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How To Contact The Emirates ID Center In UAE?



emirates id card centers in uae

An Emirates ID is an identification card issued by the UAE government. It serves as proof of identity and residence in the United Arab Emirates, allowing individuals to access various services, including registration with banks, healthcare providers, and government entities.

The Emirates ID is also a travel document in the UAE or abroad. It is particularly beneficial for ex-pats who live and work in the country, as it provides them with a valid form of identification. The Emirates ID also allows individuals to access government services online and makes it easier to complete certain transactions, such as opening bank accounts or buying property.

Furthermore, having an Emirates ID is a prerequisite for obtaining a driving license in the UAE. The Emirates ID is an essential document for anyone living or working in the UAE. 

Who is issuing the Emirates ID Card?

The Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) is the official authority responsible for issuing Emirates IDs in the United Arab Emirates. To contact them, you can visit their main office in Abu Dhabi or call their toll-free number, 800 5111.

You can also use their online inquiry form to ask questions about your application process or any other issues relating to Emirates IDs. EIDA also has customer service centers in various locations throughout the UAE, which you can visit for assistance with your application or renewal process.

They also offer a variety of helpful resources on their website, including information about eligibility requirements and other important documents you may need to provide when applying for an Emirates ID. For more information about contact details, please visit the EIDA website.

What is Emirates ID?

The Emirates ID is a single, unified identification card issued by the government of the United Arab Emirates. This card is issued to UAE citizens and residents as proof of their identity and nationality.

It contains personal data such as full name, photograph, gender, date of birth, address, and other details. It also serves as an important document for accessing services like banking, health care, education, and social benefits.

The Emirates ID card can also access government e-services like visa applications or renewing your driver’s license. The Emirates ID has made it easier for people to access various services in the UAE quickly and securely.

Additionally, it helps authorities monitor public safety and assist in law enforcement activities. The Emirates ID is an essential document for those living and working in the UAE, with its many uses and benefits.

Top Features of Emirates ID Card

The Emirates ID is an essential document for UAE residents and citizens. It serves as a form of identification and a gateway to government services. The card contains the holder’s information, such as name, photo, address, nationality, blood type, and other details.

With this card, one can open bank accounts in UAE, use healthcare services provided by the government, and register vehicles and property titles, among many other benefits.

Additionally, it makes access to public transportation easier—bus drivers can quickly verify passengers with this card.

The Emirates ID also includes biometric features which allow for easy verification at various government offices without needing paper documents or signatures. All in all, it has become an integral part of everyday life in the UAE. Apart from all this, here are the top features of Emirates ID:

  • Unique Identification Number: Emirates ID has a unique identification number, which is linked to the holder’s data and can be used for various services such as banking, insurance, and customs.
  • Biometric Information: Emirates ID captures biometric information, including fingerprints, facial recognition, and iris scan data of the cardholder, making it possible to identify individuals accurately.
  • Age Verification: The advanced identity verification process provided by Emirates ID enables organizations to accurately verify the age of individuals for health care or educational purposes.
  • Mobile Verification: It is now possible to use mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to verify an individual’s identity using their Emirates ID through a secure connection.
  • Secure Online Transactions: With the help of Emirates ID, individuals can securely make financial transactions online without worrying about identity theft or fraud.
  • Government Services: Emirates ID holders can access government services provided by different departments such as customs, immigration, and health care, with ease through their card.
  • Authentication Process: Using a unique cryptographic signature embedded in the card, Emirates ID simplifies authentication processes for various third-party applications, including apps and websites.
  • Data Storage: The card can store data in both digital and physical form, making it easy to access information quickly in case of emergencies.
  • Tamper-Proof: The advanced security features on the Emirates ID make it nearly impossible to tamper with or duplicate the identity documents stored on the card. This ensures that all personal data remains safe and secure at all times.

Why Should You Contact Emirates Id Centers In UAE?

Emirates ID centers in UAE provide a wide range of services and solutions essential for emiratis and ex-pats. The centers offer registration, renewal, and replacement of Emirates IDs and other related services such as issuance and renewal of smart cards.
Additionally, they offer assistance with submitting applications or documents required to get an Emirates ID card.
Moreover, the centers also provide support with any issues relating to identity verification or authentication processes to ensure that the security of your data is not compromised. By visiting an Emirates ID center in Dubai, you can rest assured that all your needs will be taken care of quickly and efficiently.
Furthermore, these centers also help keep track of your identity documents so that you remain compliant with local laws. Therefore, it is essential to keep in contact with the Emirates ID centers in UAE to ensure that you are well taken care of and your identity documents remain secure. 
Contacting Emirates ID Centers in UAE is essential to maintaining your identification documents and staying compliant with local laws.
The centers offer registration, renewal, and replacement of Emirates IDs and other related services such as issuance and renewal of smart cards. Additionally, they assist in submitting applications or documents required for getting an Emirates ID card.

How to contact the emirates id center in UAE?

To contact the Emirates ID Center in UAE, you can call their hotline at 800-5111 (toll-free within the country) or +971 4 313 9999 (for international calls).

You can also send an email to [email protected] or visit one of their branches across all seven emirates and apply for a new card, update your information, renew your card, and more. You can also use the eForms service by Emirates ID to complete any transactions online.

Please visit their official website for more detailed information about their services and branches. However, the step-by-step way that will help in logging in follows:

🔹Ask Hamad (Live Chat Support): Ask Hamad is the official Live Chat Support of Emirates Identity Authority which provides instant replies to customers who need help and information. It is available 24/7 on the EIDA website, and customers can get quick answers to their queries without waiting in long lines or call centers.

🔹Your Email ID: Customers can also reach out to Emirates Identity Authority via email using their registered email address. The customer service team responds promptly within 48 hours of receiving an email, providing a detailed response that provides solutions to their inquiries.

🔹Contacting Emirates ID Call Center: Customers can contact the Customer Service Center for any inquiries regarding registering and renewing Emirates ID cards and other services provided by the Emirates Identity Authority. The telephone numbers are 800EIDA (800-3432) or +971 2 6122333, available from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, Saturday to Thursday, excluding public holidays.

🔹Through Mobile Application: Customers can access services like registration and renewal of Emirates ID cards through the mobile application ‘MyID’ available on Android and iOS platforms. Through this application, customers can apply for a new ID card, check the status of their existing card, and request a replacement if required.

🔹Self-Service Kiosk: Self-service kiosks operated by EIDA provide quick and easy registration and renewal services, including fresh applications, renewals, and replacements in case of damage or loss. These kiosks are located at all post offices and select shopping malls in the UAE.

🔹Social Media: Customers can reach out to Emirates Identity Authority through its official social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for any queries regarding services or documents required.

🔹ICA Customer Happiness Center (Letdown all centers with contact details, working hours, and address): ICA Customer Happiness Centers provide customers with one-stop solutions for a wide range of services related to registering and renewing Emirates ID cards.

They are open from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm from Saturday to Thursday, except on public holidays, at various locations across Dubai, including Burjuman Centre, Al Qusais Industrial Area 4, and ICA Al Barsha. Customers can contact +971 4 3095500 for further information.

The Emirates Identity Authority provides customers with multiple channels to reach out to them and ensure they receive the best possible services. The above-mentioned options enable customers to get instant help or answers without waiting in long lines or call centers, providing convenience and comfort. 

List of Emirates ID centers in UAE

In the United Arab Emirates, citizens and residents can apply for a valid Emirates ID card through various centers across the country. The Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) operates more than 40 official ID registration centers in all seven emirates in major cities such as Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, and Umm Al Quwain.

These offices offer fast and reliable services to those who need to register or renew their identity cards. They also assist with application forms and other required documents.

Additional assistance is available from the EIDA helpline at 800 5111 for any further queries related to the registration process. With these centers spread throughout the country, it is easy for people to get their IDs without hassle or delay.

Branch NameLocation
AbuDhabiAl Ain Computer Services, Etisalat Building, Opposite Mazyad Mall, Sector 26, Mohammed Bin Zayed City
AjmanEmirates Identity Authority Center – Ajman Free Zone
DubaiEmirates NBD Bank Branch – Jumeirah Lakes Towers
FujairahEmirates ID Center – Difc Tower
Ras al KhaimahEmirates ID Office- RAK Investment Authority
SharjahKhalidiya Tower
Umm Al QuwainNear the Umm Al Quwain Police Station and Traffic Department at UAQ Commercial Area 2.
Al AinEmirates ID Center – Khabeer Bin Waleed Street
Abu Dhabi Main BranchNear the Central Bank, Khalidiya
Dubai Silicon OasisEmirates Identity Authority Office – DSO Business Park Tower 2

In conclusion, an Emirates ID is essential for all UAE citizens and residents as it serves multiple functions. It allows individuals to identify themselves in various situations, from government services to banking transactions. The Emirates ID also helps the government maintain accurate records of its citizens and ex-pat population.

For any questions or clarifications regarding Emirates IDs, you can contact the Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) at or call their toll-free number 8005111 (within the UAE) or +971 4220 7777 (outside the UAE). All queries related to enrolling for a new card, renewing existing cards, updating personal information on cards, etc., can be answered by contacting EIDA.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Emirates ID?
The Emirates ID is an identification card issued by the UAE government. It contains personal information such as name, date of birth, and other credentials. The Emirates ID must be presented at all government offices and when entering or departing from the country.
2. How do I apply for an Emirates ID?
To apply for an Emirates ID, you must visit your local General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) office in person with documents proving your identity and eligibility to obtain an Emirates ID. These documents may include a valid passport, original birth certificate, valid UAE residence visa, and proof of residency in the UAE.
3. How much does an Emirates ID cost?
The cost of the Emirates ID varies depending on several factors, such as age and the purpose of the application. For example, a standard adult card costs AED 100, while a special adult card (e.g., for residents with disabilities) costs AED 600.
4. How long is an Emirates ID valid?
An Emirates ID is valid for three years from the date of issuance or renewal. After this period, it must be renewed to remain valid and in use.
5. How do I contact my local Emirates ID center in the UAE?
To find the contact information of your local Emirates ID center, please visit the website of your local GDRFA office. Each office has its contact information, and you can use this to get in touch with them for any queries or issues related to Emirates ID.

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