Art Dubai: Meet the 2015 resident artists

The six resident artists for this year’s Art Dubai, which begins on March 18, have been announced, each of them with a strong connection to the city and the wider UAE. Here is an overview of their work to help bring out the inner art buff before the event kicks off.

Hind Mezaina Photographer and writer
Hind Mezaina is perhaps best known for her award winning blog, . A self-professed lover of lomography, her photography mainly uses low-fi analog cameras in order to focus solely on the objects of her photography.  She has previously held exhibitions in as diverse a locations as London, Mexico, New York and Tokyo, as well as multiple exhibitions in Dubai since 2004. The style of her blog goes hand in hand with the photography, stating herself: “My aim is to feature all things that are culture-worthy in Dubai and in any other city I might be in or wish to be in.”

Jessica Mein Multimedia artist and painter
Dubai-based Jessica Mein produces videos, animations and paintings to bring her practise to the viewer. She holds degrees from Hunter College and Duke University in the US, which she used to call home. It is in the US, at the Mueseum of Modern Art, where one of her prestigious collections sits. This year alone she has exhibited in Dubai and Sao Paulo.
More: Mohammed Ahmed Ibrahim Painter and Sculptor
UAE national Mohammed Ahmed Ibrahim is a sculptor and painter who specialises is using unconventional materials found in his native Khorfakkan. His unique methods of creating include taking stones and boulders from the environment, binding and painting them only to return them “to the wild” to be left up to the elements. Some of his most famed pieces are featured in the celebrated Qatar Museum of Modern Art. His take on his own, and the wider art medium is interesting, saying, “Mostly, I believe an artist doesn’t create something, but is there to sort through, to show, to point out what already exists, to put it into form and sometimes reformulate it.”
More: Sharmeen Syed Architecturally inspired collages
San Franciso, Karachi, Nairobi and Dubai. The range of places playing a supporting role in Sharmeen Syed’s upbringing is evident in her work, drawing inspiration from a diverse range of sources to produce her art. She is a practising architect, working at the Sharjah Art Foundation. Previous works have been inspired by 21st century urbanism, cultural geography and spatial experiences through new media.

Rheim Alkadhi Collages
“Collage” might be too broad or loose a term to accurately sum up Rheim Alkandi’s offerings. The diversity of her work, both in execution and inspiration warrants extensive exploration, though, whatever label is attached to it.  Spending the majority of her time between Morocco and the UAE, she studied in California and has exhibited in the Netherlands and Italy among others.

Mehraneh Atashi Installations
Defining her work herself as “trying to investigate the relationship between the time of the self and the time of the world”, Iranian Mehraneh Atashi is currently focused on memory, perception and alchemistic changes. Her art is often partly interactive, no doubt helped by the creative environment of Amsterdam in which she resides. The art itself has been featured in the collections of the British Museum, as well as exhibitions in Monaco, Paris and Berlin. 2015 is the first year Atashi has been featured in Dubai, and she certainly brings something fresh to the arena.

Art Dubai 2015 runs from March 18-21.

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