Last Word: Make-up artist Hannah Lisa

Celebrity make-up artist Hannah Lisa has made her impact on the Middle Eastern market in a very short space of time. Moving to Dubai in 2014, she has worked on a number of high-profile fashion and club events for the likes of Cavalli, Mahiki, and Blue Marlin while establishing an elite client list that includes members of the Abu Dhabi Royal Family and Djibouti presidential families. Originally from London, where she made her name on a number of popular TV shows, adverts and music videos, Hannah also offers a range of different make-up packages and tutorials.

What was your last major fashion splurge?
It was yesterday at Yas Mall. I have a lot of beach and pool parties coming up and felt I had nothing to wear, so bought up lots of bikinis. It is funny thinking “I have nothing to wear” and solving that by buying bikinis!

Who was the last famous person you made up?
Becky Anderson, the anchor of CNN International’s flagship news and current affairs programme, Connect the World. I’m at CNN every day to do her make-up.

What was the last memorable meal you ate?
It was actually over Christmas. I went to Spain to celebrate with my partner’s family and we had a huge meal on Christmas Eve – they served a delicious seafood dish and we ate outside. It was so lovely and so different to festive meals I have experienced previously.

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