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9 Best Dating Apps In Dubai Based on Customer Reviews & Pricing



Best Dating Apps And Sites In Dubai

Online platforms and mobile applications have taken over the dating scene. It’s likely that only if you utilize the one which seems most tailored to your needs, you’ll find the person you’ve been seeking all along. And such a person will significantly improve your evenings. In this article, we provide you with the details of the best online dating apps and sites in Dubai.

Shortlisting The Best Dating Apps And Sites in Dubai, UAE

Let’s have a look at the best online dating apps and sites available in Dubai, UAE in No Order.

RankSiteBest ForPlatform
1TinderOverall best dating appAndroid/IOS
2BumbleFor Single WomenAndroid/IOS
3Passion.comFor Casual LoveAndroid/IOS
5EliteSingle.comSerious RelationshipsAndroid/IOS
6Match.comMarriage ProposalsAndroid/IOS
7Love HabibiFor Native Muslim Arabs
8Plenty Of FishFor Rural DatersAndroid/IOS
9BadooCasual FlirtingAndroid/IOS



☑️ Free Version: Yes
☑️ Pricing: 49.55-99 AED/month

When one thinks about the best dating apps, the first name that pops into their mind is Tinder. With over 75 million users, Tinder is one of the best dating apps in Dubai that will connect with people of Dubai and may help you find the person that will excite you. To use the app, all that you need to do is to create a profile of yours in the app by giving all the necessary information.

On Tinder, you can filter the things that you are looking for in a match including your preferences and even you can adjust the geographical distance of the person that you are looking for. Tinder has many interesting features such as Rewind which will allow you to rewind a potential match you have skipped on and Lightning Bolt which will put your profile on the top 30 profiles in your geographical area. 


  • All Basic features available in the free version
  • Video calls available
  • Can Save You from boredom
  • Helps to make new friends


  • High chances of getting pranked
  • Chances of cheating while the relationship



☑️ Free Version: Yes
☑️ Pricing: 110 AED/month

Bumble is an online dating app that is best for single women who do not want to get spammed or bombarded with messages from men. This is because Bumble requires the women to first send a message to the person that they have matched. Not only women but men also find Bumble as a comfortable dating app space because the requirement which says that the women send the first message takes off some pressure from the men. 

One can sign up on Bumble for free but the dating app comes with premium services which include features like an extra 24-hour extension to see if their match has sent them a message or not. Bumble is only a perfect place for finding friends in a city like Dubai. If you are in the app with the intention of finding a friend, you can turn on the BFF mode in Bumble. 


  • For Women’s Safety and empowerment
  • Robus free version
  • Video Calls Available


  • 24-hour deadline

☑️ Free Version: Yes
☑️ Pricing: 70 AED/month

For individuals in search of a serious relationship as opposed to a casual fling, is the online dating application for singles in Dubai. Users may sign up for the service for a minimum of three months, six months, or a whole year and immediately begin examining possible matches that may be suitable for them. 

The app’s most attractive feature is its sophisticated algorithm, which can accommodate users’ religious and other preferences in addition to their geographic ones.

Over 40 million people use it monthly, making it one of the most popular dating sites. It features a simple design that makes it easy to search for people based on their hobbies, age ranges, or geographical area.

Adult friend finder

☑️ Free Version: Yes
☑️ Pricing: 147 AED/month

It’s the best place to meet other singles searching for casual encounters. Hookup-oriented singles might use AdultFriendFinder, a Dubai online dating site specifically designed for adults. Live video chat, discussion boards, essays, county directories, classified advertisements, picture galleries, plus more can all be found on this comprehensive website. 

Ever since it has expanded rapidly and now serves as a home base for nearly 7 million users. Day after day, an average of 100,000 people, primarily men, access the site.


  • Extensive user base
  • Choices for more searches and interactions


  • The refund policy is confusing


☑️ Free Version: Features limited
☑️ Pricing: 117 AED/month

With a long track record of success, has been consistently ranked as one of the top San Antonio dating sites for over 22 years. In the world of online dating, it has stellar prestige. Thousands of single men and women look forward to meeting other people like them every year. 

There is a widespread romance between them. is what it claims to be: a place where real people may meet real love with whomever they can enjoy a lifetime of happiness, fun, and pleasure.

To have the fun of your life, you must join up for free and download this app. It’s as simple as uploading a profile outlining your preferences and interests. You can find your ideal companion quickly and easily on, simplifying your love life. It is a fantastic offer for you!


  • Easy to use
  • Large user database


  • limitations on a trial membership
  • Many inactive users

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☑️ Free Version: Features limited
☑️ Pricing: 220 AED/month

Elite Singles is the perfect place to find a life partner if you’re seeking someone who appreciates your 9-to-5 grind and your hopes, desires, and professional aspirations. Some people don’t want to have one-night encounters; they want to settle down with someone who shares their values and is committed to helping them achieve their objectives in life. claims to be the authentic online dating website in Dubai that can find you a perfect match. There are many serious-relationship-seeking educators on the website.

You’ll need to complete a form detailing your educational background, professional experience, and psychological makeup. Personal data disclosure is crucial since it helps keep many predators at bay, yet it may be awkward for certain people.


  • Does the needed matching for you
  • Inactive profiles are filtered out


  • limited matches per day


☑️ Free Version: Yes
☑️ Pricing: 37 AED/month

Almost 42 million singles have downloaded Zoosk, making it the most popular Dubai internet dating application in the world. It is one of the best dating apps in Dubai if you want to find a buddy, a date, or a casual hookup. The sign-up process on Zoosk is simple, making it a very user-friendly software. 

You won’t waste time or money polishing up your online persona since it will happen when you interact with others and pursue your passions. The “Advanced search system” is a standout function of this software, allowing you to zero in on the specific kind of persons you’re interested in learning more about. Finding a suitable companion is a breeze with Zoosk. 

The problem is that you can’t send a message unless you upgrade to a premium account. The meager cost of the software finally makes it possible to end this issue. The only downfall is that you can’t send a message unless you upgrade to a premium account. This function also stops creeps and other predators from mailing unwanted messages. 

Therefore, the Zoosk application might be ideal if you seek a compatible partner. It is the best application for you when you want to find a buddy, a date, or a casual hookup.


  • Diverse user base
  • User-friendly design
  • verified profiles


  • Expensive for some
  • Limited matches

Plenty of Fish (POF)

☑️ Free Version: Features limited
☑️ Pricing: 73.4 AED/month

People have discovered more than a fairy story on POF, judging by the triumphant tales posted on the service. Individuals may use the internet to find a date with the utmost ease. The most excellent online dating app in Dubai has millions of people that are always connected and ready to chat. Due to a large number of individuals on POF searching for love, it all boils down to compatibility.

Members can see who has seen their profiles. They may use the matching service to find people in their area and set up dates. When individuals utilize POF to meet up for the first time, the fact that they’ve kept coming up with date stuff for their customers is a huge bonus.

This free software revolutionizes the dating scene by providing a one-stop shop for everything from finding a partner to obtaining advice on how to improve your love life.

Connecting people socially and romantically is the application’s primary goal. Among the various authentic dating websites available, POF is the most incredible option for people in Dubai looking for potential partners. It makes the first date more enjoyable for the parties involved. Plenty of Fish even allows one to locate a suitable companion.


  • Advanced Search
  • Blocking Options


  • No id verification
  • Limited features in the free account

Love Habibi

Love habibi

☑️ Free Version: Features limited
☑️ Pricing: 107 AED/month

Love Habibi is a thriving online community that attracts new members by the hundreds each week. It is devoted explicitly to persons from Arab nations fascinated by Islamic heritage. Muslim men and women want to be buddies, date, or marry. The site has over a million members, so it’s a great location to meet potential partners.

One of Love Habibi’s most prominent features is that it helps people from Arab nations discover their soul mates. The procedure of joining up and interacting with individuals is free.

Meet someone, in particular, using dating applications in Dubai with whom you have a solid emotional connection. Since Love Habibi is dedicated to bringing together single Muslim men and women, this is a significantly better fit.

The citizens of Dubai are the most avid users of this application. It is all due to individuals looking for their soul mate.


  • Muslim-focused dating site
  • Most users lean toward serious relationships


  • App not available
  • Need to activate premium membership to send messages



☑️ Free Version: Yes
☑️ Pricing: 96 AED/month

Creating a Badoo account is free and may be done every day. There is no geographical limit to your Badoo connections. A bigger radius undoubtedly works better while going to another nation. 

Badoo has a larger pool of eligible people than other Dubai online dating applications. The most attractive feature of the software is the lack of cost associated with interacting with potential partners.

People may view the billions of people globally who are accessible on Badoo. There are millions of Dubai residents that are already active on Badoo. It’s one of the finest venues to find compatible partners. 


  • Mostly genuine members
  • User friendly


  • Only limited features available in the free plan

Things To Look Out For When Dating Online

Using online dating apps and sites can be very exciting for people, especially if you are in a city like Dubai, UAE where people from every corner of the world are residing.

Online dating in Dubai gives you the space to connect with a wider space of people who come from different cultures, languages, and traditions. As exciting as it sounds to be, there are a few things that you need to look out for when dating online and they are:

Things To Look Out For When Dating Online

Look for a well-rounded profile

Online dating apps in Dubai are primarily on one’s profile. There will be dozens of profiles on online dating apps and all of them will be unique on their own.

So when you are going through an online dating app, it is always better to choose a well-rounded profile that has all the necessary details needed for someone to get a glimpse of the person.

This will help you in determining whether the person and you have anything in common that might ignite a spark between you two. 

Wait before sharing personal information

If the profile matches, you can start chatting with them on the dating app itself. To ensure that the person you are texting is really genuine or is your type, we suggest that you continue chatting with them on the online dating app for a while and wait before sharing personal information. You may share your personal information when you are confident enough that you want to take things to a next level. 

Research the person on other platforms

Online dating apps can be quite tricky and in most cases, they only have information that the person has shared to attract people to his/her profile.

So if possible, when you are matched with a person, you can research the person on other platforms. You can check their Instagram profile or Twitter profile before meeting them. 

Take your time on online apps before meeting

One main thing that you need to bear in mind while dating online is not to rush things. Take as much time as you want on online dating apps and get to know the opposite person better before you actually meet them.

You can continuously chat with them for a few weeks and then check whether the person has something to excite you or if their personality matches yours in any way. If the person is not ready to wait for a few weeks or does not respect your decision to take time on the dating app, then it is a red flag. 

Stay away if you find a red flag

Online dating apps are filled with people of different personalities and we can’t say that every single person on the app is a completely nice person who will respect your boundaries and won’t control or demand anything from you.

So while chatting with a person whom you have matched on the app, look out for any red flags. If you find any red flags that might be disturbing you, we suggest that you stay away from the person and do not take things further. 

Meet in a public place

After chatting with the person for a while and if you still find them exciting, then you can meet them. But when meeting the person, always choose a public place instead of any kind of private place.

People can be quite deceiving and to ensure that you are completely safe when you are meeting a person, you can choose a public place like a restaurant, cafe, or park for your first date.

Block or report mysterious or suspicious profile

If you find any profile on the online dating app that looks mysterious or suspicious, then we suggest that you block it and then report the profile. By doing this, you are not only saving yourself from suspicious profiles but are also doing a favor to other users of the online dating app. 

Tips For Online Dating Beginners

If you are someone who is new to online dating, then here are a few tips that you can use to navigate through the world of online dating:

Tips For Online Dating Beginners

Understand what you want

Before you start dating online, first you need to have a clear understanding of what you want.

An online dating app isn’t only for finding the love of your life or the person you would marry. So before you create a profile on a dating app, fix what you want from finding a match on the profile. 

Find the best app for you

There are many online dating apps in Dubai that offer different features which give you a better experience on the app. Before creating a profile on any app, learn more about the app and check whether the features that the app align with your requirements and if everything that the app has is comfortable enough for you or not. 

Create a good and authentic profile

Your profile is key when dating online. Your profile should be a mirror of the person that you really are. So when creating your profile on the dating app, add good pictures of you smiling and add only authentic information to it.

When adding information like your hobbies, add things that you actually do not the things that are currently in trend. 

Be yourself

When using dating apps in dubai, people have a tendency to take up fake personas to attract more people to them. This is the wrong thing to do. You should not make someone attracted to you based on a persona that you have created that is not your own. So when dating online be yourself and never shy away from showcasing yourself for what you really are. 

Do not trouble people who aren’t interested in you

One of the main online dating etiquettes that you need to keep in your mind is to not bother someone who isn’t interested in you.

If you start texting someone on the app and they didn’t respond to two or three messages of yours, then stop troubling them by sending more messages. Also, respect a person’s boundaries and don’t make someone uncomfortable with your messages. 

Learn to accept rejection

Not every person that you like on an online dating app will like you back. So don’t expect that every person that you have swiped right on the app might not be interested in you. So learn to accept rejection on dating apps and look at them in a positive light. Additionally, be patient while dating online and take your time to find the perfect match. 

Pros And Cons Of Online Dating Apps


  • Online dating app connects with people who share interests and likes that are similar to yours
  • While using online dating apps, you have full control over your whole online dating experience
  • You can chat with the person in the app before giving out any personal information or meeting them in a person
  • You can filter the dating app in the way you want based on your needs
  • You can connect and communicate with multiple people at once


  • People lie on their online dating apps
  • Might encounter a catfish profile when using online dating apps

Getting dates in a strange country is challenging, but given the renown and clientele of Badoo, it is excellent for Dubai. Users love it because it’s so intuitive; you have to swipe and interact with people, and it has a bunch of cool extras you can buy for a few bucks.

Bottom Line on picking The Best Online Dating Apps in Dubai

If you feel like your love life needs some spice, try any of these best online dating apps in Dubai. They’ll aid you in selecting a mate who will bring excitement and fun to both your day & night!

It’s undeniable that internet dating is the destiny of the social scene. Residents are well-versed in the ideal places to socialize, and visitors may be sure that they will receive the level of seclusion they want on a date. Stepping out to restaurants and engaging in live discussions would benefit visitors and locals in Dubai.

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