Review: Mzungu, The Aimless Wanderer

On opening the doors to the La Gallerie Nationale, we are met with the beastly presence of a BMW GS 1200 Adventure Tour Motorcycle. It stands on its bike stand in all its animalistic glory, having achieved 19,000 kilometers across Africa.

Beirut born photographer Christian Ghammachi’s latest exhibition, Mzungu, takes us on a journey across 16 African countries, to experience the landscapes, locations and people he met along the way. This remarkable story is told in just 25 photographs. Mzungu, meaning ‘aimless wanderer’, was the playful nickname children called out to Ghammachi during his trip, which made the perfect title for his summer 2015 exhibition.

Through Mzungu, Ghammachi brings together a series of contrasts that illuminate the unique soul of Africa and its richness in the face of adversity. Ghammachi opens our eyes through his artistic talent and ability to capture beautiful moments, from the poverty of the land to the beauty of its agriculture, history, and people.

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