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Legoland Dubai Guide – Address, Ticket, Time And More



Legoland Dubai - Address,Ticket, Time And More

Theme park Legoland Dubai is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Merlin Entertainment owns it and opened it in 2016. To find out where Legoland Dubai is, Ticket prices, and more, read this complete guide.

Legoland Dubai park was built on reclaimed land near the Dubai Creek Waterfront District, next to the Dubai Mall. It is one of the largest parks of its kind in the world. It has been described as “The real deal” for a visit to the Middle East.

Legoland Dubai is a theme park located in Dubai. It is the brand’s second park and the first to be built in the Middle East. It was opened on November 26, 2016. The park features over 150 attractions, including rides and live shows. The park has over 6 million visitors per year.

The Lego brand has grown rapidly in the region over the past few years. Legoland Dubai is one of many attractions that have helped contribute to this growth. The park offers an immersive experience that appeals to children and adults alike. It is also an excellent way for people to learn more about Lego and connect with other fans of the brand. For these reasons, it is a must-see attraction for any visitor to Dubai.

An Overview Of Legoland Dubai

The first Legoland was built in Billund, Denmark, opening its doors in the early 1970s. Since then, there have been many Legoland parks around the world. These parks are based on the same design: a collection of play areas that allow children to create and build their worlds.

Today, it is one of the largest toy companies in the world and is best known for its construction toys like Legos.

 Legoland Dubai

Lego bricks are made from acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). ABS is a synthetic resin that gives Lego its stiffness and durability.

The company also makes Duplo bricks, which are smaller than standard Lego bricks and designed for young children. The Duplo bricks have different shapes and colors than those found in standard Lego sets, making them easier for young children to distinguish between them. In addition to building toys, the Lego Group also makes video games and playsets for adults.

In addition to attractions for children, there are various dining and entertainment options at Legoland Dubai, including several restaurants, an indoor play area, and shops. There are also several rides at Legoland, including “The Dragon Challenge”, an interactive roller coaster with a dragon’s head as the train car. 

The park also features a giant model of the Eiffel Tower that can be climbed to reach the top of the tower. In addition, there is a special area for families with babies and toddlers called Duplo Land. The main entrance to Legoland Dubai is opposite The Walk shopping center. From there, one can buy tickets or go through self-service gates.

Interesting Facts About Legoland Dubai

  • This Legoland Dubai is the first theme park Lego managed by Merlin, where kids accompanied by family can have fun.
  • A Miniland is available with a lot of things to explore in it. Not only the kids but also adults can have a great experience here.
  • Lego factory based on the processing and manufacturing of Lego bricks is available to teach the children about it.
  • Even many different shops are available from which one can get many things. 
  • It consists of many different rides which can either be ridden by children or accompanied by adults. 

Things To Explore In Legoland Dubai

As it is a big theme park to enjoy and relax, it comes with many options and choices that one can choose from to explore and get a good experience. Some of the best things that you should not miss anyway and explore in Legoland: 

Things To Explore In Legoland Dubai
  • Miniland- Although Legoland consists of many things one can enjoy and explore, Miniland is one that one should not miss. A tour of Miniland is a thing that people of any age can go for and explore all the famous and popular buildings of Dubai made from Lego Bricks. 
  • Lego bricks factory: Another thing that one should not miss at all is the tour of the Lego bricks factory. Throughout this tour, all the processes of manufacturing Lego bricks are explained, and at last, a personalized Lego brick is offered as a memory. 
  • Dragon Coaster: This ride is not to be missed at all, available in the kingdom of the king’s castle. All the kids accompanied by an adult can have fun with this ride. And also, adults who need an adventure can go for this ride and enjoy it for sure.

💡Where Is Legoland Dubai Located?

Just 20 minutes from The Dubai Marina, Legoland  Dubai is located on Sheikh Zayed Road between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Legoland Dubai is part of Dubai Parks and Resorts, the Middle East’s largest multi-themed leisure and entertainment destination.

Timings Of Legoland Dubai

Dubai is a city which is in the United Arab Emirates. It’s located on the Persian Gulf and has become a popular tourist destination for people from all over the world, especially those who love theme parks. Among them, the best and biggest one is Legoland Dubai. The times when you can visit the park are as follows: 

  • Saturday- 11:00 am to 7:00 pm
  • Friday- 11:00 am to 7:00 pm
  • Thursday- 11:00 am to 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday- 11:00 am to 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday- Closed
  • Monday- 11:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • Sunday- 11:00 am to 6:00 pm

Ticket Prices For Legoland Dubai

Dubai has a lot of attractions for tourists, including some of the biggest shopping malls in the world and beautiful beaches.

Along with that, for the children, the best thing available is the theme park, which is Legoland of Dubai. This is very famous among children and families to visit and have fun with a ticket price of 3000 INR per person. 

Ticket Prices For Legoland Dubai

How To Reach Legoland Dubai?

If one is a visitor to Dubai and wants to explore Legoland and have fun with their children, they can go by different means from the airport. The most common and appropriate ways available are given below to choose from:

  • By Metro: Reach Airport Terminal 3 to board a Red Line Bus if you’re taking the metro. Every ten minutes, a Red Line bus is available to drop you at Jebel Ali. Hire a private taxi from Jebel Ali to take you to Legoland Water Park, your destination.
  • By Bus: You must first proceed toward Airport Terminal 3 to take a bus. Take a Red Line to Burjuman from there by then. To get a bus that will drop you off at Jebel Ali Free Zone, Kanoo Group, proceed to Burjuman Metro Bus Stop A. Once you arrive, hire a taxi to take you to Legoland Dubai, your ultimate destination.
  • By Taxi: It is preferable to use a taxi for your trip if you are having a lot of stuff to carry or if you are traveling in a company larger than two people. Hire a direct cab from Dubai International Airport to take you to Legoland Dubai.

Best Time To Visit Legoland Dubai

As the place experiences summer and winter, the best time is when one can visit Legoland Dubai to have fun in winter because the weather is so amazing that one would be able to enjoy to the fullest with the experience of Legoland Dubai at this time. 

The timings are mentioned above when the Legoland Dubai is opened. If one is afraid of crowds, they should prefer visiting the park in the morning to avoid it.  

Restaurants And Cafes In Legoland Dubai

The reason why people visit Legoland Dubai is to experience some of the city’s famous landmarks like the Burj Khalifa or Dubai Mall in the Miniland available in Legoland Dubai. When you visit Legoland Dubai, you don’t have to worry about where you are going to have food if you are hungry because there are many hotels in the area that will be able to accommodate your needs no matter what they may be. If you are looking for some best options, you can go for: 

Restaurants And Cafes In Legoland Dubai
  • Knight’s Table: If you are hungry, then the closest and the best place you could choose among the different options is the Knight’s Table. They have all the things to aid your hunger, and also they take care of the sittings and have a very large space available. 
  • Market Restaurant: Market restaurant, which is located in Legoland Dubai, offers a wider selection of freshly prepared dishes that combine all tastes. The indoor seating capacity in this location is much, and the outdoor terrace can accommodate about 170 people. So, this could be chosen as well.
  • Ice factory: After having the food, the best you could go for is the desert ice-creams and that too from the ice cream factory that is available in Legoland Dubai. You can get all the flavors as much as you want at this factory. 

Places For Shopping At Legoland Dubai

One of the best things one does here in Legoland Dubai is shopping, as there are a lot of different shops available with many options. Among them, one chooses the best to get items like toys or other things from Legoland Dubai. Some of the best and recommended ones are as follows:

  • Kings Market: The Castle Courtyard, available with rides, is not far from King’s Market. Here, you can purchase everything you need to make your child a brave young king or change your child’s appearance to resemble an adorable princess.
  • Big Store: The Big Stores is one of the best and largest collections of Lego boxes and other unique goods among all other shopping locations. This is the largest Lego store in the Middle East of them.
  • Minifigure Market: You can use your imagination to be creative with Minifigure Market. It is where you can put together different heads and other body parts to create your own unique Lego model.
  • PhotoShop: To recreate all the lovely moments you experienced during your trip to Legoland Dubai, you can gather all your family photo souvenirs together in Photoshop.

Dubai is well known for its large population of tourists from all around the world who come to visit the city and its many attractions. Although many people think of Dubai as a place for shopping, there are many other things to see and do besides shopping. One of these is visiting a theme park like Legoland. For people who have never been to a theme park before, it can be an exciting experience. There are lots of rides and attractions to enjoy at Legoland, so there is something for everyone to enjoy. 

Legoland is a theme park located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It was opened in 2016. The park has several rides, including seven roller coasters, an indoor roller coaster, and two children-friendly rides. The park has over 60 stores and restaurants, providing visitors with souvenirs and food. There are also two Legoland Discovery Centers in the UAE that are open to children of all ages. The park is currently operated under the management of Merlin Entertainments Group.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can a person get a ticket to Legoland Dubai online?

Yes anyone who needs a visit to Legoland Dubai can visit the online website to purchase the tickets.

2. Is the Legoland theme park always open?

Yes, though the Legoland theme park is always open i.e. 12 months the timing that is given is the timing to visit and have fun here.

3. Who operates Legoland Dubai?

Legoland Dubai is operated by Merlin Entertainment.

4. Who owns Legoland Dubai?

Legoland Dubai is owned by Dubai Parks and Resorts.

5. How many Legolands are available in Dubai?

There is only one single Legoland available in Dubai.

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