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How to spot a fake handbag: Chanel



Hailed by some as the ultimate wardrobe staple, Chanel 2.55 Flap Bags have been around since 1955. With a hefty price tag, owning one is like being part of an elite sorority. But with so many fakes doing the rounds, it’s important to know how to spot an authentic Chanel when you’re buying second hand.

Last week, Inseller’s buying and authenticity specialist, Catherine, gave us the low-down on spotting a fake Louis Vuitton Monogram. This time, we’ve put the classic Chanel Flap Bag under the microscope.

Screw type
Chanel use a certain kind of screw on their bags – either flat head or star shaped depending on when and where the bag was made. Chanel will never use Phillips screws. Also, beware of any tarnished screws and clasps, as a real Chanel bag’s hardware shouldn’t change colour, rust or fade.

Interior Stamping
The colour of the Chanel logo and stamp should be examined. It should be stamped in a clean manner in a metallic ink that matches the color of the hardware of the item. For instance, a bag with gold hardware should have a gold stamp. Similarly, a bag with silver hardware should have a silver stamp.

Serial Number
All Chanel leather goods manufactured from the late 1980s onwards have a serial number located on a sticker. The number will either be seven or eight digits long depending on the year the item was made. Items made before 2005 will have seven digits, whereas items made after 2005 will have eight digits. It’s also important to examine the font used on the sticker as well as the placement of the numbers.

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