand of a Dubai-based home furnishing company with various branches across the Middle East and UAE. The best thing is the branch in Sahara Centre has graded home improvement products and home décor products.

  • Location: On the first floor of Sahara centre 
  • Contact: +971-6-531-3336

5. Pharmacies And Healthcare Products At Sahara Centre

There are several healthcare and pharmacy shops in Sahara Centre that help to meet the medical requirements of visitors.

  • You can get the life balance kiosk facility on the ground floor of Sahara centre.
  • The Boots Pharmacy is situated on the ground floor at Sahara centre.
  •  There is also Life Pharmacy situated on the Ground floor
  • You can also access the Hemani herbals product on the ground floor

6. Perfumes And Cosmetic Stores At Sahara Mall

There are various cosmetics and beauty stores at Sahara centre mall for shoppers to find

  • Diamond branded Perfumes shops are available on the Ground floor
  • You can also access the cosmetics and perfumes shop Arabian Oud on Sahara centre ground floor
  • There are also Rasasi Perfumes situated on the Ground floor
  • Scents Secrets are situated on the Ground floor
  • Miyo and Pierre Rene, located on the Ground floor
  • MAC cosmetic brand shop on the Ground floor
  • Bellissimo brand shop for Cosmetics and Perfumes products at Sahara shop

👉Entertainment Destinations

There are many entertainment destinations at Sahara mall, but the main ones are adventure land and NOVO cinema.

1. Adventure land

Adventure land is the largest indoor park at Sahara centre mall. This place consists of more than 70 video games for adults and children and 17 big games. There is the train type and suspended game available at adventure land for kids, which helps to boost their adrenaline levels.

2.  NOVO cinema

NOVO cinemas are the most famous cinemas in the UAE. This cinema also offers you the top most luxurious atmosphere if you want to watch the latest films and enter into the Bollywood and Hollywood world at NOVO cinema.

👉Restaurants And Cafes At Sahara mall

 After a long day of shopping, when the visitors are tired and too hungry, many restaurants are available. The famous restaurants at Sahara mall serve delicious food to visitors from all over the world. Here are the famous restaurants and cafes that are open at Sahara mall. 

  • Laffas restaurant
  • Papaya salad
  • Chili’s
  • Brown beak
  • Jollibee
  •  Vapiano
  • Hatem restaurant
  • Café Nero
  • Caribou
  • Starbucks
  • And many more

👉What Is Mall Gift Cards?

A Mall gift card is the best gift solution that is available when the shopper can make their purchases at the customer service counter in AED 50, AED 100, AED 200, and AED 500 denominations. Mall gift cards are available at the Sahara mall to bring the best experience to shoppers. Let us understand how the mall gift cards work.

No matter how well you understand your friend or family members, it is tough to buy gifts for them. It is not because we do not appreciate the thought, but it is because we receive the end of unwanted gifts at the back of the wardrobe or tucked away in a drawer to see the daylight again.

  • If you are also facing the what to buy gift problem, then you should use the mall gift card.
  • Mall gift cards are considered your saving grace. The perfect win-to-win solution permits the recipient to treat themselves to fit their particular taste.
  • The mall gift card helps people choose the gift to give someone. There is a wide selection of different types of gift cards available.
  • Different gift cards are designed to fit different occasions, be it for thank-you presents, birthday surprises, or anything special for a spouse or any special treat.
  • The best thing about the mall gift cards is that they are easily redeemable at more than 2100 favorite stores inside the mall.
  • You can also use the mall gift cards at some of the leading restaurants of Sahara centre.
  • You can easily choose the amount from AED 50 to AED 500 that is loaded into every mall gift card. It works the same as the credit or debit cards in which your purchase amount is deducted from the loaded amount of your card.  

👉Parking Facilities Offered By Sahara Centre

There are many places in Dubai where the parking facilities are limited, but Sahara centre needs to be listed among these places.

  • The best thing about the Sahara centre is its parking facility.
  • If you are planning to visit Sahara centre mall, and want to complete your shopping earlier, then you should reserve the parking space easily in advance by using the My park app of Sahara centre.
  • In this way, you can make your parking hassle-free with the MY park app.

👉Services At The Sahara Centre

Sahara centre provides many essential facilities and services within the premises of the mall so that visitors can feel easy and convenient experiences. As we already tell you, Sahara centre mall provides amazing shopping experiences to visitors every time when they visit the mall.

Services At The Sahara Centre

Along with this, there are many services that the Sahara centre mall offers from the main entrance to the inside of the mall. Customers can get better assistance from the Sahara centre due to the provided services. Here is the list of all facilities and services offered at the premises of Sahara centre.

1. Power Bank

Power banks are also available in boxes that are available at different places within the mall. If your phone is off at the Sahara centre mall, then you can head to customer services, and they will provide you with a temporary charger.

2. In The Mall, Taxi Service

In the mall, taxi services are available for customer convenience. Sahara Centre provides three in-mall taxi services that can accommodate 6 people at a time for a minimal fare of AED 15 for every trip.

3. Telecommunication Bill Payment Method

Du and Etisalat automatic bill payment methods are available at the basement of Sahara, the centre for telecommunication facilities and other payment methods.

4. Changing Rooms And Baby Feeding

It is important to have the changing room and baby feeding rooms at every mall where you go. The best thing about the Sahara centre is that they provide you with a separate room to try new clothes and feed your baby.

These services enhance the shopper experience and provide a convenient experience to visitors at Sahara centre mall in Dubai.

5. Brochures And Shopping Directory

If you want to get the highlights about the Sahara centre, then you can access the best brochures and shopping directory services and take a quick look at the Sahara centre. You can get these services easily at customer service counters.

6. Car Park Facilities

Outside parking and a spacious basement accommodate the entire 4500 cars at the same time for the convenience of shoppers at the mall. The good thing is that you can also reserve your parking space easily before arriving at the mall.

7. Money Changer Banking And Finance

Money changers, remittance, finance, and banking are well situated inside the mall premises. Many of these services are found at the spinney level & at the western expansion.

8. Escalators And Elevators

Escalators and elevators are easily accessible at any specific level of the mall to maintain shopper convenience.

9. Mall Gift Cards

Mall gift cards are one of the best services the Sahara center provides to customers to get discounts on their shopping. This mall gift card is available for shopping sales in different denominations: AED 100, AED 50, AED 500, and AED 200.

10. High Chairs

If you want to get the dining experience in the standard styles, then the highchairs are available at the food court for young diners.

11. Wheelchairs

Another best service offered by Sahara centre is that it provides wheelchair facilities to elderly people and people who need special attention and treatment.

12. My Park App

The Sahara centre has its own application through which customers can get reliable parking services. It is easy to avail the hassle-free parking through the My park app of Sahara centre mall. The only need you have to simply download the My park app on your device and reserve your vehicle parking space in advance,

13. Prayer Rooms

Another best service provided by the Sahara centre mall is that they provide a separate prayer room for cultural men and women. The prayer rooms are situated on the First floor, 2nd floor on the east atrium, and the food court area.

14. Taxi Services

There are reliable Taxi services that are also available at the entrance of Sahara centre mall to provide convenience to the customers.

15. TESLA Car Charging Station

The amazing thing about the Sahara centre is that the TESLA car changing station system is available. You can avail of this service from the near area to the entrance of life pharmacy or in the basement and at the basement parking.

👉Way Of Transport To Reach Sahara Centre Sharjah

There are 2 ways of transportation through which you can reach the Sahara centre mall. You can reach the mall via the metro line and bus. Here are the routes of metro lines and buses.

  • Bus – 13D, 24, X13
  • Metro lines – M2.

👉Contact Details Of Sahara Centre

Here are the contact details of Sahara, the center that is used for different purposes.

  • Contact/ address

If you want to reach them or have any general query, then you can place a call at the phone number 0653 16611  or drop the email at [email protected] 

  • Lost and found customer services

If you have lost something at Sahara mall, Dubai, then you can make a call at 065 31 6611 and drop an email at [email protected]. You will get the reply as soon as possible.

  • Management office

If you want to contact the management office, then you have to place the call at 971 6 531 3666 or fax at 971 6 531 5679. Keep in mind that the timings of the management office open are morning 8:30 am to evening 5:50 pm ( Monday to Friday). So you can only contact the management office at that time.

  • Advertise

If you want to advertise with the Sahara centre, then you can make the call at +971 6 531 3666 or drop an email at [email protected].

Sahara centre is considered the leading shopping destination in Dubai. The mall is situated on the Dubai Sharjah highway. The doors of Sahara center opened in February 2022, and this mall became the Sharjah landmark that is much bigger and better today than earlier.

The best thing about the Sahara centre is that it allows people and their families to experience the wide range of shopping and dining outlets, with the best entertainment facilities that provide the leading brand to the world in an easy and convenient form. The Sahara Centre in Sharjah has become the most famous destination because it provides upgraded facilities, additional shopping stores, and restaurants.

This mall in Dubai features the largest entertainment indoor park in Dubai. It also provides the best dynamic theme park, Adventureland, that showcases 21 thrilling attractions and rides. You can enjoy the different types of rides here, like an elevated train ride for kids, a roller coaster inside the premises, 2 levels go-kart facility, and the 4 level’s biggest soft play area for the kids.

With all the aspects given in this guide, it is concluded that the Sahara mall in Sharjah Dubai is one of the best malls that provide visitors with shopping, dining, and best-level entertainment experiences. So, if you are planning your tour to Dubai, then never miss visiting the Sahara mall.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is the Sahara centre located?

It is situated on the border between Dubai and Sharjah. The complete address of mall is AI Nahda street, AI Nahda 1, Sharjah.

2. What are the open shop timings of Sahara centre?

The food and shop outlets opening at Sahara centre are 10 am to 11 pm from Sunday to Wednesday. And the opening hours of shops at Sahara centre are 10 am to 12 am.

3. How long is the Dubai Sahara centre?

Sahara centre is one of the biggest malls in Dubai. It should be at least 2 km comfortably in the stretch. However, it is easy and convenient to get there without hassle. 

4. When was the Sahara center open?

Sahara center is one of the top shopping destinations in Dubai that are located on the Dubai Sharjah highway. The Sahara mall was opened in February 2002 and became a major Sharjah landmark that is better and bigger today than before.

5. Which RTA buses are available to reach Sahara centre Dubai?

Three RTA buses are available that take visitors to Sahara center mall in Dubai. The three bus line stops near Sahara mall are 13D, 24, and X13. You can take any of us, reach the mall, and have a hassle-free experience.

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