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Mall Of The Emirates : Here Is Our Complete Guide!



Mall Of The Emirates A Complete Guide

Have you heard about the best mall in Dubai, the mall of the emirates? Do you want to visit this mall? In Dubai, the mall of the emirates is considered a popular tourist destination all over the world. It is the best place for tourists, especially those who love to access multiple entertainment activities. Mall of Emirates is one of the largest malls in the world and has become the housing hub with more than 630 brands under one roof on 233 467 square meters of total space.

The mall of the emirates has become one of the top architectural highlights of Dubai city. It is located at the heart of Dubai and developed good department stores with electronics, sports, lifestyle, and fashion, and the largest supermarket in the city. More than 100 restaurants and cafes serve the best snacks and dishes to tourists or the local people of Dubai.

👉Mall Of The Emirates: Shops, Services, Location, And More!

In this way, it better showcases Dubai’s rich culture and true flavors. Once you visit the mall of the emirates in Dubai, you can not miss the experience in your whole life. It is an amazing mall that offers multiple cinemas and eateries under one roof and the best entertainment hubs from where you can fill your shopping bags.

In this way, this mall makes a different sense that it has the things like a waterfall, aquarium, and ice skating, and also provides the scuba diving experience, which makes it a great type.

Mall Of The Emirates


Now, are you planning to spend your weekend in Dubai? If yes, then make sure to visit the mall of emirates. There are more than 80 brands available with luxurious structures designed by the top stylists in the world.

Activities and shopping are not only things that you should enjoy at this place, but also it provides the 5 stars Kempinski Sheraton Dubai mall and mall of emirates of hotels, both of which are situated adjacent to the mall. It is highly suggested to visit the mall of emirates when you go on your Dubai tour.

👉Overview Of Mall Of The Emirates

Mall of emirates is one of the best zones that provides the best dining, shopping, and thrilling experience for all ages. Mall of emirates is one of the well-known and popular malls in Dubai, but shopping here is just the beginning of this mall if we talk about it from the view of visitors.

All the entertainment zones, such as a magic planet, ski Dubai, V.O.X. cinema, and more than 100 cafes and restaurants, make this destination perfect for locals and tourists of Dubai.

The mall has provided all the desired items, according to your wants and needs, because there are more than 630 stores. Everything you can get from electronics, home furnishing, and sports to fashion in the wide variety under the one roof of the mall of emirates. It is also known as the home to the biggest Carrefour in Dubai. The luxurious mall of the emirates provides the standard and matchless class through the broad dimension of entertainment and shopping.

Overview Of Mall Of The Emirates


Everything is done, from ice skating to scuba diving and many more thrilling and adventurous activities, if you are at a luxury destination, a mall in Dubai. This mall provides you with a special comfort touch by giving access to 5-star hotels.

However, this mall provides multiple entertaining activities that make your best visit. Whether you are planning your Dubai tour with family or for any business purpose, this amazing shopping mall will admire you and add itself to your favorite visited place list.

The mall of the emirates has become the pride structure of Dubai city. If you want to access the engaging activities in Dubai, like the magic planet, ski Dubai, etc., then no place is better than the mall of the emirates.

With over 100 restaurants and cafes that serve delicious snacks and meals and give you the authentic richness and flavors of Dubai culture. You will feel amazed by the amazing things in the mall of emirates, like the beautiful waterfall scenic experience, exotic aquarium, and ice skating offered scuba diving experience, and make it the must-visit place for you.

👉Perfect Timings Of Mall Of Emirates

As we tell you, the Mall of Emirates has different sections, such as V.O.X. cinema, magic planet, and ski Dubai, and there are different opening times. Keep in mind there are different opening times during the Ramadan days. Here is the opening time of all parts of the mall of the emirate are arranged in a row

Perfect Timings Of Mall Of Emirates


  • All shops of the mall of emirates are open 7 days from morning 10 am to 12am-midnight, and on Thursday and Friday, the mall shop is open till 1 a.m.
  • In the mall of emirates, the restaurants are open daily from 10 am to 10 pm. They are also open till midnight on Thursdays and Fridays only.
  • The Vox cinemas of the mall of emirates are open daily from 10 am to 1 am.
  • On the ground floor of a shopping mall, the supermarket is open daily from 10 am to 1 am.
  • Ski Dubai of this mall is open daily from 10 am to 10 pm. The indoor ski slope of ski Dubai is also open till midnight on Thursday and Friday.
  • Magic planet of this mall is open from 9:30 am to 10:00 pm and from 10 am to midnight on Thursdays and Fridays.

👉Things To Explore In The Mall Of The Emirates

There are the many best bits available about the mall of emirates. You can get several amazing things under the roof of a shopping mall, including more than 100 cafes and restaurants, delicious snacks, a play area, a dining experience, shopping experiences, etc. Tourists can do various things in the mall of the emirates of Dubai. Such amazing and fascinating things to explore are V.O.X. cinemas, Magic planet, thrilling ski Dubai, and theatre of rodhes.

Here we will tell you the most experiences and attractions you can enjoy at the mall of emirates in Dubai. Let us look at what the top attractions are

1. Ski Dubai

Dubai is one of the best cities that never fails to offer human-made attractions. Ski Dubai is one of the top wonders that bring an amazing experience for family members during their Dubai tour. It provides you the chance to create unforgettable memories with several adventure activities. You can enjoy the snowing and skiing activities in ski Dubai.

2. Magic planet

Magic planet is located on level 2. It is an indoor playground that provides fun to people of all ages by allowing them to play arcade games. Especially for kids, the magic planet is like heaven. Chance to avail exciting offers, adventure rides, and countless ways to refresh yourself with massages, etc., make this place full of matchless and incredible experiences. If you want to have fun with your family in the mall of the emirates, then you can take advantage of this place.

3. V.O.X. cinema

V.O.X. The cinema in the mall of emirates is a fascinating place where you can enjoy and chill out with your family and friends. If you are planning to visit the mall of the emirates in Dubai, then you should put this place in the bucket of your visited places. The best thing is that you can enjoy quality food, and an amazing cinema experience, with the multiple qualities at V.O.X. cinema. If you want to hang out with your friends, you can easily book the lounge area at the V.O.X. cinema.


Dreamspace in the mall of emirates is the best zone if you want to experience the emotional Bollywood power of storytelling. In this way, this place serves your next level of excitement. Cutting-edge technology and exciting theme rides produce gripping stories and take you toward the next level of virtual reality.

Dreamscape is the entertainment zone of this shopping mall that best fits the age group of 10 and more. Every dreamscape session lasts 35 minutes and provides you with the best unforgettable experience of your life.

👉Shopping At The Mall Of The Emirates

No doubt, the mall of the emirates is one of the best in Dubai city. This mall has several shops of different brands, from where you can buy your favorite clothes of the favorite brand.

Shopping At The Mall Of The Emirates


1. Fashion

The fashion section of the mall of emirates is divided into the below sections.

Mother and baby

Some top maternity and children’s stores are open in the emirates mall. From brand to budget ones, there are many children’s stores open here. Here is the name of some brand shops open for mother and baby fashion clothes.

  • Tommy Hilfiger kids
  • Burberry
  • Mothercare, etc.


In the mall of emirates, many shops open for unmatched fashion brands for ladies. Along with the clothes, you can also buy accessories, shoes, watches, handbags, jewelry, etc. here is the list of some brand shops open for ladies’ fashion collections.

  • Maxmara
  • Mango
  • Kate spade
  • H&M
  • Zara
  • Monsoon
  • Forever 21
  • Promod
  • And many more

Clothing and accessories of men

Some brand shops are also open for a man in the mall of emirates. There are many dedicated M.O.E. shops available for men’s clothing and accessories. Some of the top brands available for men’s fashion are

  • Jack and jones
  • Boggi Milano, etc

The fashion dome

The fashion dome of the emirates mall is where you can see the many luxurious and fashionable brands in Dubai. Whether you want to buy luxury accessories or glamorous clothing, like bags and shoes for your outfit, the fashion dome is the best place to go with. Here is the name of some brands in the M.O.E. fashion dome

  • DIOR
  • Chanel
  • Gucci
  • Hermes
  • Bvlgari
  • Givenchy
  • Parade
  • Etc

2. Electronics

If you are interested in buying electronic items, then the emirates mall also has several electronic shops. Here is the name of popular electronic stores open in the mall of emirates

  • Apple store

Dubai is a popular regional hub of apple products. You can easily get all the latest products at apple stores in M

  • .O.E.Emax

Emax is another popular name in electronic stores of malls in the emirates. There are more than 300 brands, from which you can choose the right ones according to your desire and needs.

3. Home décor and furniture

If you want to make your home look more classy and elegant, you should visit the home décor and furniture shops in the mall of emirates. Here is the list of some top brands that provide home décor and furniture products in M.O.E.

  • Zara house
  • Crate and barrel

4. Perfumes and makeup

Many international makeup stores are also open in the mall of emirates in Dubai. The best makeup stores available in the shopping mall are

  • M.A.C.
  • Sephora
  • Rituals, and many more

5. Restaurants

After completing your shopping at the mall of emirates, it is impossible to stay without eating anything. Thanks to the number of food shops and great restaurants open in the mall of emirates, you should try them. Here are some of the restaurants or food shops open in M.O.E.

  • Farzi café
  • Texas De brazil
  • California pizza kitchen
  • Din Tai Fung, etc

👉Parking Services At The Mall Of The Emirates

When you are driving from the north side to the south, you can easily access the mall through the road approach that can take you straight into the mall’s car parking.

Parking Services At The Mall Of The Emirates


  •  If you have come from Abu Dhabi, you must follow the appropriate signs to take your right turn to the mall just before reaching the 4th exchange.
  • Mall of Emirates provides more than 7000 covered parking spaces on four different levels with direct mall access.
  • They also provide two reserved parking spaces where you can save time while booking the parking space before visiting the mall of emirates.
  • Reserved parking is one of the best seamless parking services that are also provided on the mobile application of the mall of emirates and help people park their vehicle easily and experience a convenient shopping mall tour.
  • You can also benefit from ticketless parking services that help you easily access parking spaces.

👉Services At The Mall Of The Emirates

As we tell you, customers can easily buy their favorite clothes from 350 varieties of brands, by luxury designers, through WhatsApp chat features, digital concierge website, etc. sometimes people avoid visiting this shopping mall during the weekends because, at that time, the shopping area is rushed with the number of people. To enjoy an easy and convenient shopping experience, they planned their visit to the mall of emirates during the holiday season.

With this thought in mind and to extend the omnichannel experience at this mall, the architecture has launched new digital concierge services inside the premises of the mall of emirates. The mall of emirates offers many services. Here is the list of all services offered by mall of emirates

1. Digital concierge services

Digital concierge services of malls of the emirates bring the best digital retail experience for shoppers, along with their traditional way of shopping experience. In this way, the shopping mall leads the omnichannel experience that provides the accessible in-store, mobile device, or on-home experience.

The hybrid model of this service includes conversational commerce that makes the gap between the digital stores and physical stores to simplify the shopping experience of buyers in Dubai with the number of brands. With the help of digital concierge services, shoppers can shop for their favorite and most loved brands from the comfort of their homes.

These services allow customers to shop more than 350 home-grown brands and international luxury designers through WhatsApp from the comfort zone of their homes. The best thing is that visitors can easily get free delivery to their specific address in a few hours. It is only possible with a one-to-one conversation on WhatsApp, a service by all emirates. You can also use the Q.R. code to connect with the concierge agents on WhatsApp during the mall’s opening hours.

2. Live shopping experiences

Another retail service offered by the mall of emirates is the new eCommerce websites that are well designed to meet the customer’s online behaviors, including the omnichannel experience such as stylish and personal workshops with smart parking, consultants, and the best chance to shop from the available 50 brands.

 The mall of emirates designs a new e-commerce website to improve the shopping experiences of shoppers, and a professional stylist is fabulous for those who want to update their wardrobes. To get these services from the mall of emirates, customers only need to book an online session, after which they have to provide some details on it.

3. Smart parking services

The mall of emirates also offers smart parking services. This service is known as digital reserved parking. Shoppers can easily access these services by downloading the mall of emirates application on their devices. From this application, customers can easily reserve their space with the specific parking section and finish the process by filling in the all-important details in it before the actual visit.

Remember that you can only book the parking space in advance before the last 1 hour, and the buyers are only limited to 30 minutes earlier than the tolerance of booking time.

4. Services provider

The mall of emirates provides you with amazing services to reach different service providers, like AI Ansari exchange, ADCB ATM, 3M our car, AI Madani tailoring, A.R.B. Bank A.T.M., CBD ATM, Citibank, etc. With these services, you can use your credit card, debit card, or any other MasterCard to pay for your shopping at the mall of emirates.

With the variety of services, you can easily pay the charges for your mall of emirates shopping.

5. Mall map services

All of us know that the mall is too big, and it is not easy to find your way inside the mall, and it is difficult to decide where to go. But do not need to worry; the mall of emirates provides you the mall map services that guide you to move toward the right position in the mall. This mall of emirate service also enhances the shopping experience and saves the shoppers from getting into trouble.

6. Personal stylist services

Personal stylist services lead the best way to increase the shopper shopping experience. You can easily shop from the mall of emirates by taking help from your professional stylist and adopting their tips to update your appearance from top to bottom. Your style guru will advise you on some amazing fashion tips and tricks that help you to shop for the best style that best fits your body type and lifestyle.

This is one of the best services offered by the mall of emirates that helps you to understand better how to dress for your coloring, body shape, lifestyle, and personality and achieve your shopping goals.

7. Hand-free shopping

Hand-free shopping services are available during the opening hours of the mall of emirates. The best thing is that this service is free of cost if you want to deliver from the mall to a connected hotel or car, at no huge expense. They also offer delivery services at your home address at the rate of AED 30 if you want to get delivery on the same day, and the price will be AED 18 if you want delivery to be done on the next day.

8. Mall gift card

Customers love to receive gifts, bonuses or offers on shopping. A Mall gift card is the gift of choice. You can make your great day of dining, shopping, and entertainment at the mall of emirates with redeemable gift card services.

👉Nearby Public Transportation

You can easily reach all of the emirates in various ways. The easiest and recommended way to reach the Mall of emirates is by metro line. The best thing is that this shopping mall has its own metro station, named mall of emirates station.

Nearby Public Transportation


1. By metro

This metro station makes good connectivity to this shopping mall through the footbridge. With the help of metro lines, you can easily reach all of the emirates within a few minutes without any trouble. You can also take special taxi services. For this, a special tax stand is available in front of the mall of emirates. If you are properly instructed on the address of the mall of emirates to the taxi driver, then they will take you to the mall of emirates in time.

2. By taxi

If you complete your shopping at the mall of emirates and want to get a taxi, then you have to go to the taxi stand in front of this shopping mall and take the taxi services.

 Many taxi drivers are waiting for their customers. So, you can easily avail of the taxi services to reach another place from the mall of emirates also. In a few cases, if you find the tax services are busy when you need them, you have to wait for some minutes before any taxi service is free.

You can also book taxi ride services through the uber or career app or call to taxi by the given below numbers.

  • City taxi (Sharjah)- +971 6 533 3550
  • Dubai transport ( Dubai)- +971 4 208 0808
  • Metro taxi (Dubai)- +971  4 267 3222
  • Al Ghazal taxi ( Abu Dhabi) – +971 2 444 7787
  • National taxi ( Dubai) – +971 4 339 0002

3. By car

You can also reach the mall of emirates via car, but make sure to go by the road sheik Zayed because from there, this mall is situated at interchange 4. Along with the public transportation facilities, there are other benefits associated with the parking facilities. 

Parking facilities are available in the private parking garage of a shopping mall that has the capacity to park more than 7500 cars. If you only need to park your vehicle for less than 4 hours, then there are no parking charges.

👉Contact Details Of Mall Of The Emirates

Suppose you have any queries regarding how to reach the mall of emirates, what transportation services are available, what opening hours are, what the services are, or anything related to it. In that case, you can easily contact the help desk of the mall at +971-4-409-9100.

 On the other hand, if you want to contact M.O.E. customer services, you can call +971-800-663-6255.

The mall of emirates is the best shopping center in Dubai. It was owned and developed by Majid AL Futtaim Real estate. This mall opened in the year 2015. Mall of Emirates is situated at the 4th interchange on the wide Sheikh Zayed road. Currently, this mall has more than 7900 parking spaces, 630 retail stores, major cafes, more than 100 restaurants, 250 stores, and 80 brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best time to visit the Mall of emirates?

The best time to visit the mall of emirates is in the evening from 5 Pm to 10 Pm. It is the best time to visit the mall because, at this time, cafes are fully filled with visitors, and people are also seen in the crowd in stores. This mall is also open in the morning. So, you can easily choose the best slot, either morning or evening, to visit the mall of the emirates.

2. What are the opening timings of the Mall of emirates?

The Mall of Emirates is open every day of the week, from 10 am to noon. Mostly the stores are open early, and you can visit easily and buy what you desire. If you want to taste the classic meals, it has over 30 cafes and various outlets where you can easily satiate your stomach craving.

3. What makes the mall of emirates unique?

The best features of the mall of emirates welcome over 40 million visitors every day because it is well known for its luxury. It sprawls on the largest area of Sheikh Syed road and boasts more than 200 stores. This is the only single place in Dubai where innovation and fashion collide.

4.How many shops are there in the mall of emirates?

The Mall of Emirates is considered a luxury center that has over 700 different types of shops. Some shops are open here for fashion outfits, whereas some shops reflect the city’s grandeur with unique gift items. Along with this, there are many entertainment hubs, cafes, and a number of additional options available in this mall.

5. Is a camera system installed inside the mall?

Yes, the proper camera system is installed inside the emirates mall. Also, the mall interiors are elegant and well-built and making this mall the perfect place for tourist pictures. There are no fees or charges applied for the camera, so ensure to get the best one into the premises of mall of emirates. 

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