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These are the top 19 best cities to move to if you want to earn big money



If you feel like you need a change that involves moving to a new city, country, planet, you might want to take note of HSBC’s latest Expat Explorer Survey –- you know, so you move a country where the average annual expat salary is more, if not the same than what you are earning now.

Spoiler alert, Dubai’s on the list and it napped a pretty good position too – the best in the region, actually.

Right, here’s the list.

19. Singapore, Singapore
$117,904 (AED433,002)18. Nairobi, Kenya

$119,182 (AED437,695)

17. Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand

$119,601 (AED439,234)

16. Kuwait City, Kuwait
Kuwait City, Kuwait

$123,041 (AED451,868)

15. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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$127,456 (AED468,082)

14. Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo, Japan

$132,508 (AED486,635)

13. Sydney, Australia
Sydney, Australia

$134,368 (AED493,466)

12. Moscow, Russia

$135,909 (AED499,125)

11. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

$138,177 (AED507,455)

10. Paris, France
Paris, France

$139,602 (AED512,688)

9. Hong Kong, China
Hong Kong, China

$148,410 (AED545,035)

8. Jakarta, Indonesia
Jakarta, Indonesia

$152,589 (AED560,383)

7. Los Angeles, United States
Los Angeles, United States

$161,126 (AED591,735)

6. New York, United States


$182,240 (AED669,276)

5.Geneva, Switzerland

$184,942 (AED679,199)

4.Shanghai, China


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$202,211 (AED742,619)

3. Zurich, Switzerland

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$206,875 (AED759,748)

2.San Francisco, United States

San Francisco, United States

$207,227 (AED761,041)

1.Mumbai, India

Mumbai, India

$217,165 (AED797,538)

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