Guide to Sheikh Zayed Road nightlife

Before the Marina came to town and added a whole new geographical aspect to partying in Dubai, the nightlife along Sheikh Zayed Road was the first growth away from the traditional core of Deira. Hands up those with fond memories of the long-departed The Lodge.

Now, as more and more people come to explore Dubai, SZR is enjoying a second wind as the place to see and be seen. In fact, you can have a killer evening out every single night of the week. And as most clubs turn the lights on at 3am sharp, you can still be tucked up in bed in plenty of time for work. Here’s our week of clubbing along Dubai’s main artery.

40 Kong, One Sheikh Zayed Road
Start your week with a chilled out cocktail at this stylish outdoor rooftop lounge, at the very top of SZR. The 40 Kong website handily tells you when sunset is going to happen each night, allowing you to plan the perfect sundowner.
Contact: +9714 355 8896,

The Stables Racecourse Restaurant
The best place to visit if you’re on a budget, The Stables Restaurant has something of a reputation for raucousness, as well as a cheap and cheerful food menu. Monday Mademoiselle Night serves ladies unlimited selected cocktails until 10pm. Be warned.
Contact: +9714 342 5571,

Cirque Le Soir, Fairmont
DJ Scottie B takes to the decks for Censored Tuesdays at the most scandalous night of the week at Cirque Le Soir. Expect inflatable toys, fireworks and free flowing bubbly, with plenty of paps on call outside and lots of dark corners and surprises indoors.
Contact: +9714 332 4900,

Cavalli Club, Fairmont
Back to the same hotel – but a very different venue. Rosay Wednesdays is the kind of club night people imagine when they close their eyes and think of Dubai. It’s gaudy, golden, filthy rich and not to be missed. If you don’t get a sparkler in your bottle, you’re doing it wrong.
Contact: +9714 332 9260,

Propaganda, The Act, Shangri-La Hotel
Time to dive head-first into the weekend at the outrageous The Act. Thursday is Propaganda night, where music and theatre combine for a spectacular show across the club’s many levels. Try to make time for The Act’s “Alice” dinner show.
Contact: +9714 355 1116,

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Guilty Pleasures Brunch, The Black Lion, The H Hotel
Think props, seriously cheesy 80s tunes and a decent selection of food – well, The Black Lion is a new-fangled “Gastropub” after all. The Guilty Pleasures Brunch is a total blast for bigger groups, and is one of Dubai’s newest and hottest brunch offerings. Move over Bubblicious.
Contact: +9714 359 2366,

Nippon Bottle Company, Dusit Thani Hotel
It’s been a hectic week – finish off at this super-cool speakeasy style bar found on the ground floor of Dusit Thani – behind a trick bookcase that is, and then through a funhouse mirror. It’s got a USA-meets-Japan vibe, and one of the best stocked drinks cabinets in the whole city.
Contact: +9714 317 4515,

Some added adventure when you’re in the hood
Still want more from Sheikh Zayed Road? You can start your second week of fun and frivolity at Radisson Royal’s Mo*vida, which, just like its London counterpart, is a celebrity haunt. Or check out Vii at the Conrad, a fantasy-style terrace bar and lounge, where you’ll dance al fresco. Still going? Sensation Club at the Crowne Plaza caters for garage and grime heads on Friday and dance aficionados on Wednesday.

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