The internet reacts to F1 after-race concerts

The talk around town and social media is all about the recently announced headliners for the after-race concerts at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. If you missed it, they’re classic Britpop brand Blur, Indie power group Florence + The Machine and Latin sensation Enrique Iglesias (read all about that here), while Beats on the Beach on Abu Dhabi Corniche will star the likes of British electronica duo Faithless, US rapper J. Cole, and Bamboo of the Philippines, alongside other regional stars.

The stage is definitely taking on a different vibe from years past, but who is the UAE most excited to see, who are they not, and who have they never heard of before? Here’s what some of you really think about the lineup choices lighting up Yasalam 2015.

The excited

Club promoter, DJ and managing director of HISTORY parties, Jon Besant thinks organisers Flash Entertainmnt have done well to cater to all-inclusive entertainment accompanying the races. “It’s an awesome line up,” he says. “Coming from a promoter’s point of view, it offers everything – Enrique for the older, classier crowd, Blur for the pop era and Faithless and Florence + The Machine for the young and current.”

Social Media and PR Manager Febronia Armia agrees: “It’s inclusive, it’s major and we’re excited! Personally, I’m most interested to see Blur.”

The not-so-excited

Many were less than excited by the news Blur would perform, saying that not enough people know who they are, or that they thought they are a weak choice for a highlight event on the UAE calendar.

“I haven’t heard of Blur before, and while I’m sure I would enjoy seeing Enrique Iglesias, I feel there could have been more popular performers included,” said regular Formula 1 concertgoer Shelly Bennett, a teacher aged 40. “Some that blew me away in the past were Prince (2010), Paul McCartney (2011) and Beyonce (2009), and it would have been nice to see that caliber of entertainer maintained for the races.”

That said, the recently reformed group are currently the most favoured performer on Twitter, with only a few shoutouts for the others, and very little for Florence Welch and Co. as many had seen her before at a 2013 Sandance event in Dubai.

And the unsure

Angeli Castillo, an Abu Dhabi-based photographer who has captured the action at many concerts across the UAE, including on Yas Island in the past, is in a good position to judge. She said she thought the headliners lacked fresh talent.

“I’m not too blown away by the lineup this year. There are way too many familiars, but I am looking forward to J. Cole – he puts on a good show from what I remember covering. And Florence + The Machine I don’t mind, mainly because I LOVED covering their live act the last time I saw them –  intense stage presence and just incredible energy that surges through the crowd,” said Angeli. “As for the rest, sure, Blur and Faithless are classics I would love to see but no one really sticks out.”

Let us know what you think of the headliners?

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