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Spinneys Guide: A Supermarket For Everyone? Things To Know In 2023



Spinneys Supermarket

Spinneys is UAE’s go-to supermarket, stocking only the freshest produce and other goods so local families can reap the benefits of a more wholesome lifestyle. Core beliefs are rooted in the original vision of the founder, who, over 90 years ago, built the first Spinneys grocery shop in a residential area of Alexandria.

A brief about Spinneys

With hypermarkets and supermarkets in Lebanon, Egypt, Qatar, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Spinneys is the dominant supermarket chain in the Middle East.

In 1924, Arthur Spinneys opened the first Spinneys market in the suburbs of Alexandria, Egypt, intending to provide customers with a pleasant shopping experience in which they could buy reasonably priced, high-quality fresh fruit, groceries, and baked products. 

A brief about Spinneys

To better serve its consumers, Spinneys opened its doors to them in 1948 at the historic Beirut Souks and added additional locations in Raouche, Verdun, Hamra, and Jonah. Spinneys ceased business in 1976 as a direct result of the civil war in Lebanon. 

They overcame the obstacles, reopened their doors twenty-two years later, and introduced Lebanon to hypermarkets with their flagship location in Dbayeh in 1998. Due to the immensity of this accomplishment, Spinneys has reopened several of its locations in Lebanon.

Spinneys was invited to open stores in various markets in the Middle East and North Africa because Mr. Spinney set the highest standards of quality, service, and value. By 1960, Spinneys had expanded into a regional network, selling meals to oil exploration crews across the Gulf region and operating stores in Palestine and Jordan. 

Spinneys Group is a well-established retailer that has expanded across the region and now serves millions of consumers daily at its supermarkets and hypermarkets.

Supplier identification:

All items and services provided under any contract established through this Website are provided by Spinneys Dubai LLC unless otherwise specified on this Website.

What should you know about Spinneys?

In 1924, Arthur Spinneys founded Spinneys in the suburbs of Alexandria, Egypt, with the mission of providing customers with a pleasant shopping experience in which they could purchase fresh produce, groceries, and baked products of the highest possible quality at reasonable prices. 

What should you know about Spinneys


Before 1960, Spinneys had already become a chain, selling food to petroleum exploration teams across the Gulf region and opening stores in Lebanon, Palestine, and Jordan. After serving the Lebanese public in 1948 from its location in the ancient Beirut Souks, Spinneys expanded to Raouche, Verdun, and Jnah in the 1970s, but all of these locations were forced to close owing to the country’s civil war. 

Spinneys reopened in 1998 with a large store in Dbayeh, followed by 17 branches, making it the first hypermarket in Lebanon. Happy, a discount retail concept from Spinneys, debuted in Lebanon in 2014 at three locations in Hazmieh, Zouk Mosbeh, and Choueifat.

Their mission is to become the preferred Egyptian retailer by satisfying consumers with a wide selection of high-quality products and services offered at competitive costs. They will expand economically for the benefit of all parties involved.

To better serve their clients, they will promptly adjust to meet the market’s evolving needs and how they choose to shop. They will put locals to work, and the communities they set up shop will benefit.

Commerce in Abu Dhabi

From its humble beginnings in importing and distributing alcohol in Abu Dhabi, Spinneys has grown into a market leader that serves over 40% of the city’s hospitality and entertainment establishments.

Spinneys offers a wide variety of wines, spirits, and beers for every palate and budget. There are currently nine stores, with more on the way, spread out around the Emirate of Abu Dhabi (including a store in Alain).

Each one carries some of the most well-known names in the industry and regularly rotates discounts on a wide selection of products. The kind, well-informed staff members round out the excellent shopping environment.

The Four Seasons, Emirates Palace Hotel, Hyatt, The Rosewood, and the beautiful Jumeirah Etihad Totheyrs are just a few hotels and restaurants that rely on Spinneys for their beverage needs. The Saadiyat Beach Club, And Coya, Zuma, Nusret, Loca& Robertos Shooting and Golf Club, and the Abu Dhabi Health & Fitness Club are just a few high-end beaches and sports clubs that rely on Spinneys as a supplier.

Spinneys takes excellent satisfaction in offering its restaurant partners a wide selection of wines and whiskies from across the world, allowing them to add high-quality and experimental beverages to their menus. They have close relationships with some of the most popular locations in town, including Cipriani, Zuma, Hakassan, and Robertos.

Spinneys is the sole distributor in Abu Dhabi for many of the best-known brands in the world. Heineken, Amstel, Tiger Beer, and Sol are a few examples of these colossal brands.

Spinneys is also the sole distributor of a wide variety of wines from around the world in Abu Dhabi. This includes the prestigious Nederburg line from South Africa, which has won more international and domestic honors than any other South African winery. Cloudy Bay, from New Zealand, and Concha Y Toro, from Chile (which has won multiple awards), are two more award-winning and wildly popular wineries.

From single malt whiskies like Glenmorangie to premium vodkas like Grey Goose, Spinneys is an exclusive supplier of an extensive array of the world’s finest alcoholic beverages. Bacardi, Jack Daniels, Bombay Sapphire, Campari, and Martini are some well-known spirits in Spinneys’ unique assortment. 

Because of their status as an exclusive supplier, they have developed close ties with many of the most prestigious beverage producers in the world. This position comes with the added duty of providing consumers with products from the best brands in the world. Spinneys can give a genuinely world-class assortment of beverage products thanks to the connections it has cultivated with leading companies in the drinks sector.

Current information:

The MMI Group acquired Spinneys Liquor in 2007. MMI has capitalized on the synergies between the two companies to establish itself as a market leader in the Emirate, thanks to its solid foundation in the region and its many valuable connections there.

Things to explore in Spinneys:

There are so many things to see and do in Spinney’s supermarket. There are plenty of products and goods to visit, as well as options to buy them. It’s also a great place to spend a lot on food. 

Things to explore in Spinneys

In addition to these basic products, Spinneys also offers specialty items like seafood and prepared foods. There are also lots of products that can be customized to suit your needs. Spinneys helps customers by offering an ever-expanding range of products, which people can buy. 

1. Common products

Here in the supermarket, you can find many things from snacks to beauty products. The supermarket has a wide range of things to offer in terms of food, drinks, and health and beauty products. In the supermarket, there are many items that can be found but some of the popular items are potato chips, tea, coffee, and ice cream. There is also a variety of beauty products such as shampoo, lotion, and conditioner. There are many things that you can find in this supermarket so it is a good place to shop at. 

2. Snacks and Grocery

There are a number of things you can find in Spinney’s supermarket, such as snacks, cereal, frozen food, and other grocery items. Also, there are also a number of different brands of beer and wine. You can also find a wide variety of other products, such as makeup and toiletries. Spinneys also has a free-standing pharmacy for those who need to pick up prescription medications. In addition to these products, there are also ATM machines located throughout the store.

3. Meals

Throughout the years, the chain has expanded to include a variety of different food categories including fresh produce, groceries, meats and seafood, beer and wine, and more! Today, Spinneys offers customers an expansive selection of grocery items in addition to a wide selection of meal-delivery options.

4. Beauty products 

With the above products, the spinneys supermarket also deals with beauty and cosmetics products to provide to the people. There is a complete wide section of cosmetic products from which people can buy. 

5. Household items 

With the above products, the spinneys supermarket also deals with a lot of different varieties of household items. A complete section consisting of household items is available at the Spinneys supermarket. With all the sections available on the market, it makes it a great option for all people. So, if you need household items choose the suitable section and get all the items needed. 

6. Bakery

Apart from all these products and items, if you are looking for the bakery items such as bread, cookies, or anything else, then you can also go for the spinneys supermarket. In this category also particularly every single item if the bakery items are available at the spinneys supermarket. 

7. Petcare products 

Although all the products for yourself are available at the spinneys supermarket, there might be a lot of people who would want the petcare items for their pets which they might have. So, for them also this is the one supermarket where anyone can also avail of the best quality products for their pets. The spinneys have a particular section of the petcare items for people who want quality products for their pets. Just get the one which is needed by you with the spinneys. 

No matter which product or items are needed by you, this is the all-in-one supermarket that you can use to avail the best quality products with a wide range and categories available within. All the things including foods, meals, cosmetics and beauty products, household items, and even the petcare products for your pets are available with the spinney. So, whichever item or product is required you can simply visit Spinneys and get the best-desired product. 

Online shopping at Spinneys

  • Starbucks double shot espresso, no added sugar 200ml- AED 14.25
  • Young’s breaded haddock fillets 440g- AED 53.75 / Each.
  • Each Spinneys FOOD chili addict grinder, 35 grams, costs AED15.75.
  • Grinder for garlic addicts, 40 grams by Spinneys FOOD, AED 13.75 apiece
  • 300g Waitrose battered haddock fillets: AED 43.25 each
Online shopping at Spinneys

Retail outlets in the Spinneys area:

To contact SPINNEYS AL AIN, please use the following information: 

  • Al Ain Street 1/8a – Al Jimi – Abu Dhabi 
  • +971 (0)3 763 6367 
  • 09:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. 
  • Monday through Sunday

To contact

Spinneys Al Bandar

  • Marina, Al Raha, Al Bandar, 
  • Abu Dhabi 
  • +971 (0)2 557 1341
  • 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
  • Each day from Monday through Sunday

Spinneys Galleria

  • It is located at Island Mall, Hamouda Bin Ali Al Dhaheri Street 111, The Galleria in Abu Dhabi (tel.: +971 (0)2 672 7845).
  • Open time 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. (Sunday – Thursday)
  • Weekend hours are 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 a.m.

Spinneys Hamdan 

  • +971 (0)2 677 0577 
  • visit them at Al Mulla Building, 710 Hamdan Bin Mohammed Street, Zone 1, E10, Abu Dhabi.
  • Times: Monday through Sunday, 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Spinneys Icad

  • Wintech Building 11th Street Mussafah M40 ICAD Abu Dhabi 
  • +971 (0)2 551 1340 
  • Open Monday through Friday
  • 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Spinneys Khalidiya

  • +971 (0)2 681 2356 
  • 50 Al Yazwah Street | Al Bateen | W38 | Abu Dhabi |
  • Monday–Sunday, 
  • 9:00 a.m.–10:00 p.m.

Spinneys Muroor

  • Aradah Street / Muroor Road / Abu Dhabi 
  • +971 (0)2 641 9366 
  • 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
  • Monday through Sunday

Spinneys Mussafah

  • It is located at Musaffah, M9, Plat No. 110 in Abu Dhabi; 
  • their phone number is +971 (0)2 554 3731, and 
  • they are open from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily.
  • Between Monday and Sunday

Spinneys Najda

  • Najda Street, Abu Dhabi; 
  • +971 (0)2 671 7992; 
  • 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., daily;
  • Monday through Sunday

Spinneys St Regis

  • Monday through Sunday, 
  • 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. St. Regis Abu Dhabi (Spinneys)
  • +971 (0)2 676 6778

Your Consumer Rights Are Unaffected By This

Customers must sign up in order to make use of this website’s features. Spinneys reserves the right to reject any registration application. Customers accept these Terms and Conditions by signing up for the services, and they acknowledge that:

  • To the best of your knowledge, all of the information you provided during the customer registration process is correct, up-to-date, and comprehensive.
  • If any of your personal information changes, you must promptly notify us by either changing your details on the “My Details”;
  • You also promise not to adopt a false identity or use a name for which you do not have the proper permission.
  • You may not use this site for any purpose that is unlawful or forbidden by these terms and conditions, or in any way that infringes the rights of Spinneys or any third party.
  • Unless otherwise permitted by Spinneys, you will not use a “deep link” to access any internal pages of the website. Without our prior expressed written consent, you undertake not to monitor or copy the website or the Content included within using any robot, spider, another automatic device, or manual method.
  • You pledge that you won’t use any tool, program, or routine to disrupt or attempt to disrupt the website’s normal operation in any way. You pledge not to do anything that might place an undue or disproportionately significant strain on our resources.

What do You need to Know About Accounts, Passwords, and Safety?

You may need to create an account in order to use certain aspects of the site or make use of specific services provided therein (including setting up an ID and password). 

If you become aware of any abuse or misuse of your account or password, or any other security-related issue, you must immediately tell Spinneys. Without the owner’s explicit permission and consent, you are not permitted to use their username, password, or account at any time. If you fail to meet these commitments, Spinneys is not responsible and will not make amends.

If Spinneys suspects that your account is being used for illegal purposes, we have the right to immediately and permanently disable it, with or without prior notification.

Here at Spinneys, they immensely value responsibility to the community and the environment. By contributing to many important initiatives, they work tirelessly to lessen their community’s negative influence and enhance its positive aspects. They actively push green initiatives to help preserve the planet’s natural resources. They consist of almost all the items that are of great quality and that are required by the people. They complete all the needs and requirements of the people by completing all the needs and requirements of the household and other products which people use in order to complete and fulfill their needs.

Spinneys have implemented measures to reduce paper and label consumption, such as the distribution of reusable bags in a variety of eye-catching designs, the use of shopping carts and hand baskets fabricated from biodegradable PET plastic materials, the distribution of reusable papers for weekly and monthly printed communications, and the introduction of more cutting-edge technologies. The offices are now equipped with energy-efficient light bulbs, computers, and printers all including an automatic power-saving mode. Not only one category of products but the spinneys supermarket deals and provides almost every category of products and items.  

However, smoking was prohibited in all of its establishments. The quality of the items and their ability to be preserved could be jeopardized, and they could even become contaminated if exposed to smoke. Furthermore, many children, pregnant women, and physically ill people who want to enjoy a clean and risk-free shopping experience at Spinneys are cause for concern when smoking is allowed there. 

Spinneys provides customers with the best products, prices, and experiences. They deal in the category of each and every item and product that is needed by the people to fulfill their requirements. For the best household products of quality, one can definitely go for the products and services of spinneys. Dedication to the people they’re helping reflects this, too. Moreover, Spinney’s involvement in the local community allows them to fulfill social obligations while supporting a wide variety of worthy projects through donations, sponsorships, and other forms of charitable giving.

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